The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 115

Tenth squad, renamed

CH115: Tenth squad, renamed

After that, I gave a general review of the strategy.

I was worried that Sophie and the others would keep their distance from Luna, but my fears were unfounded.

Rather, they seem to be feeling more affinity for each other because they have changed their consciousness.

It’s a dangerous bridge to cross, but all’s well that ends well.

“… I actually have something for you.

Is that what you want?

“Ah. <A gift for becoming an official explorer of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky. I’d like you to accept it.

Then I give each of you three a magical tool to hold your gifts.

Is this a weapon and a uniform?

The logs that appeared in the storage magic tool mutter.

Yes. This is what Alan and Glennda each had me make in preparation for Thanksgiving.

“That’s right. I’ve taken the data from the clan and adjusted the weapons so that you can use them even as your bodies grow. It may feel a little strange at first, but you should be able to use them without any problems.”

I’ll leave the fine-tuning to Alan, but he’s a pro. I’m sure it’ll be exactly what you want.

“As for the uniforms, I had them made for each of you based on my own uniforms to match your fighting styles. However, these were made for my own personal satisfaction, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t like the weapons or the uniforms.”

“How can you not like it! Thank you, Shishou! I’ll treasure it forever!”

Carol says thank you and Sophie and Rog agree.

I’m glad you like it.

“Can I try it on right away!”

Log asks, with an air of excitement about him.

“Okay, but first, Luna.”

“… Uh, yes.”

Luna, who would not have expected to be called upon in the slightest, replies with a somewhat indifferent response.

I’ll get this to Luna.

He hands her a troupe uniform made for Luna.

Luna receives it in dismay.

“How come… The search team said it would take time to prepare the uniforms…”

When I joined, they were made in a hurry, but it takes a few days to make the uniforms.

But I’ve got Luna’s uniform.

This is the other uniform that Glenda suggested when I asked her to make the uniforms for the sword belt and the disciples.

At that point, she was anticipating Luna joining.

Who would have thought that an S-rank searcher, even one who belongs to the Brave Party, would join the Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit?

A woman’s intuition is a terrible thing.

“It’s just a coincidence, but I’m pretty sure this was made for Luna. I couldn’t get you a weapon, but I’d be happy to take it if you’d like.”

No… No, just the uniform will do. Thank you. Thank you.

“You’re welcome… Don’t you three want to make sure you’re comfortable with your weapons? We have permission to use the indoor training area… so come to the indoor training area when you’re all equipped.

“Alright! Lu, let’s go get changed together! Come on, Sophie, hurry!”

Carol leaves the room with Luna and Sophie.

Luna is called “Sister Lu” by the members of the Tenth Group.

Luna is also given a nickname because the three of them call each other by their nicknames.

I’ve been calling her “Luna” for years, so it feels strange to change it now, so we’re both calling her the same way we’ve always called her.


As I waited for the four of them in the indoor training area, Log was the first to arrive.

I guess men are faster at this kind of preparation.

Master, here you go! What do you think?

A log comes up to me and a spear appears and I hold it in my hand.

At first glance Log’s attire appears to be that of a grantmaster… It looks like the black and blue robes worn by the rear guard.

The spear in his hand is black and seems to swallow light like Schwarzhase’s. It has an artificial magic stone attached to the butt of the spear.

Artificial magic stone is a synthetic stone made by mixing magic stone with certain minerals.

This artificial magic stone has the property of attracting surrounding magic, and is often used in wands used by mages, as it makes the influx of magic power easier.

The artificial magic stone is not targeted by the monsters that are supposed to target it, perhaps because it is mixed with other minerals.

Instead, it cannot be used for magic tools.

Log had requested that an artificial magic stone be attached to his spear because he uses a lot of magic, including support magic, in addition to attacking with it.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it.

By the way, the wands and daggers that I gave to Sophie and Carol are the same color, and they too have artificial magic stones in them.

Since I mainly use black dragon scales, the color is inevitably black.

“You look good. You look good.”

“Thank you! But the material of this spear isn’t from the upper echelons, is it? I’m not a connoisseur of weapons but I can tell it’s of very good quality…”

“You have good eyes. The weapons I gave you are mainly made of black dragon scales.”

“Black Dragon” is that Black Dragon? I can’t accept that! We’re not worthy of it!

Log’s right. It’s not a weapon for a newly B-ranked explorer.

But it doesn’t matter.

Perhaps in the future, you may be in danger of dying because of the poor performance of your weapons.

I’d rather regret it then… no matter what anyone says.

“Take it. It’s an investment.”

Investment, sir?

“Yeah. I’d like you to continue to work hard. So please keep up your good work.”

“… Okay. Thank you.”

Shoo! Here you go~!”

As I was talking to Log, I heard Carol’s voice coming from around the entrance.

You’re early. I haven’t waited long.

They’ve come to the training ground, and they’re coming up to me.

Carol’s outfit might be the closest to my outfit of all of them.

The color scheme is based on black and blue, which are the colors of the <Yoten no Ginrabbit>, and she wears a long outerwear that fits her perfectly, and shorts and high socks underneath, so she can move more easily than she looks.

Sophie then wears a cloak over her one-piece dress, just like her previous outfits.

