The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 53

Re-watch (2) Two beliefs

CH53: Re-watch (2) Two beliefs

Okay, now Logan. How did you become an explorer?

“… I became an explorer to earn money to send back home. My home village is a barren patch of land where there’s not enough to eat tomorrow. I was born in such a place, but fortunately or unfortunately I have a talent for magic. The villagers told me I shouldn’t stay in the village and collected what little money they had and sent me to Tutrail. So I want to be a successful explorer and feed everyone so they don’t have to starve.”

Logan had a lot of faith.

Perhaps he was trying his hardest when he joined <Yoten no Ginrabbit>.

I can tell from your fight during the search that you’ve been working hard.

Logan’s talent is off the charts.

It’s no wonder people are getting their hopes up.

And things went from bad to worse.


“And I was losing myself… People told me I was a genius, and I was just… I was on a roll. I’m ashamed to say I thought my abilities would be good enough for an S rank party. But I was wrong. When the black dragon stared at me all I could feel was fear… I thought I had S rank ability but my mind went blank and my legs cowered and I couldn’t do anything. But Mr. Orn took on such a foe single-handedly and defeated him. Watching him fight made me realize how blind I was. I’m really sorry for repeatedly saying rude things like you weren’t good enough or that you’d be the same without me…”

Logan’s eyes fill with tears as he spits out the words as if in penitence.

… I think we’re gonna be okay.

“… I won’t lose myself again! Everyone in the village worked so hard to bring me here! I’ll make them feel better. That’s my purpose! I’m weak-minded and inadequate! I need more power to accomplish my goal. So please! Teach me how to be an explorer! Please!”

Logan bows his head and asks.

It’s more gruesome than what you just asked for.

Perhaps the words have made my purpose clearer.

(You look like him. Logan’s got the kind of eyes I like right now.)

“… Okay. I’ll teach you what I know. It’s up to you to turn it into power. And if you ever lose yourself again, I’ll beat you awake.

“Ha-ha… I’m sure that’s a relief. I’m looking forward to working with you!”


“And finally, Caroline. How did you become an explorer?”

I don’t have the same reason as you two. I can kill a hexenbiest. If I kill a hexenbiest, people around me will smile. That’s why I became an explorer. That’s all there is to it.

I can only imagine what kind of darkness this kid’s dealing with.

I used to avoid mentioning it because I was an outsider, but that’s not going to be the case anymore.

I think I’m gonna have to face this darkness sooner or later.

“I think that’s a noble idea. We need the grimoire in our lives now. Does Carolyn like to see people smile?”

“Yeah! I love it! Because people who smile don’t hit me! If there’s a hexenbiest, people won’t smile anymore. That’s why we have to kill the hexenbiest.”

… Looks like it’s pretty deep-seated.

“Okay. Then I’ll work with Sophia and Logan. That way, I’m sure you’ll all have something to smile about.”

“Well, that black dragon was really strong. To be able to beat that thing I’d have to be as strong as my brother but that’s impossible for me right now. If I try to match him… will I be able to kill that black dragon? I want to kill that vermin that took everyone’s smiles away.

“I can’t say for sure, but if we all work together, our chances of winning are that much better.”

“Okay, well, I’ll think about it.”

Caroline’s goal now seems to be slaying the Black Dragon.

I’m hoping that they’ll start to participate in the collaboration themselves from now on.

He doesn’t seem to care about being alone when he slays the Black Dragon.

“I know why you’re all explorers. I want you to remember your beginnings. Your origins can support you more than you think.”

The last time I fought a black dragon… it was my oath when I became a seeker.

“Well, Orn-san, do you have any dreams or goals?”

“Of course I have. I became an explorer because I decided to be strong enough to protect what’s important to me in any situation so that I won’t lose anything no matter how irrational it is. I can’t protect anything if I’m weak, so I’m going to get stronger too.”

Yes, we still have to get stronger.

I’m not good enough to conquer the Grand Maze.

There’s going to be more powerful monsters than the Black Dragon.

We mustn’t be satisfied with just defeating the Black Dragon.


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