The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 107

[Side Luna] Spirit Magic

CH107: [Side Luna] Spirit Magic

“Whew, that’s just… Luna, are you okay?”

The scary atmosphere she was in earlier has disappeared, and Eleonora has returned to her usual gentle demeanor.

“Yes. Thank you for your help.

“You’re welcome… So, Luna… I’m sorry to do this right after the way I was treated, but I need you to do something for me, Luna.

It seems that Eleonora came outside to ask me for something.

Eleonora-san is very grateful to me.

Is this really such a difficult thing to talk about?

“If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.”

I reply with a smile.

I just got help a few minutes ago.

And I was always willing to do whatever I could, no matter how impossible it was.

“Thank you… I’ll be brief. We’re short on time. I need you to head to the west gate right now.


I’m going to parrot what Eleonora said.

I thought he’d be more difficult to talk to.

“Yes, originally the only labyrinth in the west was for recently released newcomers so we didn’t assign high ranking searchers there, but we just confirmed the presence of a water dragon in the west.”


Water dragons are one of the dragon species along with earth dragons and fire dragons.

They look like giant snakes.

They can move freely in the air and are covered with hard scales, making them difficult to defeat even for A-ranked players.

If they attack the West Gate, the city will be devastated.

“… Okay. I’ll head to the west gate right away!

I replied to Eleonora and then activated [Agility Increase Agility] on myself and started running towards the west gate.

“Wait! Do you know what you’re doing right now? I don’t care if you’re a normal girl, but you don’t know what you’re doing now…”

“I know! But I still have to do it! I’m going to get caught when this is over. Then it doesn’t matter if I’m a little reckless!

I interrupt Titania and offer my opinion.

I appreciate your concern, but this is non-negotiable.

I’m a brave and S-ranked explorer and it’s my duty to slay the Water Dragon!


The area around the West Gate was in the midst of chaos.

The gate has been broken down and a dozen monsters have entered the city.

The actuality that the water dragons are still a long way off and yet the water dragons look so large are gradually closing in on them, their morale is dropping dramatically and they are getting carried away even against the weaker monsters like goblins and orcs that have reached the west gate earlier.

It seems that the evacuation of civilians has not yet been completed, and there are even soldiers and new searchers who are leading the evacuation.


A woman screamed and looked over to see an Orc about to swing his club at her.

(We’ll never make it…!)

He hurried to construct the procedure, but realized that he would not be able to do it in time.

If we don’t do this…!

“I won’t let you!”

The girl with the red hair in twin-tails thrust her left hand at the orc and shouted, and the orc’s movement suddenly stopped as if something blocked it.

“Hexenbiests that hurt people… Die!”

A girl with reddish beige hair steps in between the orc and the woman, who remains motionless, and with daggers in both hands she cuts the orc into pieces and turns him into magic stone.

(Those girls are Mr. Orn’s…)

They were Mr. Orn’s disciples whom he met on the third day of Thanksgiving.

He’s a student of yours, Mr. Orn. Your moves are so refined that it’s hard to believe you’re a newcomer.

Are you all right? If you can move, get out of here and head for the guild!

A blonde boy stands a woman about to be attacked by orcs and immediately casts [Heal Heal] to free her.

“Hmm? It’s Seirei’s sister! It’s Seirei’s sister!”

The girl who killed the orc notices my presence and calls out to me.

It’s been a while. You’re the new recruits, right? You’ll have to leave now.

We’ve seen that these kids are pretty good at what they do.

But they’re new here, and they’re Orn’s apprentices.

If anything happens to them, we can’t face Mr. Orn.

“But there’s no way to escape in this situation…”

The boy was trying to bite down on me so I constructed a number of formulas and channeled my magic into all of them to activate the spells.

Heal the wounded around you and fire [Fire Javelin] at the monsters to wipe out the monsters that have entered the city.

“Oh, my God…”

“I’ll take care of this place, don’t worry… Everyone here, please stand down! I’ll take down every single demonic beast that comes to the west gate!”

I’m calling on everyone in this room to stand down.

(The distance between him and the water dragon is getting shorter, but he seems to be taking it easy. At this distance, I don’t think they’ll be able to attack us… I’ll deal with the second wave of monsters first and then take out the water dragons. Then we’ll deal with the monsters coming back. It’s tough, but not impossible.)

