The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 144

The advance of the dragon swarm

CH144: the advance of the dragon swarm

“Hexenbiests on the ground…”? Hey, Oswell! What the hell?

The <Hero>, who has witnessed the unrealistic phenomenon of a large number of dragon species emerging from a hole in the sky, questions the red-robed man in a hoarse voice.

“As you can see, Your Highness. This dragon horde is about to lay waste to the land!”

A man in red spreads his arms wide and shouts loudly.

Above us, the dragons that have appeared look down on us silently like trained beasts of prey.

It’s just waiting for its master’s orders.

(A bunch of controlled hexenbiests. That’s nasty.)

“Don’t be silly! If you do that, you’ll bring innocent civilians into this! I won’t allow you to do that!”

The <Hero> criticizes the red-robed man’s comment in an angry tone

I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but it’s true that when I arrived in Rugau there was no civilian casualties despite the fact that the fighting had already begun.

There was a lot of physical damage, but the only human casualties were the Territorial soldiers and the searchers of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky that you claimed to have helped.

I guess they drew the minimum necessary line of staying out of the public’s way.

“That’s sweet. It’s a small sacrifice ・・・・・. It’s a small price to pay for my cause.”

But the man in red is about to cross that line.

This guy doesn’t need mercy.

Come on, dragons! Go destroy Rougau for starters!

The red-robed man shouted and the dragons waiting in the air began to move towards Rugau at once like an army in formation.

No! Rugau has my men…

“Oh, they’re in the way, so I’ll just erase them together.” His Highness and the Kingsguard were killed by the Night-Heavenly Silver Rabbit’s hunters. I couldn’t reach them in time but I avenged His Highness and the others by summoning magical beasts and destroyed Rougau. So I’m going to let you die too. Thank you for your hard work.

What, what… What… What?

As the red-robed man recounts the sloppy scenario, the <Hero> suddenly falls to his knees and begins to suffer, eventually vomiting blood.

“As a result of your highness’ failure to live up to our expectations. I am very sorry. But rest assured that the empire you hold so dear will continue to thrive.

“Oswell, McCloud! I knew it was you who told my father… What are you up to?

<Hero> pursues the red-robed man with a desperate voice while coughing up blood .

“… He’s stubborn. I’m sure I’ve dosed him with a lethal dose of poison, but I’m not sure if his ancestors ・・・・ would go this far to die. Thank you for leaving me this last bit of valuable information. Your Highness is no longer needed. Now then…”

A red-robed man approaches the <Hero> with a small blade in his hand, muttering something to him.

But before the deadly blade can reach the <Hero>’s neck, a massive explosion rings out in the sky above.

… By my heavenly flash and the multiple [super explosive exploding exploding] of the robed woman .


The red-robed man is talking to <Hero> after giving orders to the dragon group, and he calls out to the robed woman in a voice that the red-robed man and <Hero> can’t hear.

“Hey, woman in the robe.”

“So my name is Theon…”

Help me. You don’t want this place to fall into imperial hands, do you?”

I don’t want to help this man, but this territory will be overrun, no joke.

Even if the dragons in front of us are weaker than the real ones spreading in the labyrinth… but they’re outnumbered…

There are limits to what I can do on my own.

As much as it pains me, I have to admit this woman is the most talented mage I’ve ever met, and I know that from our battle six months ago.

She’s the mage who can most efficiently destroy a wide area.

I think we should do what’s best for you right now, without my personal feelings.

This woman came at the same time that I and the <Hero> were settling our scores, and it felt as if she was trying to lend me a hand.

So it would be bad for her if I were to lose to a hero and this territory were to fall into the Empire’s hands.

<Taking into account the fact that <Amuntsaas> and the Cyclamen Order are at odds with each other, it is a matter of wishful thinking, but their interests are aligned on this one matter.

“… I didn’t expect such a proposal from Orun.”

The robe woman muttered a small, surprised look, and her eyes gradually began to moisten and changed to a look as if she was trying hard to hide her happiness.

We don’t have time for this. You’re either with me or you’re not, so answer me now.

“… Yeah, let me give you a hand…!”

Then let’s call a truce. I’ll hold the heads of the dragon squadron. You will…”

“We’re going to destroy the middle of the line, right?”

Before I could tell her what I was thinking, she knew what I was thinking.

Yeah, you got it.

I’m in charge. I’ll protect Orn’s back, so you go ahead and do whatever you want!”

I don’t know why… this woman is an enemy who hurt my disciples… but at the same time I’m glad to see her.

(I’m only here to help out temporarily. Don’t get me wrong. This woman is the enemy.)

You tell yourself that and cancel the gravity on yourself with [Gravity Manipulation].

Then he kicks the ground with the physical power he has gained from the [Unsealing Culmination] and takes to the air to block the advance of the dragon line.

“… Heavenly Flash…!”

“[Super Explosion + Chain Explode Chain]…!”

The Tensen with [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rising Impact] hits the dragon flying in front of you and creates a shockwave of diffused magic power.

Its shockwaves mercilessly inflict death on the dragons ahead.

At the same time, an explosion caused by the [Super-Explosion Explosion] which the Robe Woman triggered occurs in the center of the dragon formation, and several explosions spread around the area as if triggered by the explosion and attack the dragons.

When the hexenbiest dies, it turns into a kind of black mist and dissipates, leaving behind the magic stone.

They turned into black mist as usual but no magic stone remained.

(It would have been better if the magic stone had remained. It’s a good thing we didn’t leave a corpse behind.)

Orn, I’m coming!

The first attack is made on the dragon swarm and you are about to construct a formula for your next move when the robed woman calls out to you.

