The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 108

The king of the aliens vs. the heroes

CH108: The king of the aliens vs. the heroes

I was having a hard time thinking straight.

No, really, what’s going on?

I don’t know why my stomach was pierced, and I’m in the air, and the city below me is a place I don’t ・・・・・・ recognize.

The most surprising of them all is the left hand in your field of vision.

My left hand is not this big ・・・・・.

It’s not just my hands. My body is getting bigger, or rather growing. ・・・・・・?

There’s a young man a few feet away from me who’s a shadow of his former self.

And their wings and claws and tails are formed by golden magic.

There’s no doubt that this magic…

“… Oliver, right?”


Oliver’s not responding to my questions.

I’m not sure I understand, but did your consciousness suddenly jump to the future?

… No, the other way around. Only your consciousness has returned to the past.

Well, then… Yeah, that makes sense.

I don’t see the benefit at all of me switching into my consciousness from the future, which would have been more than a few years ago.

However, it is obvious that no matter how much more we think about it, we will never get an answer.

Then we have to accept the situation.

Assuming my hypothesis is correct, I’ve been fighting Oliver in the future nine times out of ten.

And that feeling Oliver had, that’s what you were talking about.

Then I have to stop him.

The sealing spell my father developed was originally ・・・・・・ intended for this moment.

And yet because I was weak-minded, he used me.

“Oliver, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been weak, and I’ve been a burden to you…


Again, Oliver doesn’t respond to my words.

You’re not self-aware, are you?

Or should I say, the force has taken over his consciousness. That’s not what your father and I thought.

My father and the others have always told me that without a seal spell, the only way to stop an out-of-control Oliver is to kill him.

But that’s assuming Oliver can’t control his powers.

If there’s a chance we can regain control of our powers by regaining consciousness, we need to tap into it first.

I don’t want to kill Oliver.

If you can control your power, you don’t have to kill.

Rather, the best result ・・・・・ would be.

As soon as I get my bearings, Oliver moves in over my head, like he senses something.

And he’s about to swing the claw he wears on his right hand at me.

Aren’t we late? Ori… What?

I tried to catch Oliver’s slow… attack with my left hand, but my body was heavier than I thought it would be… and I couldn’t get there in time.

Oliver’s attack hits me and knocks me back down.

(What? What is this?)

He heals his injuries in a bewildering manner and then adjusts his stance.

As soon as the ground is close by, he swings the black sword in his right hand at the moment of impact with the ground, killing the impact of the fall.

Oh, my God.

As soon as I landed on the ground, I immediately realized why I was so heavy.

The reason for this is simple… the sealing spell was still in place.

“In the future, I was fighting Oliver in a runaway state with a sealed spell? Why? I mean, didn’t you mess with the seal magic ・・・・・?”

I can’t decipher the formulas… but I can memorize them.

But the sealing spells that bind me now are different from the ones I remember.

“You’re able to move even though you’re heavy because you’re only loosening the bonds on your physical abilities?”

I have no idea what I was thinking in the future…

But I don’t know much about magic.

The only thing I can tell you is that they put a lot of effort into tampering with the formula in order to loosen the restrictions on physical abilities.

“I’ve been ignoring it for a while now, but this is definitely the cause of this headache…”

I guess there’s no point in whining about it. For now, I’m going to restore the sealing spells to their original form ・・・・.

As a result, he felt even heavier.

“I don’t know what I was going to do in the future, but I’m at your disposal…”

I’ll say good-bye to my future self… and let my ch’i flow through my entire body,

“… [Unsealing Culmination].”

Unleash the sealing magic.


I can feel the things that hold me back are slipping away with the words of my Ki.

And the headache he’d been claiming earlier was slowly fading away.

The next step is to imbue the blade of the black sword with magical power.

This turns it from a slashing weapon into an improvised bludgeoning weapon.

My goal is to wake Oliver up. If I cut him with that thing, he may not be able to keep up with the healing process.

When I checked on Oliver after he was ready for battle, he was about to fly away.

I immediately activate [Super-Explosive Explosive] and detonate it in Oliver’s direction of travel, forcibly blocking his movement.

Where are you going? !”

Then he moves directly in front of Oliver and cleaves his sword.

Wings of golden magic wrap around Oliver, blocking my sword.


The wings were quite hard.

My attack only cracked it and didn’t reach Oliver.

At times like this, I really wish there was something that could boost up the power of the bomb, even if it’s only for a moment.

Oliver caught my attack and forced me to spread my wings, knocking me out of position.

They attack from the front with their claws, and from behind and to the left and right with the three tails from their waists.

He immediately adjusts his stance and continues to evade Oliver’s attacks.

He concentrates on evading for a moment, then takes a chance and cleaves you with his sword.

The magic in the blade allows you to blow Oliver backwards without cutting him in half.

“…. [bind bound].”

Once we’ve gained some distance from Oliver, we’ll activate the spell.

Chains made of jet-black magic appear from the void and wrap around Oliver’s body and tail, forcing him to stop moving.

“… [gunshot].”