I’ll make a plan and I’m sure we can make it happen. It’s going to be a pretty crazy ride.

“No! You’re too tired. If you keep fighting like that…

The girl with the reddish beige hair… I think her name is Caroline… seems to know what’s happening to me.

How did they know? Was it in their expressions or their mannerisms that these children could tell?

Don’t worry. The odds are against us.


“So, why don’t we split up?”

I told her it was okay, but she wasn’t convinced, and then the boy… Logan… He made me a proposal.

Division of labor, huh?

“Yes. We can deal with the monsters on the ground. So please take on the water dragons in the sky.


I appreciate the help, to be honest, but still…

“It’s not just the kids. We’re in it! You’re Luna Flockhart of the Brave Men’s Party, aren’t you? It’s good to see you here! I was about to give up… but we’ll fight again!

The person’s words spread out and out, and a light comes on in the eyes of all the seekers.

“… I’m a member of the heroic party that may have caused this incident? How can you trust me?”

I know it’s not a good thing to ask this, but it just spilled out of my mouth.

It seems that the previous explorer’s actions were more or less enduring…

Of course not!


“You came here. You saved us by killing that hexenbiest. That’s the truth. Don’t doubt me now!

Okay, well…

I feel warm inside.

I thought I was already resented by all the explorers.

I thought we had no allies left.

But the people here said they believed me, that they’d fight with me.

Then I’ll have to reciprocate their feelings.

“… Okay. I need your help. I’ll kill the Water Dragon. Can I ask you to deal with the monsters on the ground?

I got it!

“We’ll fight too! Oh, Shishou will get angry at us if we push ourselves too hard, so we won’t push ourselves!”

Mr. Orn’s disciples are going to join the fight.

I think I’m going to get in trouble if I enter the battle before I push myself too hard, but all three of them are looking at me seriously.

It’s like Mr. Orn’s eyes are staring straight ahead.

I don’t think he’s gonna listen to me.

We’re running out of time. We’re gonna need your help.

Titania, I need you to do something for me.

“I’ve decided to help you with this one. Okay. So what’s the deal?”

I called out to Titania, who was still near me, and she immediately responded.

“Can you please support these children?”

These children?

“Yes. Even if I die as a result of your power… please protect them. I beg you.

“… Huh. All right. I have a lot to say, but I’ll say it when I get back.”

“I’ll listen to your complaints later. I’ll have plenty of time after this one is over.”

After I finish my conversation with Titania, I’m going to talk to Caroline and the others.

I understand. We’ll need your help too. But you mustn’t do anything rash. I’ll tell Mr. Orn if you do.

“What? I’m not going to push you…”

“Hmm… Then the second wave of hexenbiests is coming. We’ll protect this place!



“Spirit magic… [Decoy Demon Light Induction]!”

When I invoke my original magic combined with my other powers, a number of pale balls of light float around me.


“This ball of light attracts the hate of demonic beasts. Think of it as a pseudo defender.”

The [Decoy Magic Light Induction] is a spell to make monsters think that a ball of light is a magic stone.

There’s a very high probability that the monsters will be caught by this light.

“You’re a brave man… How can a ball of light attract the hate of a demonic beast…”

I’m off to slay the Water Dragon. I’ll leave this to you.

I’ll tell the others and then approach the outer wall near the west gate and call out to the sylphs.

Sylph, I’m going to do that thing. Will you help me?

“What? Really? I’m gonna do it!”

Sylph has agreed to my proposal.

I’m glad you were so cooperative today.

I can’t make it work without the help of fairies.

“Rise and shine, please.”


When I jumped near the outer wall, an updraft was generated from below, and the wind carried me to the top of the outer wall at once.

Outside the outer wall is a meadow with a great view.

Demonic beasts are coming from the ground, but the explorers below are making good use of [Decoy Demon Light Induction] to get around.

This way, you won’t be as devastated as you were earlier.

Mr. Orn’s disciples aren’t as forward as they should be.

It looks like the ground is safe enough to handle, so I’ll concentrate on the flying water dragons.

The water dragons are getting closer and closer to me and they’re finally within my range.

Sylph, come on!

Call to the Sylph as you construct the formula.

Rip her to pieces!

The sylphs are making noises and coming through me.