(Don’t tell me you already know the next move I’m going to make?)

That’s the heart to heart, isn’t it?

This is the second time today I’ve encountered a woman in a robe.

And the first time you do it, you’ll be the enemy.

I’d normally assure you that you don’t know what I’m thinking.

… I still have no proof, but I’m starting to think that Theon… might know what I’m thinking.

I hesitate for a moment and decide to trust her for once.

If this turns out differently than I think, I will only use it in the future.

I’m not sure if she can hear what I’m thinking, but I look at the robe girl to tell her I’m going to leave the next spell to her, she smiles and before I can open my mouth she activates the spell.

“[space leap space leap]”.

The robe-woman’s magic had altered my vision and I saw a red-robed man in front of me.

I was shifting above the kneeling <Hero>’s head.

(Do you really think that woman knows what I’m thinking? )

I’m surprised at the result I had in mind, but I quickly switch my thoughts and stop attacking the <Hero>, startled by the explosion above me, and slam a kick into the face of the red-robed man who was looking up at me.

He swings through the air and kicks the red-robed man several dozen yards away.

If this man really does have the gift of self-healing, he won’t be easy to kill.

And right now our priority is to keep the Dragon Clan out of our fight.

I’ll give you a long, slow hell later, so just sit tight… Under the boulder.

“[Gigantic Stone Crash Down Meteor]!”

I’m going to use the formula I’ve been working on since the moment I was transferred to activate the magic.

I drop a huge rock on the red-robed man who is struggling on the ground, holding his face as I kick him off the ground.

Just as the boulder fell to the ground with a roaring sound, a large number of lightning spears shot out into the sky from around the robed woman.

And that’s exactly the strategy I had in mind.

She knows what I’m thinking, I’m sure of it.

I’m glad to hear that… but I can’t be too happy about the fact that the robed woman will be our enemy from now on.

But for now, you need to focus on what’s in front of you. Think about the future after we get through this.

I’ll think about what to do.

We don’t know if the red-robed man died from this or not since we haven’t been able to confirm it, but at least he won’t be able to give orders to the Dragon Clan at this point.

Then these dragons aren’t commanded beasts of prey… but mere monsters.

Then we can do it.

I’m an explorer, and killing monsters is what I do best.

It’s a lot easier to play than a versus game.

As long as we don’t make a mistake in hate control, we can handle it without any problems.

That’s why,

“<Heroes>, you’re going to have to help us. You brought this on yourselves by invading here in the first place. You’ll have to answer for that.

I call out to <Hero>, who is kneeling at my feet and breathing shallowly, while activating [Heal Exheal].

“… As much as I’d like to, this is the poison that Oswell planted to kill me. There’s nothing a little restorative magic can do. I’m done here… I’m sorry. I questioned this invasion, but I did it for the good of the Empire…”

After the <Hero> spoke of his current situation, he began to repent.

We know it wasn’t <hero> who decided to invade.

I’m sure this invasion was the consensus of the Emperor and the top brass.

I know that it’s very difficult for an individual to fight against it, even if he’s a hero.

If it wasn’t for the <Heroes> who invaded, the civilians might have suffered some reasonable damage.

When I think about it, I’m glad that I’ve been a <hero> in some ways.

But I’m not gonna let him get away with it.

What’s a hero giving up so easily?

The robed woman who has been taking all the hate from the dragons since I shifted opens her mouth as she approaches and deals with the dragons’ attacks.

“… <White Devil…? Why are you here…?”

“What does it matter? We’re up against dragons right now. Why don’t you just take the hate?”

“The heroes can’t use restoration magic. I’m afraid we’ll have to make do on our own. So get away from me now and don’t bring me into the crossfire of the dragons!”

“… Orn, aren’t you being a bit harsh with me?”

I was going to have <Hero> play hate control defender too.

But as long as his healing magic doesn’t work, the <Hero> is in no condition to fight.

“Damn it, [Corporal Nomont Fu…”

“That won’t be necessary.”

I’m about to change my sword into a shield to defend against the attack when I hear the <Hero>’s strong voice.

All incoming attacks are deflected by the invisible dome of force that covers us.

“<White Devil>, thank you. I thank you… I need to get back to the Empire as soon as possible… but first I’ll help you hunt the dragon. It’s my way of atoning for my sins. I can’t let the damage to this territory spread any further…!”

The <Hero> slowly stands up and opens his mouth again.

“You were down with the poison. Why…”

This is my ability, going back in time. I used it to rewind the Hero’s body back to the state it was in before he was poisoned.

“[Go back in time]…? That’s a hell of a mutation…”

When I heard what the Loeb girl could do… my thoughts just spilled out of my mouth.

Is there such a thing as going back in time?

However, if he has such a unique ability, he should be able to go back in time and start over, so to speak, without staying in the present unfavorable situation.

But the fact that they haven’t made him go back in time suggests either that there is some risk involved, or that he can’t start over.

But since he can rewind his body so easily, there’s no doubt that it’s a powerful supernatural ability.

“Even though Orn’s powers are not as strong as ours… Well then, now that our forces are ready, let’s go hunt for dragons!”

The robed woman glares at the dragons in the sky and shouts in a loud voice.

“It’s so exciting to be able to fight so many dragons!”

The <Hero> then looks up at the sky with an innocent expression and shouts.

(I never dreamed I’d be fighting with these guys. You never know what’s going to happen in this life.)

I mutter in my mind, immersed in indescribable sentimentality.

Then I changed my mind and opened my mouth.

“… I’ll work with you now. But when this is over, you’re each going to have to answer for your actions. Don’t forget that.”

Let the dragon hunt begin!


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