The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 109

[Side fuka] Youkai Sword

CH109: [Side fuka] Youkai Sword

“What the fuck… This situation…”

Philly decides to retreat, but they still can’t scatter the huka.

The [altered perception] should have made it impossible for him to see Philly or even sense his presence, but Fuuka made the most of his five amazing senses and [future vision] to keep Philly at bay.

The current location has moved from where the heroes’ party’s mansion once stood, and is now near the outer wall in the northwestern part of the city.

My family’s in danger! You’re a criminal!

One of the civilians is shouting ・・・・・・・・ abuse at Fuuka and reaching out to grab him.

There were four others who were also trying to catch Fuuka.

This is also due to Philly’s [perception alteration].

The people who are trying to catch Fuuka have had their perceptions rewritten to think that she’s responsible for this incident.

They were also obsessed with the idea that their family would be in danger if they didn’t catch Fuuka, and they were determined to catch him no matter what it took.

“… Disturbing.”

Fouka is forced to fight the civilians as they are moved by the filly.

It’s easy enough for huka to disperse the civilians.

But Philly’s keeping its distance from the public.

If Fuuka left the civilians, Philly would unleash an offensive magic against them and she couldn’t leave.

I’d say Philly has the overwhelming advantage at the moment.

… But it’s Fuka who has the advantage.

Philly doesn’t have enough power left to rewrite Fuka’s perceptions. Even if she could, it would only be once.

He plans to use his magic to kill all the civilians who are trying to get close to Fuuka, but none of them have died yet.

“She was the one person in Shinonome who shouldn’t have been allowed to live… Even if she’s skilled with that katana, there’s no way she can do this…”

Philly mutters while holding the shoulder that was just cut by Fuka.

Even in Philly, where he’d seen so much war and fought in so many battles, he couldn’t immediately accept what was happening before his eyes.

“[Agility increase agility].”

The strategy of using civilians is not working and Philly is getting worse, so he decides to stop playing around and concentrate on escaping.


Philly’s departure brings the civilians back to their senses, who’d only been subjected to a simple alteration of perception.

“What the hell? What the hell was I…?”

What are you doing here?

“Guys, it’s not safe here. Get to the guild now. It’s a safe haven.

Fuuka immediately realizes that she’s been brainwashed by Philly and calls out to the civilians.

The civilians turn pale at the sight of Fuuka’s words and the collapsed buildings around them.

Fuka tells them to head for the guild again and the civilians run toward the guild.

Fuuka sees him off and immediately goes after Philly.

Fuka has the better physical ability.

Even if Philly buffs her, Fuuka has a Ki buff as well.

Philly is no match for Fuka in a simple chase.

Fuuka catches up with them before they reach the west gate, which is what Philly was aiming for.

But Philly saw this coming.

Philly stops abruptly and turns around, casting a spell.

“…. …”

Fuuka immediately thrusts her sword into the ground, causing a gust of wind that could easily blow a man away.

Caught in it will blow up the surrounding buildings.

But Fuuka, who was Philly’s true love, stayed low and clung to the sword she’d thrust into him, holding on tight as the wind died down.

The wind dies down and Fuuka lets go of the sword he has thrust into the ground and lowers himself to the ground to face Philly.

First, one shot.

“… What?

Fuuka mutters as she concentrates her ki into her right fist and slams it into Philly’s abdomen as hard as she can.

Philly, thinking that the gust of wind from earlier would allow him to keep his distance, reacts too late and takes a serious blow from Fuuka’s fist.

“Ha ha.”

Philly is slammed straight into the outer wall.

“Ggh… Ugh…”

He sits with his back against the wall, unable to stand up.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re doing.

Then Fuuka’s right arm gets a massive cut on it as if something had sliced into it, and blood flows down from it.

Fuka approaches the filly, red-bronze sword in hand, ignoring her wounds and the blood that flows through her veins, but not letting her guard down.

“You’re welcome. I don’t kill easily. I’m going to kill you with the pain of all the people I’ve hurt, and I’m going to kill them with gruesomeness.”

Fuka tells Philly with an unstoppable killing fury.

