The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 142

Front and Back

CH142: Front and Back

It’s been a long time since I realized my true nature.

I’ve been fighting with the <Hero> all this time, but the battle’s been going in my favor.

The place, which had been a wooded area earlier, has already become a wilderness with a good view, as the trees have already disappeared and the ground has been gouged out in places.

There is no trace of the thicket left.

(It is about time that the advance party of troops prepared by Count Eddington arrived in Rugau.)

I reconfirm the situation and expand the magical power of the Schwarzhase Sword to form a large sword and kick the ground to close the distance to the <Hero> in the shortest distance possible.

The current me is raised to the limit of my physical capabilities by [Unsealing Culmination], so I’m able to move at speeds that normal people can’t react to.

But he’s a hero… far more powerful than any mortal.

We know too well from previous battles that a simple rush will be easily dealt with and countered.

I then activate [Reflective Wall] just outside the <Hero>’s range.

It also canceled the gravity on itself.

By passing through the multiple [Reflective Wall] barriers placed around the <Hero>, you can get behind the <Hero> in the blink of an eye without losing any of your speed.

This is a motion which is possible because of [gravitational manipulation].

It is possible with gravity, but if you change direction suddenly while moving at high speed, the gravity on your body will be considerable.

Therefore, you will not make this move without [Gravity Manipulation] unless you are in a very bad situation.

I’m going to change my sword from a greatsword to a double sword at the same time.

The two swords slash at his back with a slash that’s not too deep and not too shallow.

By the time I’d finished swinging my two swords the <Hero> had turned and swung at me.

He dodges the sword, and slams a kick into his abdomen.

The <Hero> who took my kick, which was weighted by [Gravity Manipulation], blows up about ten or so mails while vomiting blood.

The kicked <Hero> stands up, albeit a little unsteadily, and opens his mouth with an innocent smile like a child.

“Ha-ha-ha! I love this feeling of risking our lives! This is fighting! Let me have more fun!”

After I became aware of my true ability to fight on equal terms with him, the expression on the <Hero>’s face gradually relaxed and he seemed to be enjoying the battle.

I’m guessing from <Hero>’s position and abilities that there was no one who could fight him properly and he rarely felt his life was truly in danger.

That’s why he’s enjoying this situation, this battle with me so much.

“Don’t play with me, you fighting maniac…!”

As he swears, the <Hero> closes the distance between you so fast that his body blurs.

Activate [Durability Increase Durability Up] on the sword, and as the <Hero> charges towards you, you unleash a sword strike that includes [Gravity Manipulation] and [Instantaneous Ability Increase Impact].

When the two swords make contact, the powerful impact created by the two swords dissipates, causing the ground to crack open with a loud noise.

“… [Zero-no type mont-nul].”

Then the jet-black magic power gradually takes on a shape and transforms into something like chains, which wrap around the <Hero>’s body.

“Damn these chains!”

The weight of the jet-black chain is quite heavy.

It’s so strong that even a <Hero> with extraordinary physical abilities can’t move easily.

In my dream, I was fighting Oliver, creating similar jet-black chains from the void.

I remember the feeling I had when I made that chain, but I don’t understand it ・・・・・・.

It was a feeling that was so uncomfortable that it was natural to think that something was missing ・・・・・・ that would help us understand.

(That chain was more advanced than the one I just made with the sword. What is it really? [If you were able to create the Unsealing Cultivation then you should be able to create that chain too. Does it require a special technique like Ki manipulation? I’ll think about that later.)

You correct your deviant thoughts and construct a formula while keeping your distance from the restraining <Hero>.

“This is the end…!”

I channeled magic power into the constructed technique and activated [Super-Explosion Explode].

With a roar, the bombardment, calibrated to prevent death, hits the <Hero>, sending up a cloud of black smoke.

“… [I-no type mont eins].”

The jet-black chains that bound the <Hero> are returned to formless magic.

I’d like to think that blow just settled it.

But it’s the Hero.

It’s not impossible that it won’t bring you down.

You keep your guard up and keep an eye out for the Hero in the black smoke.

“… What?

Suddenly the black smoke moved strangely and I quickly turned my body away to see a slash coming at me.

He was unable to avoid the pain in his left shoulder, and blood flowed from his shoulder.

While I was using my magic to stop the bleeding at the shoulder, I heard a voice in the smoke.

“What’s with the lukewarm attacks now? Don’t cut corners. You’re gonna have to kill me! If you don’t, I’ll make you mean it!

The smoke clears and you see the <Hero> shooting at you with angry eyes.

“… Are you kidding me? You’re gonna wipe out this whole area!

The blade of the sword held by the <Hero> was distorted.

[I’m the one with the gravity manipulation ability… and I know how dangerous it can be.

It’s compressed with a force that’s far greater than the attack we just barely managed to block with our shields.

