The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 171

[Side Zion] The Natural Enemy

CH171: [Side Zion] The Natural Enemy

“Am I correct in assuming that you are the Fiend?”

When I ask him this, the man looks mildly taken aback.

Then he quickly lowered his gaze and put his hand to his chin.

“… Hmm. I’m surprised that not only do they know about this place, but they also know about the demons. I’ve heard that only a few in the Order know that much…”

The man seemed to be drifting in a sea of thoughts, muttering quietly.

“It doesn’t matter what I know. I want you to answer my question, okay?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. You asked if I’m a demon. No. I’m not a demon. I’m only here as your assistant.

“Oswell McCloud’s assistant, Well, I’m sure you’ll have some useful information. I’m in a bad place right now. I’d appreciate it if you’d just come clean, tell me what you know.”

“What if I were to tell you that I don’t have any answers to your questions?”

“If you’re in charge here, it means you approve of the way we do things here, right? Then I won’t hold back. You call me the White Devil… so you must be aware of my abilities… I’ll hurt you until you’re about to die. But don’t worry. I’ll have you back on your feet in no time. I’ll do it again until you give up the information. I hope your mind can handle this, if not your body.”

As if he’s trying to vent his anger…

The temperature around the area where I was standing began to drop rapidly, as if my emotions had been transmitted to the surrounding ice spirits.

I’m sure most opponents would be shaken up at this point, but the man in front of me didn’t change much even though he was facing me head on.

I don’t think I could bear it. You’re a scary princess, aren’t you, White Devil-dono?

So why don’t you tell me?

“No, I don’t think so. It would be more interesting ・・・・.”

The man said this to me with a big smile on his face that seemed to have no evil intentions.

I knew you weren’t the type to open up so easily, but I didn’t think your reasons were that interesting.

I wasn’t expecting it to begin with, but if it is, I’ll just force him to talk.

I immediately activated [Ice Javelin] to skewer his entire body with the Ice Javelin.

A magic circle appears around the man, and at the same time several ice spears strike the man still sitting in his chair.

The spear pierced the man’s body while avoiding his vital spot… Just before it reaches him it vanishes as if swallowed by the void.

“… Hmm. So this is the White Devil’s magic. You’re really fast. It’s going to be hard to deal with.”

(What the…)

It was as if the man was connected to another space around him and the ice spear was swallowed into it.

Unexplained phenomena are usually related to xenomorphism.

But I’ve never heard of such a thing.

<The Amuntsassouci is without a doubt the most knowledgeable organization in the world when it comes to supernatural powers.

The organization was originally founded by my ancestors who were related to the King of the Aliens, and now they have the Fairy Queen ・・・・・ on their side.

She told me about the power of the Sect along with the information about their base, but I don’t think she told me that there’s a power that can cause this kind of phenomenon.

“… Stupid… That’s impossible… Why would the Order…

Titania was more upset than I was.

“… Titania, what’s wrong?”

She does not speak, but speaks to Titania through the eyes of the spirit.

I have also been able to telepathically communicate with fairies, which was originally a privilege of [spirit-controlled] aliens.

But telepathic communication with fairies is more tiring than it should be, so I usually use my voice to communicate with them.

But in the presence of the enemy I decided that telekinesis was the better choice.

Apparently, it never occurred to the guy that Titania was involved.

“… I guess we were optimistic. This is bad…! Theon, get out of here now!

Titania, who was always calm and composed, ordered us to flee in a voice that sounded like she was in dire straits.

I don’t know why she’s in such a hurry, but I guess it’s just the way things are.

I’m tempted to ask him why, but I think it’s better to wait.

“… Okay. I’m out.”

“I’m sorry, but right now our ・・・・ is incompetent and inept. We can’t do anything. I’m sorry. Just get us out of here!”

“What does that…? What does that…?

During the conversation with Titania, something glinted at the edge of my vision as if reflected in the light.

I looked at it and saw a blade shaped like something watery coming at my neck.

I turned my body away from it and ducked, and when I was closest to it, the tip of the sword changed to a human hand and the blade also changed to a human arm.

And then it changes direction, and something that looks like a human hand grabs me by the neck.



It begins to exert a force in the shape of a hand, as if it were really being strangled by a person.

(If it’s close to water, freeze it first…) What? It’s magic…?)

I’m going to build a formula to freeze what’s choking me and then crush it.

Then I tried to activate the magic, but the magic was gone from around me ・・・・・・・・ and I couldn’t get the magic to flow in.

“How dare you attack my father! I won’t allow it!”

As such a voice is heard from the front, the tips of her arms are also gradually taking shape, and finally the figure of a girl who looks around ten years old appears in front of her.

(This is… She’s a demon?)

I’m coming to get you! Just hold on a little longer!”

Titania’s voice echoes in his head as he can’t breathe.

Then I found out she did something through me.

Several blades of wind shot upward, shaving off a section of the ceiling and causing pieces of it to fall onto the girl’s outstretched arms around my neck, physically splitting them apart.

The broken end lost its shape and fell to the ground like water.

