The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 128

Holiday 1

CH128: Holiday 1

“When you say ‘swimming’, do you mean playing in the sea?”

“Exactly! It’s summer! What’s the point of coming to Regulif Territory at this time of the year and not playing in the sea?

Lecrae answers my question.

It’s true that this territory is famous as a tourist spot and I’ve heard that it’s a regular place to play in the sea in summer.

I looked at the disciples and all three of them were looking at me expectantly.

I don’t think you have to ask my permission if you want to go.

“Let’s go together, Shisou! I want to play with you!”

“Well, I… If it’s okay with Mr. Orn.

You want to go with me rather than with my permission.

Lately, I’ve been basically staying away from my disciples on my days off.

It’s okay.

“Let’s do it. Let’s go play in the ocean today.”


“But what about swimsuits and stuff? I didn’t bring mine. Did everyone else bring theirs?”

“We have not brought ours either, but the Earl of Eddington has just told us that he will provide it. He’s even offered us the use of his family’s private beach at the back of his estate. The Earl of Eddington sends word for you to enjoy the day and keep your spirits up.”

Luna answered my question.

Apparently, they’ve already worked it out.

But they’re really very generous to offer you not only a swimsuit but also a private beach.

“I see. I’ll take advantage of your kindness.

“Yeah, I’ve never played in the ocean before! It’s my first time playing in the ocean, so I’m looking forward to it! We were all talking about going as soon as we’ve finished breakfast, so you should eat up too, Orn-kun!”

I’m on it.


I choose a pair of surf pants and a light hoodie from a few choices, get changed, and go out the back door of the house.

“This is another great view.”

As soon as I stepped outside, the white sandy beach and the endless blue sea jumped into view.

The beach is a private beach, so there are no visitors ahead of you, and the fantastic scenery will make you feel as if you are lost in another world.

It was such a beautiful sight.

“Well, I’d hesitate to troll this one.”

Will says what he thinks, as if to confirm what I’ve just said.

Log and the three men of the A rank party were also moved and seemed to be at a loss for words.

“I’ve been in a lot of enclosed spaces lately, so I’m very moved.”

“Is the labyrinth on the Orns’ side a cave?”

“Yeah. Will and the others aren’t?”

“Ours is, in a word, a forest. It’s probably worse than a cave because it’s so dense. Well, it’s a good thing it’s not that big. It’s making our investigation a lot smoother.”

The amount of work required to investigate a labyrinth increases in proportion to the size of the labyrinth and the number of levels.

A narrow labyrinth makes it easier to investigate.

The labyrinth itself is pretty small here too. I’ll help you when I’m done first. I’m sorry for bringing up the labyrinth investigation on a holiday. It doesn’t look like the women won’t be here yet… let’s get ready first…”

“Yeah. Let’s get this thing installed.”

Then we step onto the beach and move to a less conspicuous spot at the edge.

“Master, why do you put it at this end? You said no one else would be here today but us, even if it’s in the middle…”

As the men were setting up the rest stop, Log asked me a question.

“Well, Log’s right, but I didn’t want to have a parasol or something in the center of the beach when the ladies arrived. I want them to be as impressed as we are, and with a bit of fiddling with the [Spatial Leap Space Leap] formula, we can just move the set-up and be on our way.”

“Log, this is how the popular guys think. Remember it.”

Will hears my comment and puts his hand on Log’s shoulder, his voice taking on a teasing tone.

“Will is more popular than me, right?”

Will has a nice face and even as a guy I think he’s pretty cool.

And he may look like a bit of a dandy, but he’s attentive and probably more popular than I am.

“You hear that, Rog? <All the girls in Twilight Moonbow are in love with him and he’s saying this. What do you think?

I don’t know what to say.

“Will, you’re in trouble with the logs. And while I’m sure they all like you, I don’t think Luna and Carol have any romantic feelings for me.”

“Oh? So you’re not going to deny your sister’s sister?”

Will’s grinning at me.

… Why are we even talking about this?

“Well, I’m getting the sense that you’re feeling that way.”

“Oh! This is getting fun! And? So? What about Orn?”

That Will guy looks like he’s really enjoying himself… I hate it.

I can see that Log and the other three are listening in while they work.

“… I’m not gonna be in a relationship with anyone, at least not right now. I can’t afford it right now.”

Honestly, I’m pretty full of myself right now.

He also takes on the responsibility of teaching the disciples.

I don’t think I could ever have a good relationship with someone in this state.

“I feel like I got away with a safe answer…”

Will will be disappointed with my answer.

I think the timing is right here.

If he’s messing with me, he can’t complain if I fight back.

“What about Will? You like Lecrae, don’t you?”


Will’s expression hardens as he doesn’t expect a counterattack.

“Oh, really?”

“Come on, Wilkes, if you’d told me, I’d have left you two alone. You stink of water!

When I said that, the other guys started shooting at Will.

No, of course not. I like older guys who can hold their own. Who’d want that guy…”

Will’s eyes are swimming, clearly upset.

… You didn’t think I didn’t notice? The way Will looks at Lecrae… it’s so different.

“You can’t just say that and expect some other guy to take her?”

I’m going after them.

Well, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, because from the outside it’s obvious they’re in love.

“I’m done talking about this! Who the hell told you this!”


Then we changed the subject and were chatting when the ladies came out of the house.

I think he’s coming out, but I don’t hear anyone.

They may be lost for words at the sight.

“Oh, I think Will and his friends are over there. Let’s go!

After a while, Leclerc speaks up and you feel everyone’s presence coming towards you.

“Hello again!”

We were getting close when Lecrae came up to us.

And girls in swimsuits are in view…

Sophie is wearing a white floral bikini with a ruffled top. She looks very pretty and fits her mood very well.

Carol is wearing a simple blue bikini. She had always had a great style for a fourteen year old, but now that she is wearing a swimsuit, it seems to me that her style is even better.

Luna is wearing a halter-neck bikini and a thin pareo around her waist, making her look more mature than usual.

Lecrae is wearing a high neck bikini. The overall impression of this bikini is very clear and matches with her energetic and fresh look.

The two ladies of the A rank party are also wearing swimsuits that match the atmosphere of the party and they look very good in them.

“I’m not waiting for you at all. We just finished getting ready. And you guys look great in your bathing suits. You look so cute.”

I’m gonna be honest with you.

“That’s great Orn-kun! You’re the first one to give me compliments at times like this! Don’t you have something to say about me in my swimsuit, Will?”

Lecrae names Will, the person he wants the most praise for.

“Hmm? It looks good on you, doesn’t it? The others are so cute too. Well, “eye candy” is the word I’d use for this.

The A rank men followed Will and each of them complimented the girls on their swimsuits, but the logs remained frozen in place.

Maybe the logs were too stimulating.

“Doesn’t Log have anything to say to us?”

Carol calls out to Log, who is frozen.

“What? Oh, I think you guys look great…”

Logs emits a small voice while his face turns bright red.

“Heh heh, thanks for the log.”

Carol beams with delight when she hears this.

“So, let’s have fun today!”

Well, I guess I’ll just enjoy the rest of my day.


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