And Fuka leaps backwards to keep his distance from the filly.

Immediately afterwards a huge thunderbolt struck the place where Fuuka was.

“You managed to lose even though it was a complete surprise attack. You’re the Sword Princess, aren’t you?

A boy with a neutral face, who appears to be the magician who invoked [Mjolnir the Thunder Hammer of Heaven], mutters to himself on top of a nearby building.

The boy was dressed in a bright red robe.

The silver trail is actually a flying slash that Fuuka ducked, and the building behind it was cut in two.

“They lost this one, too. I guess physical surprise doesn’t work.

The girl who seemed to be the one who sent the slashes flying was muttering to herself as she put her long sword on her shoulder.

The girl with the sword was also dressed in a bright red costume and had a face identical to that of the sorceress.

“…. <Cyclamen Order>.”

Fuka sees the boy and girl who seem to be twins who suddenly broke into the room and mutters.

<The Cyclamen Order is one of the two major crime syndicates, along with the Amuntsaas.

An organization dedicated to the resurrection of the evil gods and said to be involved in a variety of crimes.

And many of those who belong to the Order wear clothes dyed red like this boy and girl.

“Well, now you know we’re part of the Cyclamen Order…”

The slow-talking boy reveals his affiliation easily.

“I can tell by the way you’re dressed.”

“Ha-ha! Indeed~.”

“… You’re beat up pretty bad, Philly.”

As Fuka and the boy were talking, a girl who had somehow moved to Philly’s side was talking to Philly.

“… There’s no excuse for this… I’m sorry, but can you do a healing spell for me?”

“I can’t help it. I don’t want to die here… I can’t die here…!”

The moment the girl was about to cast a restorative spell on the filly, Fuuka instantly tried to close the distance between them.

… But Fuka couldn’t move.


Fuuka suddenly felt a general weakness in her body .

Finally, he is unable to hold the sword in one hand and slumps to the ground as if pulled by it.


The girl who was hit by Fuuka’s killing intent mutters while breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Sis, are you okay?”

The boy, his voice still raspy, came over to the filly and the girl, calling out to them.

“Thanks for saving my life, Fred.”

As she listened to the twins’ conversation, Fuuka’s eyes widened in confusion at her condition.

Even though the number of enemies has increased and they’ve been devoting their attention to each of the three of them, Fuuka, who can see into the future, will not be taken by surprise.

But now Fuuka is slumped to the ground with all her strength drained from her body.

From the twins’ conversation, she could tell that the boy had done something to Fuuka, but she didn’t know what.

“You don’t know what they did to me.”

A boy calls out to the confused Fuuka.

He is frightened when Fuka turns her deadly gaze on the boy, but it is only for a moment.

The boy, immediately reminded of his superiority, blurts out his story.

“[Future Sight] is one of the most powerful of all abilities, isn’t it~. <If the Sword Princess has it, she would be incomparably strong in battle~.”

The boy is right.

Fuuka’s strength is based on his incredible senses and physical abilities.

[It’s because of them that I’ve been able to make the most of my ability to see the future.

“But [future vision] is only the ability to see the future ・・・・・, right? That means we can only read future information from visual information, right? Then the rest is easy. If the magic is colorless and tasteless and odorless… then you can’t know the future even if you see it. That’s why you’re lying on the ground right now… You’ve been hit by a debuffing spell…”

There are three main types of support magic.

The first is one that boosts the target’s abilities… Also known as buffs.

The second is one that has neither the six attributes nor recovery. It’s also known as unsystematic magic.

And the third is the opposite of a buff… it reduces the target’s abilities. Also known as a debuff.

Even if you are a grantor who mainly uses support spells, you rarely have a chance to use debuffs.

The reason is simple. It is too difficult and not very effective.

Debuffs are more affected by the target’s magic opposition than buffs, so you need to know the target’s exact magic opposition.

It is very difficult to use it in combat, since you have to adjust your formula accordingly.

“I’m good at debuffing. In other words, I was a natural enemy to the Sword Princess.

Even Selma, the continent’s greatest grantor, uses debuffs infrequently.

And yet the boy is good at difficult debuffs.

