The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 118

[Side Oliver] Repentance

CH118: [Side Oliver] Repentance

It’s been a little over two weeks since I went off the rails and got locked up in here.

I was lucky enough to be able to recall my memories, so I didn’t have too much free time to sort out my memories and train [Convergence of Magic].

“So I’ve been ordered to go on an extended business trip just as we’re about to attack the ninety-third layer… I’m on my way to Regulif territory right now.


“The territory of Regulif is famous for its wine. It’s a territory by the sea, so it’s different from most wine. I’ll send it to you when I have time. You drink wine, don’t you?”

“…. Nah.”

“Hmm? What’s up?”

What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck are you doing here?

I’m looking at Orn through the glass and I’m shouting at him.

Orn, on the other hand, is as calm as he was when they were partying together,

“Why? I’m just bored and I’m alone. I was going to come over a little later, but like I said, I’m leaving Tutrail now.”

“No, I mean… Why are you acting so normal with me? I almost killed you, didn’t I?”

Yes. Orn doesn’t know what happened then.

Orn was almost killed trying to stop me when I went on a rampage.

Why don’t you just avoid them? Why come all the way out here?

I knew you’d come visit me eventually, but not now.

“Um… I know, but… But it’s because of the altered perception, right? Then Oliver’s a victim, too.”

… How did Orn know about the altered perceptions?

I heard Philly hasn’t been heard from since that day.

I’m the only one who knows about the altered perceptions.

Orn came to this conclusion on his own?

No, it’s hard to imagine that. No matter how many orns you have, you would never come up with that idea without any source of information.

It stands to reason that there’s someone who knows who Philly is, who knows about the altered perceptions, but who?

“… And I don’t really feel like it was a dream. But the scene from the dream… No, it’s nothing.

The figure of Orn today is akin to that of the old Orn, who had to deal with many things on his own.

I didn’t expect Orn to be here, but he is.

This would be the perfect time to say what I’ve been meaning to say to you the next time I see you.

But it’s only for my own satisfaction…

“… Orn.”


I’m sorry.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? And, like I said, we both know it wasn’t Oliver’s decision. We’re both alive and well as a result, so there’s no reason for Oliver to be concerned.”

“That’s part of it, but my apology now is for kicking you out of the heroes’ party. I regret that choice very much. I know an apology won’t get you forgiveness. But I have to tell you… I’m really sorry.”

I’m not sure what Orn is thinking as he stares at me with an expression on his face.

“… Hey Oliver, did you ever think about your decision to kick me out of the party?”

Yeah, it wasn’t an instant decision. I remembered you said we’d conquer the Grand Labyrinth together, and I was really torn. But in the end, I decided… to conquer the Grand Labyrinth first.”

It seems to me that Philly’s will intervened in this decision, but that is not Orn’s concern.

I’ve been betrayed by the one person I’ve been with my whole life.

I can’t begin to imagine the damage I’ve done to Orn’s heart.

I know an apology won’t make it go away.

But I had to say it.

“A while back, someone I respect said to me. “You’ll regret every decision you make after you’ve made it. I’m sure Oliver regrets his decision to kick me out, but I think he would have regretted it, too, if he had left me at the party.”

You’ll regret every decision you make after you’ve lost your way.

Perhaps you’re right.

Me and Orn trying to conquer the Grand Labyrinth… it should’ve been a good thing for him.

We would’ve regretted it for sure.

From an objective point of view, it seems to me that the choice to kick Orn out of the party was the right one.

But that doesn’t make it any less convincing.

“I don’t care anymore. It’s true that I was sad right after I was kicked out, but the reason I was kicked out was legitimate and I’m happy with the environment I’m in now. Luna also told me that I’m more mature now than when I was in the heroes’ party.”


“Oh, yeah. Oliver doesn’t know. Luna joined the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky too.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s good. Luna can party with Orn again.”

“We’re not in the same party. But Luna’s going with me to the Regriff territory, so I’ll be working with Luna for a while.”


Luna’s been under a lot of strain since we kicked Orn out.

I know it’s not my place to say this, but I want her to be happy.

“… And it’s time to go. I know Oliver and I have been through a lot lately, but he’s still my childhood friend and my best friend. I’ll be back when he gets back, and you can talk to him then like you do now.”

Orn tells me with a carefree expression.

“… Yeah, I’ll wait… Thank you.”

Hearing my reply, Orn nodded in satisfaction before leaving.

It was an unexpected meeting, but he was more than happy to be able to talk to Orn normally again.

… Three labyrinths have appeared in Regulif’s territory…

I don’t see how that can be dismissed as a coincidence.

Perhaps it’s the Order… But for what? What’s their purpose?

The territory of Regulif is a famous tourist destination by the sea.

Even without the labyrinth, there’s still a lot of people coming and going, so it’s probably not to attract people.

The only other feature I can think of is the Sauber Empire across the Cryo Mountains to the north.

The Sauber Empire… where the Great Labyrinth of the West once stood.

Now that I think about it, it’s almost certain that the Order helped in this attack, but now that the Western Labyrinth is gone, there should be no contact with them.

Is it too aggressive to tie the appearance of the labyrinth to the Empire?

The Empire’s national power is among the highest on the continent.

Even without that, it’s a country that even has a protector called <Hero>.

If the Order meddles more than it has to, it only increases the risk of retribution. There’s no reason to get involved.

“… Hmm? <Heroes>?”

Something’s stuck. What was it?

“<Hero>… Felix Lutz Kreutzer. Crown Prince of the Sauber Empire and conqueror of the Great Western Labyrinth. And an ancestor of Orn and Theon…”

Starting with the word <hero>, the nasty pieces just keep coming.

“No, I’m just imagining things. But if I’m right about this, then Orn was summoned to Regulif’s domain because…”

I could only hope that the worst-case scenario I’d just imagined didn’t come true.


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