The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 38

New Environment

CH38: New Environment

The door of the house opens and from outside comes a dark-haired boy about five years old. Orn enters the house.

“Welcome home… What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Orn’s mother, Nicola, greets him with a smile.

But Orn’s eyes were filled with tears, and Nicolas saw them and asked in a worried tone.

“… Mommy, I’m not normal, am I?”

Orn asks Nicola a question, trying hard not to shed tears.

What happened to you? “What’s the matter with you?”

Nicolas is puzzled by the sudden question, but he tries to smile and denies Orn’s words.

“Because they won’t play with me. Everyone says I’m not normal and my parents say I can’t play with them… Uh-uh…”

Orn finally can’t take it anymore and starts to cry, tears streaming down his face.

“I see… I want to play with you guys… I wanna play with you guys… Hey, honey. Can’t we just give Orn the ・・・・ spell after all?”

As she strokes Orn’s head and soothes him, Nicolas pleads with Lence, Orn’s father, who has heard Orn’s cries.

“… But…”

“I know I’m asking a lot of you. But I’d rather help a girl in pain now than in the future that may never come. Because there is a way.”


Lence is torn by Nicola’s words, but he can’t make up his mind.

“I don’t want to see my baby crying and hurting anymore. Don’t you?”

“I feel the same way! It’s still heartbreaking!”

“… Are you guys fighting? We shouldn’t be fighting.

When Rensu shouts, Orn thinks that they’ve started a fight, so he stops crying and insists that they shouldn’t fight.

We’re not fighting. Right, honey?

Nicola denies it in a gentle tone of voice to reassure Orn, then asks Lence to agree.

“Oh, yeah! My mom and dad are really good friends!”

The expression on Nicola’s face was a smile, but there was a pressure that made Lence agree with Nicola in a cold sweat.

“I wonder, can I have a good friend like my father and mother?”

Orn asks a question in response to the word “good friend.”

That question was more than enough to gut Lence right now.

“… No! Of course! You’re a sweet boy. I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by friends when you grow up!”

“Many, many friends! I hope you make lots and lots of friends.”

“… You fell asleep.”

Orn, who had been subjected to the cruel words of the children outside and the awe-inspiring stares of the adults, had suffered a great deal of psychological damage, and combined with the physical exhaustion from crying, he had let go of his consciousness.

“Shit… Why now? Why this girl? I know I’m going to hell after I die. I’ve already accepted that. If you’re punishing me ・・・・・・, why don’t you just punish me personally…! Orn has nothing to do with this…! I know it’s selfish. But I wanted Orn to enjoy a normal life…”

“… I feel the same way. But I can’t allow that. Orn has the power ・・・・・・. That’s why I want you to spend ・・・・・・・・・ just now like everyone else… You, please. The spell… Seal him with the spell.”

“… I know. If you could just let Orn live a peaceful life for now… Okay. I’ll cast a sealing spell on Orn.

Orn’s physical abilities are now restricted and he can no longer construct higher level formulas.

And on this day, Orn went from being a child prodigy to an ordinary man.


When you wake up, you see an unfamiliar ceiling.

(Oh, yeah. The clan gave me a room.)

I get up and look around the room.

The rooms are spacious enough for two people.

Besides, we have everything we need.

I joined the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky yesterday.

Members may rent a room in the clan headquarters’ residence block.

Of course, it is not compulsory, so some people rent a room in another place or live with their family.

I was living in a hotel, though, and this offer was a godsend, so I decided to rent a room immediately.

The fee is deducted from your monthly salary, but it is quite reasonable.

I checked my physical condition and found that my muscles were almost completely free of soreness.

You’ve recovered enough to dive in the Grand Labyrinth if you’re not in the deepest levels.

I don’t plan on diving today.

Sweat it off in the shower room attached to the room.

Then change into something more appropriate for a simple party.

When I finished getting dressed, I saw the long coat I got yesterday hanging on a hanger at the corner of my eye.

I think it’s a pretty cool design. Maybe.

It’s also practical and won’t get in the way when you’re exploring the labyrinth.

(I don’t think the Yaoten no Ginrabbit had a clothing shop, but I guess it was consigned to some other place…)

As I was thinking about such idle thoughts, I heard a knock at the door.

I opened the door to find Selma and Sophia hiding behind her.

Good morning, Selma. Good morning to you too, Sofia.

“Oh, good morning. Sorry to barge in on you this morning. Sofia insisted on seeing Orn.

“I didn’t say that! You’re the one who said we should go to Mr. Orn! Mr. Orn, good morning.