But the design has been renewed, and the impression it gives is more mature than the previous one.

This may be due not only to their clothes, but also to the fact that they no longer have the self-confident and timid atmosphere that we used to see until a little while ago.

Finally, Luna.

Her clothes have changed in detail, but the design has not changed that much from when she was in the heroes’ party.

The major change would be the color.

The outerwear she has been wearing so far is white-based, but it is now black-based.

Just by changing the hue, you get a very different impression.

“How do I look? Do I look good?”

“Oh, you three look great. They’re so cute.”

When I said how I felt about it, Carol said, “Heh heh heh.” Sophie blushed and Luna looked at me as if she had seen something unusual. Luna looks at me with an expression like she’s seen something unusual.

Luna, what’s wrong?

“No, I just thought it was unusual for Orn-san to say such a thing.”

I can’t help but laugh when I hear Luna say that.

I’m sure.

But I think you’re better now. You’re more open than when you were at Akebono and I feel like you’re showing more of yourself than before.”

When I was with the heroes’ party, I was being chased by a lot of things.

<I’ve felt a bit relieved since I joined the Night Sky Silver Rabbit, and I feel like I’ve been able to act freely as Luna said.

… We still have a lot of work to do.

“Thank you. Luna should have more time than she did when she was with the heroes’ party. You’ve been through a lot lately.

Yes, thank you.

“Hey, hey, hey.”

Carol speaks to him just as he is coming to an end of his conversation with Luna.

What’s wrong?

“The three of us were just talking earlier, we want to go to the Grand Maze now!”

“The Great Labyrinth? Are we going to explore thirty levels as soon as possible?”

I’m sorry, did I blast you a little too hard?

The 30th layer wasn’t that difficult for these girls.

I’m sure you’re still tired, and I think you should take the rest of the day off.

“No, no. We’re going to the 30th level. We’ve decided to surpass him. That’s why I want to know how good he is now!

“You mean, you want to see me conquer the 30th layer?”

“Yes! First, I want to see how our new equipment works, and then I want to see Shishou and Ruu’s sister attacking the game together!”

“… I see. Luna, what do you think?

“I have no problem with that. In fact, I’m grateful for the opportunity to party with Orn-san so soon.”

“Then let’s try to get to the 30th level. Sophie and Log can do that too?”

Yes, yes. No problem.

“I’m okay too. I’m fine too.

“Okay, that’s it… But first, there’s one thing we need to do.

Is it something I should do? What’s that?

“You’re going to name your party. Since you’re no longer in Team 10.”

The new troop party has not decided on a party name.

While you’re new, you’ll have a lot of chances to switch party members.

In this clan, the party name is decided after you join the third squad, because there is not much chance to change the members after you join the third squad.

“Hmm, a party name. I hadn’t thought of that.

“I haven’t thought of a name either…”

“Me too… Um, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to name our party after me…”

“Oh, I agree! I want Shishou to decide for me too!”

Log says, and Carol immediately agrees.

Sophie nodded her head.

(I knew this would happen…)

I had a feeling I was gonna be the one naming it.

I’m trying to come up with a party name on my end, but…

“… You sure you don’t want me naming the party? Party names are basically unchangeable. I know it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the name we’re going to use for the rest of our lives, so I think it’s better if we choose it ourselves.”

“Well, that’s why I want you to decide.”

“Well, I want Mr. Orn to decide for me too…! It’s definitely because of you that we’ve come this far…”

“It’s your own efforts that have brought you this far… But okay. Then let me make a suggestion.

Sophie and the others turn their sparkling eyes towards me as I respond to their request.

“… <How about Gekkou at twilight?”

“Twilight is in the evening. Is it moonlight in the evening?”

“Gekko” makes you think of that. It’s not moonlight, it’s a moonbow, Gekko.”

“Hmm? Aren’t rainbows supposed to appear during the day after it rains?”

“It’s not easy, but you can make a rainbow by moonlight.”

“Wow! I see!”

“So Master, what’s the meaning of this name?”

Log asks in an excited mood.

You know “silver hare in the night sky” means “the moon in the night sky” right? Twilight is when the sun sets and the moon rises. As time goes by, the moon rises higher and higher to light up the night. I tried to express the meaning of always climbing higher.”

“To always keep climbing higher…”

“Yeah! It’s perfect for us newbies! Even when we become veterans, I feel like if we say this name, we’ll never forget how we felt when we first started out!”

“Yes, it is. I think it’s a beautiful name. Mr. Orn, then what does moonbow mean?

“I’ve put a lot of meanings into the moonbow, but I think it’s up to each person to take it in their own way. I don’t think it would be tasteful to say everything about it, so I’d like each person to feel it for themselves.”

“You’re a bit of a romantic, aren’t you?”

Luna smiles and calls out to me in a teasing tone.

“I thought I was a realist too, so I’m surprised to hear this name. Is that weird?”

No, I think it’s great. They don’t seem to have any complaints.”

“Yes! I like it very much. We’ll name our party <Moonbow in the Twilight>! Carol and Sophie don’t have any objections, do they?”

“No problem!”

“Mr. Orn gave me this name. I won’t object.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased. Well then, now that we’ve decided on a party name, let’s head to the 30th level.

“”””Oh!!!”” “””


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