“Gohoho… Gohoho…”

Free from the stranglehold, I cough and take in air.

Then he takes a big leap backwards to get some distance.

“Thank you. Thank you, Titania.

“No, this is the best we can do right now.”

Duane, come back here.

“Yeah, Dad!”

The girl who was called Dewey by the man does not show any reaction to the fact that her forearms have been severed by the falling debris and she runs to the man with a smile like an innocent child.

Something fluid buzzed in the arm that had been missing along the way, and the arm was restored.

On the outside, she’s a fully-grown girl.

The man’s left arm is still tight around Dewey as if he were a child being spoiled by his parents.

The man, on the other hand, stroked Dewey’s head, but his attention seemed to be completely elsewhere,

“I’m surprised. I didn’t know you could use magic in that situation. I would say that there is still a lot of room for improvement ・・・・・・・. Thank you for providing us with such valuable data, Master White.”

The man comes over to us, not looking at Dewey at all.

“What the hell is going on?”

I couldn’t help but let out a few words at the sight I saw in front of me and through the eyes of the spirit.

Is the relationship between the man and Dewey really father and son…?

That bothered me, but I was even more surprised by the lack of any magic in or around the place Dewey had gone.

Magic is everywhere in the world.

Now, there is some bias due to the existence of the labyrinth, but it is minor in the grand scheme of things.

Where there is no magic… There’s only one such exception in the world that I know of. ・・・・・・・.

The fact that that exception… applies to the girl in front of you…

Having reached that conclusion, I get a chill that freezes the blood that’s coursing through my body.

Titania, she can’t be…

“… Oh, no. You can’t be serious. It’s not quite the original, but it’s still a threat. Especially to us.”

I wanted you to deny what I said.

But the answer I got was as close to the worst as I could get.

“The guardians of the Northern and Southern Sanctuaries who were created by the Lord Almighty at ・・・・・・・ to kill fairies… Or should I say the floor boss of the 100th level of the Great Labyrinth of the North and South? It’s definitely a demon who’s recreated his characteristic [Magic Eater].”

“[Magic Eater]…”

I muttered a small, unintentionally, and the man who had been smiling with a relaxed smile before narrowed his eyes.

“… <The ancestor of the Witch is even more troublesome than I was told. Dewey, I have an important task for you, if you don’t mind.”

The man turns his head for the first time to Dewey, who is still clutched in his arms, and calls out to him.

Dewey’s eyes lit up at the sound of her voice.

“Yeah, yeah! I’ll do anything you say!”

“Good girl. Then kill the silver-haired girl there first. Then leave here for the Principality of Hitia and slaughter every human you can find there.

What’s he, what’s he saying…?

No, I know what you mean.

But it’s not an order you give to a child who appears to be physically and mentally immature.

So this man who says such a thing is also a person unashamedly associated with the cult scum.

“… Where’s Dad?”

“I can’t stay with you because I have another job. But if Dewey continues to do his job well, someday… we’ll meet again.”

“Really? Then I’ll do my best! So come see me soon!”

“… Yeah, yeah.

The man finishes his conversation with Dewey and gets up from his chair.

And as he pulled away from her, the man’s body began to shimmer like a shimmering flame.

“… I’m not gonna let you go…! I won’t let you go…!

Even if Dewe has the [magic-eating] trait, it is incomplete.

The area under its influence is just a few inches around her.

Now that I’m away from her, I can use my magic without a problem.

I still have a lot of questions in my head, but I can’t let this guy get away.

You invoke [刻凍スティルネス] to trap them in a block of ice.

But sooner than that, a dome made of some kind of water appears around the man.

When the magic touches it the magic vanishes into the void.

It’s magic that causes the phenomenon of witchcraft.

If the power disappears, of course the spell won’t work.

The dome is gone after the [Chronicle of Stillness] failed and the man who had been inside it just a moment ago is gone.

“You tried to attack my dad again, Gimp!”

“Silver-haired”… Do you have any idea how many nicknames I’ve been called? Orn calls me “Robe Woman.”

Dewey is furious and shouts at you, but you try to remain calm and open your mouth.

Theon, if you stay here, you’ll get us killed. Run now. You’re a sorcerer and you don’t stand a chance.

Titania tells me to retreat in an impatient tone.

“Haha… I know. I don’t stand a ・・・・ of chance against her.”

He does not use telekinesis in his reply to Titania.

As expected Dewey is looking at me suspiciously as I suddenly start talking to myself.

“… But I can’t escape it.”

“Why! His [Magic Eater] is incomplete! If we keep our distance, we can use magic! There’s no need to take risks here!”

Titania is right.

If not her, most of us would say this isn’t the place to push it.

Still, I will not allow you to retreat here.

“No, no. Whether she kills me or not, her next move will be to overrun the Principality of Hitia. That’s what we must prevent. As a member of the ・・・・・・ family charged with ruling the principality I must protect my subjects. I’ve left the government to the others, so at least at a time like this I have to take a stand.”

I was thinking of the old days, spinning reasons why I couldn’t escape.

… My origins.


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