(Ugh, I’m still pretty worn out from the battle earlier, so it’s tough……but I was prepared for this! But I was prepared for this!)

A tornado created by the Sylphs formed right under the Water Dragon. As it grew larger and larger, the tornado swallowed the entire body of the giant Water Dragon.

A tornado of incomparably greater scale and power than the [Cyclone of a Thousand Blades], a special grade magic, attacks the Water Dragon.

“Spirit magic…”

I mutter and gather the lightning spirits around me onto the water dragon and pour a large amount of lightning spirits into the formula I’ve constructed.

“… [All Thunder Storm Tempest]!”

Mjolnir, the Thunder Hammer of Heaven, falls from the giant magic circle and strikes the water dragon, causing lightning to gush out around it.

… But this is not the end!

Lightning and the blades of wind created by the Sylphs mingle together and countless lightning-clad blades slice through the water dragons.

There are six attributes of offensive magic.

However, it is not possible to multiply multiple attributes into a single offensive spell.

Many sorcerers have tried and tried… but none have succeeded.

However, I was able to complete a pseudo composite attribute magic by using spirits with the help of Orn’s knowledge.

But I can’t handle it on my own now… I need the help of the fairies for one of the attributes…

The power of [Tempest of Thunderstorms] is unrivaled by any other special grade magic.

But they’re also monsters from the deep.

This blow won’t be enough to finish him off.

As the stormy tornado cleared, the water dragon, its entire body shredded to pieces, let out an angry roar.

“Huh… Huh… Huh…”

Sylph, can you finish it?

“I can do it, but will Luna be okay?”

“It’s all right. Please don’t hesitate to ask.”

He’s already at his limits, but he won’t die.

I don’t have the time to construct a formula for a special magic. I’ll have to ask the Sylphs for help.

“Okay… Then go fuck yourself!

“… Ggh…”

He felt weak and slumped to the ground, but there was a violent downdraft from above the water dragon and he was slammed to the ground.

The water dragon is finally flattened and its figure dissipates in a black mist.

“What, [Mudwall Rockwall]!”

To prevent damage to the city by winds blowing down from above, the gates are sealed with a wall of earth.

“Yeah! I’m so happy!”

“Thank you, Sylph.”

Looking down on the town, the explorers, whose morale has been further boosted by the disappearance of the water dragons, are defeating the demonic beasts one after another.

The west gate should be okay for now.

I can’t move anymore.

We’ll have to leave the other gates to other explorers.

While I was feeling a sense of accomplishment like this, a loud noise rang out from the sky above the city.

I’ve heard it many times since Mr. Orn and Oliver started fighting, but this time it was louder than ever.

Already there was nothing I could do, so I looked in the direction of the sound and…

“… Yeah…”


Right after Luna defeated the Water Dragon, the battle between Orn and Oliver was also settled.


“… O, li… Va…”

Blood was spilling from the corner of Orn’s mouth, and his abdomen had been pierced by a tail made of magic that had emerged from Oliver’s waist.

His eyes are not dead, and they look straight at Oliver, but his lids are slowly drooping.

Orn has finally given up his consciousness, but he didn’t let go of the black sword that is no longer a magic sword, is it because of his last will?

But Orn’s wounds are fatal and it’s only a matter of time before he dies.

This is where Orn and Oliver won the match…

… It seemed…

Orn, who should have lost consciousness, suddenly opens his eyes.

“This place… Ow!”

When Orn regains consciousness, he pretends not to understand the situation, but he notices the pain in his abdomen and looks down at his stomach with a frown on his face.

“Oh… No wonder it hurts so much…”

Her expression is distorted with pain, but she murmurs in a voice without tension even when she realizes that her body is being penetrated.

Orn suddenly touched the tail piercing his abdomen with his left hand and the magic suddenly turned into a golden smoke as if it had been vaporized and then dissipated.

Then the large hole in Orn’s abdomen is quickly reconstructed, as if time had been rewound.

And even your tattered clothes will be restored to their original beautiful state.

“Whew… That hurt.”

Oliver kept his distance from Orn’s strange mood.

A bead of sweat runs down Oliver’s forehead, which has never shown any signs of emotion before.

So? What’s this all about?

Orn’s nervousness was still not there, and he seemed younger than Orn usually is.


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