This and the fact that he actually succeeded in debuffing Fuuka to the point where she couldn’t even stand up proves that he’s a very skilled fighter.

“… Already done?”

When the boy had finished his story, a cold voice came from the girl.

“Oh, yeah. I’m done.”

The boy also sensed that the girl was in a bad mood and he stopped his rambling and replied in a serious tone.

“Well, then…”

Don’t do this.

The girl is about to face Fuuka with her sword at the ready when she is interrupted by the filly whose injuries had been healed by the girl’s restorative magic while the boy had been speaking.

“… Can’t a loser tell me what to do? The extremely troublesome Sword Princess is so weak, now is the time to finish her off…”

The girl moves to Fuuka a moment after telling the filly and swings her blade at Fuuka’s neck.

A few shun later, Fuka’s head is going to fly off, and the girl is convinced that she has “cut it off”.

… The slackness of his mind dulled his sword muscles, and he was easily repelled by Fuuka’s slashing sword.

“… What?

Fuka flicked the girl’s sword away with his first sword and tried to cut her down with his second sword, but before the blade could reach her the girl had disappeared and moved to stand beside the filly.

It’s [space leap space leap] by a boy.

“… Ah… Ah…”

The girl’s body trembled as she felt Fuuka’s murderous intent and her own imminent death.

“I told you not to… That katana she’s holding, it’s probably a demon sword. Debuffing her won’t stop her.

“Youkou is that youkou sword that is said to be in Kyoukto~?”

A demon sword is a sword with special powers.

It is said that the sword was made in the time of fairy tales, and that it gained its power from the grudge it bore as a result of slaying humans and magical beasts for hundreds of years.

It’s like a sword with a supernatural power.

There used to be several of them in the past, but now there is only one in the world, and it is a precious object and one of the national treasures of Kyokuto.

The sword is normally just a sharp karma sword, but when you release the power contained in it, the blade turns reddish-bronze.

By releasing its magical power, it can raise the user’s physical abilities and even slice through space, demonstrating its immense power.

This may sound like a good thing, but of course there are some disadvantages.

If you ever let go of the sword while it has released its power, you will be exposed to its wrath and suffer the repercussions.

Even if it’s just for a moment.

Fuka had let go of his sword earlier to strike the filly and then quickly regained his grip.

He actually only had to let go of it for a few seconds, but even then Fuuka’s right arm was torn to shreds by the Youkai and she was bleeding profusely.

This is only a short time, but in a worst case scenario he might have had his hands and feet cut off by a demon sword.

The sword is also filled with the grudges of those who have been cut down in the past, and those who are incompatible with the sword may suffer from mental illness if they use it.

Because of these reasons, it was feared by people and kept as a national treasure in Kyokkoto because no one has used it in the past few decades.

Fortunately, Fuuka and Yōtō are compatible with each other, so she is rarely tormented by grudges.

Why Fuuka possesses the national treasure, the Yōtō, has a lot to do with the civil war in Kyōkutō, but that’s another story.

Fuuka wobbles, but she holds the tip of her sword at the three of them.

I’m retreating. I’m at my wits’ end and it’s likely we’ll both fall if we continue fighting. If we’re going to finish her off, we need to be ready.

After Philly tells the twins, I build the formula in my brain.

You think I’m gonna let you go? I’m gonna cut you three down right here.

A red-copper trail cuts through the three of them… but it’s a false trail.

The last time she was outwitted by Philly’s simple [alteration of perception], and when she turned her attention to where Philly and the others were, the magic had already been activated.

[The three of them disappear from Fuka’s sight through the Space Leap.

The distance this spell can make you fly is a few dozen meters.

Thinking that he could still find them if he looked around from the top of the outer wall, Fuuka kicked the ground and tried to climb up the wall.

However, he was unable to move due to the effects of the boy’s debuff and the fact that he had forced his body to move with his youkiryoku in order to prevent the girl’s attack.


Fuka stayed where she was for a while… I want to eat skewers. He mutters.

The intense atmosphere from before had faded away, and the normal Fuuka was there.

He bandaged his right arm to stop the bleeding and walked toward the north gate where Hurt and the others were.


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