A large mass of jet-black magic appears around Oliver, who is sewn into the air with chains, and it shoots out at him all at once.

The smoke engulfs Oliver with a roar.

(… You can still increase the rate of convergence. Of course, that means Oliver’s [Convergence of Magic] has grown over the last few years.)

When the smoke cleared, there was Oliver, cracked all over but protected by his magical wings.

(If we increase the power any more, it could kill Oliver. Then…)

I then swing my black sword and send a jet-black slash through the air.

Still bound by his chains, Oliver repairs his wings and tries to withstand my slashes.

Your wings should be enough to survive this slash. But…

“… [transition shift].”

I magically shift in front of Oliver and touch his golden wing with my left hand.

You combine your powers with your ki and strike with your ki in a form of jinjutsu.

And the golden wings and jet-black chains shattered like glasswork.

I quickly left the scene, and a jet-black slash came at Oliver just as I was leaving and hit him directly.

Oliver is enveloped in smoke again, and five slashes come at us as if to return the favor.

“… [rebound bounces].”

A geometric pattern appears in front of me that is different from a magic circle, and the golden slash that touches it reverses its direction and strikes Oliver.

“… [shooting + explosive blast].”

He fires a jet-black magic bullet of reduced power and intercepts Oliver.

A jet-black magic bullet makes contact with Oliver and causes a large explosion.

Three times he closed the distance between Oliver and the smoke in an instant, his wings defending him.

(Isn’t that a bit too much of a pattern?)

The left fist is covered with magic and Ki from the [Convergence of Magic] and then strikes the Golden Wings.

Converging my power to a single point, my attack pierces the wing and punches Oliver in the face.

You turn your body and kick him with your right foot.

You’ve been attacking him for some time now, but he doesn’t seem to have stopped moving or regained consciousness.

(… Next)

He’s fed up with the way he’s beating Oliver, but he’s determined.


And from there, it’s a one-sided assault on Oliver.

If you get too far away from him, he’ll hit you with [ranged shot] and advanced magic, and if you get too close, he’ll hit you with swords and sorcery.

But since we haven’t made any progress, we’ve decided to change the plan.

“… [transition shift].”

As Oliver approached and was about to swing his claws down, I activated my magic and the two of us moved outside the city walls.

He has been separated from Oliver during the transition and is now a few dozen meters away from him.

As I was constructing the formula I looked down and saw many monsters and humans fighting.

(Why are there so many hexenbiests on Earth? Oh, well, let’s just get rid of them at the same time. Let’s get rid of them at the same time.)

“… [Transition Shift],[Megalithic Crashdown Meteor]!”

First, we’ll move the humans on the ground near the entrance to the city, and then we’ll move the hexenbiests under Oliver.

Then he casts a special earth spell, and a boulder appears above Oliver’s head and falls down according to gravity.

Oliver tries to escape from the boulder, but he is unable to do so because of the small-scale gravitational pull generated by the boulder.

Oliver fell to the ground with the boulder, and with a roar a crater formed.

If such a large mass falls to the ground, its impact should dissipate, but the gravitational force generated by the boulder cancels the shock wave.

Therefore, there will be no more damage than necessary to the surrounding area.

(I’m pretty sure this mass attack would have done a lot of damage.)

That’s what I’m thinking as I step onto the ground.

There’s a bunch of transferees near the entrance making some noise, but I think it’s best not to get involved.

I might know someone in the future, but if I talk to them now, they’ll just say something.

We should be focusing on Oliver right now.

The boulder that created the crater suddenly bursts open.

Nine times out of ten, it’s Oliver. You haven’t lost your mind yet.

And then the beast that was lucky enough to escape from the [Gigantic Crashdown Meteor] comes toward us with great vigor.

You run towards the center of the crater where Oliver is, slaying any monsters that come your way along the way.

Oliver was standing in the center of it, as expected, bleeding somewhat.

It seems that the damage from the past has finally come to the surface. The parts of the body that were made by magic power, such as wings and tails, have not been able to maintain their shape and are now in an awkward position.

He quickly heals Oliver’s injuries and moves above his head before swinging his sword down.

I was going to just let it rip his consciousness out of him, but it seems he still has some strength left in him and my sword was caught in his claws and couldn’t reach Oliver.

“What the… [bind bound].”

Sewing Oliver to the ground while binding him.

You keep your distance while you construct a formula and cast a spell.

“[Super Explosion + Chain Exploding Chain].”

An explosion occurs in front of Oliver’s eyes, and as if triggered by it, a massive explosion hits him.

Oliver was already too drained to change the shape of his magic, there would be no way for him to survive this chain of explosions.

But Oliver was still standing there when the explosion stopped.

(You’re still standing…)

As much as I’m encouraged by Oliver’s toughness, it’s also sobering to think that he still has to fight.

I took a deep breath, and then I snapped out of it, and as I readied my sword… Oliver finally falls.

“… Is it over? No, we can’t let our guard down yet. There’s no guarantee he won’t go ballistic the next time he wakes up…”

I’ll check the perimeter while I treat Oliver.

After you find the location, activate [Shift] and leave with Oliver, who’s chained up.


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