You swing that thing, this whole neighborhood will literally disappear.

It’s rather convenient.

The <Hero> mutters and holds up his sword.


I’m also going to intercept the <Hero>’s attack, no, in order to stop the <Hero> I’m going to supply the magic sword with more magic power that I’ve been converging with the storage magic tool.

“I’m glad you’re motivated. Let’s see what you’re really made of!”

The <Hero> shouts and swings down with his sword, releasing a mass of repulsion that can annihilate the area around him in an instant.

“Heavenly Flash!”

The jet-black and colorless masses of power collide.

The collision would have caused extensive damage to the surrounding area.

I used [gravity manipulation] on Tensen to minimize the damage.

To keep the torrent of destruction created by this collision from reaching the sky.

The two competing forces move upward, and a jet-black pillar stretches into the sky.

However, the damage cannot be reduced to zero.

The column, which was thin at first, gradually grows thicker, swallowing me and the <Hero> as it continues to expand.

I had anticipated this and had turned my sword into a shield and covered it with a cube made of walls of magical energy that converged around me to the maximum extent possible right after I released the heavenly flash, so I was unharmed.

The <Hero> may be protected by his own abilities, but probably not completely.


After a few moments you confirm that the jet-black pillar has vanished, and then remove the wall of magic, leaving only the underside.

Then I saw below me a huge hole.

Inside the hole, where not much light reaches, lies a wounded <Hero>.


You activate [Spatial Leap Space Leap] while returning your shield to your long sword, moving the <Hero> from the hole to the ground.

Then he kicks the magical scaffold and lands on the ground a short distance away from the <Hero>.

“Don’t take it personally. It’s your invasion that started all this.”

I call out to him when he’s already unconscious.

Then I was constructing the [Healing Exheal] technique to prevent him from dying when suddenly a human presence appeared nearby.

I looked in the direction of the sign and there she was, the robed woman from Amuntsas who had attacked my disciples about half a year ago.

“… Orn.”

(Why is this woman here? Was she gonna kill me in the confusion?)

She gulped as her eyes met the robed woman’s.

“Your eyes… Orn, do you remember me?

Then he asks me with a trembling voice, as if he’s expecting something.

“… How could I forget…”

I opened my mouth and her face lit up.

“… You tried to kill my disciples, why did you think I’d forget?”

When I said it to the end in a cold voice, her bright expression hardened for a few seconds and then gradually her expression fell, while smiling as if she was trying hard to hide her sadness, “……. I guess so…” He muttered a small voice.

I don’t know why I felt so much pain when I saw that look on your face.

(… It’s just… What is this feeling…! Why do I feel so guilty…!)

Confused by her emotions, the robed woman turns her expression into a wry smile and opens her mouth.

“You’re so good you even beat the Heroes. I guess this is why I’m here.

“What’s the point of coming here? You’re not here to kill me, are you? Unfortunately, I’m still alive. I’m not gonna let you kill me.

Tell the robe girl that and get ready for battle.

The battle with the <Hero> has worn me down considerably, but I have some idea of this woman’s abilities from our last battle.

I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance to win, to be honest.

But I’m not totally unstoppable now.

“I don’t blame you for thinking that, but I have no intention of killing Orn now. Six months ago, it was my fault. I’m sorry about that.

I’m on the verge of war, but the robe woman doesn’t really seem to want to fight, and she bows her head to me, leaving me with a gaping hole.

(… What do you want?)

I’m trying to figure out what the robe girl’s intentions are, and she comes up behind me..,

Your Highness! Give me a break! Why are you sleeping there?

I heard a man’s voice.

I turned around and saw a man wearing what looked like the blood-red lab coat that some scholars wear.

“Well, okay. This guy didn’t live up to our expectations, that’s all. Yeah, yeah.”

The man in red talking to himself like he doesn’t care about us.

“Oswell McCloud…!”

The robed woman opened her mouth, glaring hostilely at the red-robed man.

Apparently, this man’s name is Oswell.

I don’t think the robed woman and the man in red are friendly, but there’s not much to go on. I can’t read the situation.

“Hey, White Devil. Don’t stare at me like that. You’re ruining my pretty face.


The robed woman who heard the red-robed man’s words was covered with a cold killing intent .

And the next moment the man in red is trapped in a block of ice.

… This block of ice is original magic?

But still, this woman’s magic is extraordinary.

It is best described as if the process of magical influx is skipped and ・・・・・・・ magic is invoked.

I’ve been trying to figure out how this spell works ever since the day we fought the robed girl but I haven’t been able to formulate even a single satisfactory hypothesis.

I’m guessing it’s a supernatural ability, but what kind of magic does it take to make something like this?

Mind your own business.

The robed woman’s clear voice echoed in the silent space after the red-robed man had been rendered inactive.


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