The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 136

Hero of the kingdom vs. hero of the empire (2) the difference between him and himself

CH136: Hero of the kingdom vs. hero of the empire (2) the difference between him and himself

They close the distance between them and the <Hero> moves first.

He’s going to cut me down with his sword.

We almost lost it.

He swings his sword at the gaping maw of the chest just after you swing yours.

The sword still has the [Zero Sharpness Reduction] support spell on it, so it won’t break in half.

The blade approaches the <Hero>, but is suddenly blocked by something invisible, so the blade cannot reach him.

(Again. It feels like being pushed back ・・・・・・ with equal force from the opposite side. But why does it feel so strange…)

Immediately you relax the force with which you wield the Schwarzhase and move away from the <Hero>, not resisting the force of the push.

When you jump backwards, you fire a [Wind Blast Aero Shock] near his face, but it doesn’t reach him.

However, you can see it better now that a cloud of dust has been created by [Wind Blast Aeroshock]. An invisible spherical force field is covering the <Hero>.

This force field could be the reason swords and sorcery couldn’t reach them.

I’m starting to get a feel for what they’re capable of.

You launch multiple [Thunder Arrows], following at a distance from the <Hero>.

An arrow of lightning is closing in on the <Hero>, but he stands still and makes no sign of losing.

The moment the lightning arrow touches the spherical force field, it takes a trajectory along the surface of the sphere as if avoiding the <Hero>, and passes directly around the <Hero>.

The <Hero>’s body blurs as the lightning arrow passes through it.

The next moment the <Hero> who had been moving to my left is about to reave his sword horizontally.

You activate the [Reflective Barrier Reflective Wall] that is waiting to be activated at the <Hero>’s feet, and the foot that steps into the cleave steps on the [Reflective Barrier Reflective Wall].

The <Hero> leaps upward like a bouncing bullet and activates [Thunderbolt Thunder Shock] just as he reaches his highest point, and a large number of magic circles appear to cover him.

The <Hero> suddenly leaps into the sky, his expression one of confusion, and is hit by electric shocks from all directions.

However, this too is blocked by the Hero’s unusual abilities, and the attack never reaches them.

(Can it be omnidirectional at the same time? Then what’s next?)

“[Demon Sword Combination Ortration]…!”

He transforms Schwarzhase into a magic sword and wields it.

The converged magical power is unleashed as a slash towards the <Hero>.

If the omni-directional attack failed, I thought of a more powerful attack next time, but the <Hero> remained unharmed by the attack from the spread of magic at close range and looked down at me while remaining stationary in mid-air.

I felt <Hero>’s mouth relax and an indescribable chill ran through my body.

“… What? [Corporal Montagne Humph!

Trust your senses and turn Schwarzhase into a shield on the spur of the moment.

You turn your shield to face the <Hero>, and he is swinging his sword carelessly at you.

There’s a physical distance between me and the hero. Even if I wield a sword in such a place, the blade won’t reach me. It doesn’t look like you’re making a slash.

And yet… ,


It feels as if something incredibly heavy, which can only be described as an invisible mass of air, is falling.

Hold your shields up and try to hold on as you’re crushed.

The weight of the thing was so great that even if I could stand it, the ground couldn’t.

A few meters radius around me caved in.

The ground becomes unstable and I’m knocked to the ground.

“… Ugh… Ugh…”

I manage to stay conscious and immediately cast a restoration spell on myself and get up to look at the <Hero> who is still looking down at me.

“… That’s how much damage you’ve done.”

My hearing, which has been sharpened by the activation of my ki, catches a small murmur of the <Hero>’s words.

(How can he change the terrain just by randomly swinging his sword…? I’m sure it’s a combination of both of them… but even if it is…)

I try to find a way to buy some time, but I conclude that I can’t endure it for long if I hit it head-on, so I activate [Spatial Leap Space Leap] and jump to a relatively dense wooded area to hide myself.

<The Hero is looking around from the air, searching for me.

Did… Did you get away?”

I’d run away right now if I could. But I can’t.

Running away here would be a bad idea considering what’s to come.

I’m not ready to die, but I’m not ready to leave.

(It’s a waste of effort if you start far away, but it’s not an option.)

You construct a number of attack magic formulas in your brain and make a magic circle appear at a distance to inject magic power into the area.

Attack magic is launched at the <Hero> from various locations.

The magic we’re launching is all elementary magic, so it’s not very powerful.

The <Hero> doesn’t seem to mind at all, and as before, the force field on the sphere covering the <Hero> deflects the magic projectile.

But it’s better this way.

I’m going to make them aware that I’m in the area, and I’m going to buy them some time by repeating the attacks at random.

You spend the time you earn thinking up a strategy for <Heroes>.

But it won’t buy you much time.

If the <Hero> continues to swing his sword and cause the area around him to cave in as he did earlier, he will eventually be exposed.

In the meantime, we need to figure out our next plan…

As I’m thinking about that, I hear a creaking sound coming from the tree I’ve been hiding behind.

No, not just this tree.

The same sound is coming from all the trees.

I have a bad feeling about this, and as I move away from the tree, it slowly rises as if something has pulled me out of it.

“… Huh?”

And when the trees around here have risen to the same height as the <Hero>, the movement stops.

I’ve got nothing to hide, so of course..,

“… There you go.”

<The heroes will find us.


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