They’ll be showing us their goodwill in the morning.

But even Saphira looks the same as before.

Maybe he’s not that scared of me. I’m just being cautious.

“So, uh, thank you for helping us the other day!”

Sophia thanked me with a red face.

After I thanked him, he was uncomfortably sober.

Are you just embarrassed? Or are you just thanking me out of courtesy and you’re still scared of me?

“… You’re welcome. I’m glad Sophia wasn’t hurt.

And after that, Sophia was like, “Oh… “Uh…” “Uh…

Selma-san saw the situation and laughed bitterly,

“Would you like to have breakfast with me now? Orn doesn’t know much about this place. There’s a dining hall in the living quarters and we have breakfast there every day.”

“… You’re the biggest clan in the country. Not only do they have a place for us to live, but they’ve also provided a place for us to eat. Of course I’ll join you.”

Sofia doesn’t seem to mind, so we’re good, right?


Selma and Sofia led us to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is quite spacious and can accommodate more than a hundred people.

The menu changes daily and is the same for everyone.

It seems that you can choose the quantity from large, medium, and small.

After receiving your food at the counter, you sit down at an empty seat and start eating.

The menu is well thought out and nutritionally balanced.

And it’s so good.

Chatting with Selma over a meal.

Sophia ate in silence.

He seems more embarrassed than reluctant to eat with us.

I can’t wait to get to know you.

After a while, a young man came up to me.

Hey, are you the Dragon Slayer?

I knew from the moment I entered the cafeteria that I was getting stares from everyone around me.

But no one actually talked to me, so I didn’t mind.

I feel like this guy talking to me is drawing even more attention to me.

The look on the man’s face when he spoke to me reminded me of this man.

Wilkes Severly, I think his name is.

He was the one who participated in last month’s joint defeat as a searcher for the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.

He introduced himself at the time as a defender.

But I was impressed by his actual play, because he was more like a vanguard attacker.

“You’re a dragon slayer too, aren’t you?”

Wilkes’s eyes widen slightly as I say this.

“Ha, I’m flattered you remember me. I don’t remember much about you. I’m sorry.”

He apologizes with a really apologetic look on his face.

“I was supporting Selma-san during the joint defeat, so it’s no wonder you don’t remember.”

Granted, the sorcerer is a bit of a low profile.

That’s what I wanted to ask! How did you, a grantmaster, defeat the Black Dragon all by yourself? I asked Anego, Selma’s sister, but she just said she didn’t know.

What? Are you called “big sister” by your friends?

I’m so surprised I can’t help but turn my head towards Selma.

And then..,

He’s the only one I’m calling.

Selma explained in a resigned tone with a sigh.

Well, he seems like a free man, and I thought it was possible.

I’m sorry, I can’t answer that. There’s too many people here…”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. I’m sorry for asking such a weird question.”

When I told him I couldn’t talk to him in a crowded place, he agreed and backed off.

“No, I think you’re right to be concerned, and I’m not.”

You’re gonna party with this guy.

I’d like to know what the people I’m about to join are capable of and how they fight.

Oh, yeah. Selma’s sister.

“… What?”

“Do you have plans for today as First Squad?”

“No, I have a regular meeting today, so I’m free as planned.”

“Well, if that’s your sister’s decision then fine. I mean, it’s fine if that’s your sister’s decision but shouldn’t we get together after the regular meeting? I mean, I could meet her here, but I think it’d be better for the other two to meet her sooner rather than later. Especially Lecrae, if we don’t get them together today, there’s a chance they’ll get upset.”

“Uh… That’s true. It’s a pain in the ass to have him fussing over us. All right. I’ll call him after the meeting. We’ll meet up with whoever’s free then. If Leclerc can’t come then, it’s his fault. Is that okay with you, Orn?”

Yeah. It’s okay.

Lucre must be Lucretia Otis, the healer.

I get the impression she’s a lively girl. I can easily imagine her being a spoiled brat…

I guess Mr. Wilkes is done talking or he’s just gone.

You’re a free man…

By the way, Sophia was a bit nervous all the time because the strongest party member of the clan had appeared out of nowhere.

It’s a secret that I felt at home seeing him.

“Well, now that we have a strange intruder, it’s time for our regularly scheduled meeting. Orn, let’s get to the briefing room.”


“Sophia’s been giving us feedback on the recent teaching search. Make sure you do it right, okay?”

“I know. Good luck at the meeting! And, Mr. Orn…”

Yeah, thanks.

After cleaning up the dishes, I went with Selma to the place where the regular meeting was held.


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