The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 132


CH132: Talent

When I came close to Log’s room, he was leaving just in time.


“Ah, Master…”

He responds to my voice, but his tone is darker than usual, and it’s clear he’s depressed.

You going somewhere?

No, not really. I just thought I’d get a little night air.

“Well, why don’t you come hang out with me for a bit?”

“Yes. I don’t mind, but…

I’m leaving the house with Log.

We’re here. We’re here.

I came to a famous restaurant in the city.

This restaurant has several branches in Japan and abroad, and is what is called a fine dining restaurant targeting the wealthy.

Is this it? It looks really expensive.

Log seems to be put off by the atmosphere of the shop, but he follows me as I step inside.

When you enter the restaurant, a waiter greets you and shows you to the private room you have reserved.

I had originally made a reservation to bring Log here today even if we hadn’t gotten into trouble.

“Um… Master…

“Log, I’m buying today, so you can order whatever you want. Don’t worry about the money.”

I talk to Log, who is still restless in his seat.

“Oh, thank you… I mean, not that…! Why am I the only one…?”

“Today is the first of September.”

What? Huh, yes. Yes, right.

Log is puzzled by my sudden change of subject, but affirms it.

“September is Log’s birthday month. That means you’re 15 years old today… You’re a man of age. Being an adult doesn’t change much for us explorers… except that we can now drink alcohol. But you’re an adult now. I thought we should celebrate in a small way.”


Luna told me what happened between you and Carol today. I know you’re not really in the mood for this, but I’m going to have to ask you to do what I want.”

“September… I’m an adult now, aren’t I?”

“You don’t really feel it. I used to be the same way. Why don’t you go get a drink? Maybe that’ll make you feel a little better?”

“I’d like to have a drink.”

“Okay. Let’s start with something easy to drink.”

We then ordered drinks and food, and enjoyed a meal together with casual conversation.


“Master, I was an ordinary man.”

After a little while, I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what, but Log started to tell his story.

“I’m ashamed to admit this, but not so long ago I thought I was a genius. But I wasn’t. <I’m the least talented of all the members of Twilight Moonbow.

“… What makes you think that?”

“I’m sure Master knows that. Lu isn’t the right person to be in our party, and Carol and Sophie are growing up so fast. I haven’t grown at all in comparison.”

I have a lot to say, but for now I’ll shut up and listen to what Log has to say.

I’d like to hear what Log is thinking right now.

“Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more that I’m a shadow ・・・・・.”

“… Shadow?”

“Yes. I’ve felt that way sometimes since I was a little girl. I can’t explain why, but I’m a shadow. It’s like they’re getting brighter and brighter, and my shadow is getting deeper and deeper as they get brighter and brighter.”

That’s not an expression you hear very often.

Carol and Sophie have certainly grown up a lot lately.

Log is definitely growing, but there is definitely a difference in the speed of growth compared to the two of them.

You seem to recognize them as the light and yourself as the shadow, but is this a simple metaphor?

Maybe the logs… No, that’s not what I’m thinking about right now.

“I see what you’re getting at, Log. But isn’t it too early to tell?”

“… Eh?”

“When you first become an explorer… it’s hard to put it this way… but you’re just trying to do what’s in front of you. But as you get a little more comfortable, like with the logs, your vision starts to broaden. Then you realize how big the world is and you compare yourself to others and think you’re not talented. It’s a path we all go down.”

“Master too?”

“Of course. I was terrible not long before I converted to a grantmaker. I was struggling with my limitations and I just couldn’t give up.”

“Master was feeling limited…?”

Log looks less than convinced by my words.

It’s certainly hard to imagine if you only look at me now.

I got a question for you, Rog. Do you think I have a gift?”

Isn’t that obvious? Master is one of the first to reach the ninety-fourth level and is now considered the greatest explorer in Tutrail. There’s no way someone like that doesn’t have talent.

“Thanks, I knew Log would say that. But I don’t think I have any talent. I don’t mean to say that you don’t have any but it wasn’t just me that made it to the ninety-fourth level and I think that winning the martial arts tournament the other day was a result of my own hard work.”

“But! You have talent, that’s why you work so hard. If you don’t have talent, your efforts are worthless…!”

It’s true that there are geniuses in this world. People say that a genius is someone with a lot of talent… But I don’t think so. I think genius is a word for a person whose potential and aptitude match his activities.”

For example, if there was a person who had a very high physical ability that everyone thought would make a great explorer or soldier, but he was a kind-hearted person who didn’t want to hurt not only others but even magical beasts, would he be regarded as a genius by the world?

It is not difficult to imagine that a person can be a great success in his or her career if all of his or her potential, character and nature are combined.

But not many people have it all together. I think that’s why those few are called geniuses.

“Talent or lack of talent is just someone else’s perception derived from the result. I was kicked out of the heroes’ party, and some people said I didn’t have any talent, but the moment I won the martial arts tournament, people started saying I was the ace of the Night Sky Silver Rabbit, full of talent. Talent is such a vague thing.

“… I never thought about that. It’s true that I agree with you that talent is only an afterthought.”

“It is not irresponsible to say that if you work hard you will always succeed. But if you have at least the right aptitude and you make the right effort, the results will follow. You have only just become a seeker. This is not the place to give up on your future as an explorer.”

“But I’m not getting results. Carol and Sophie are more active in the labyrinth investigation…”

“It’s not all about how you compare yourself to others. You can’t measure yourself against others on the same scale because you’re two completely different things. Six months ago, when I became your master… were you able to deal with two Cerberus head-on?”

I’m trying so hard to get through to Log’s heart.

If you apply my definition of genius to Log, then Log is a genius.

I haven’t changed my mind since the day we first met.

If Log has finally decided to quit being an explorer, I respect that, but it would be a shame for him to stop now.

“Six months ago, I would have been seriously injured. Or worse, dead.”

“But you made it through today. You did your part… All the hard work you’ve done in the last six months… has paid off. That’s part of the result, isn’t it? Don’t judge me for my talent if you don’t see it. You’re working hard. And you’re getting results.”

Tears stream from Log’s eyes as if my words had reached him.

(I wonder if Grandpa felt this way.)

The way Log is now, he’s a lot like the man I used to be.

My grandpa took me under his wing and said the words I wanted him to say to me then.

I think I’ve said all I can say.

But I’m sure Grandpa could have said something better, something that would have touched Log’s heart.

I realize that I’m not ready to be in a position to teach others.

“Come on, the food will get cold. Eat up. Eat a lot and we’ll work together again tomorrow.”

“Yes… Thank you, thank you…!


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