Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 95

Eventually my father came home late at night. I had felt small vibrations in the distance a few times before that, but there had been no reports of any problems, and there had been no disturbances in the pavilion, which was a relief to me.

I learned later that the Knights and Guards moved on a fairly large scale. The damage to the city was minimal. The quality of the Royal Guard is outstanding.

But it seems that the turmoil will continue for a while as they deal with the aftermath and see if there are any other demons that have infiltrated the city. But that’s for the people in charge and the specialists to do. I can’t do everything and I don’t have to.

Well, I’ve got a lot to talk to my dad about now that he’s back. I mean, there’s so much to talk about.

You’re back, Werner.

I’m glad your father is back safe and sound.

“Mmm. I think we’re good for today.”

I understand.

I nodded to my father as I left my jacket with Lily, and to Max who came in from behind my father. He’s going to change into his indoor clothes now anyway, so we’ve got time for that. I watched my father go to the back of the house and then turned to Max.

Thank you. How’s Wangjo?

I can’t go into detail, but we’ve had some problems.

You frown lightly at Max’s response. Apparently there’s been some hushing up around the Lord Commander of the Noble Order. I’ll ask my father later.

Okay. The city’s calmed down already?


All right, let Augen and the others know to stay on alert. If there’s anything you notice, you’re to report it to me within three days of tomorrow. You may submit your findings in writing.”


I’ve been giving him a lot of instructions, but half of them have been postponed. There’s only so much we can do at night in a world without electricity. There’s a big difference in risk between the previous world and this one. The security of prehistoric Japan was extraordinary from this world’s point of view.

If the situation is under control, there is no need to do anything.

Max, when you’re done with the bare minimum, get some rest. Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

I’ll leave the details to Max. That means Max won’t be able to rest for a while, but it’s also true that it’s faster to leave the details to someone who knows what he’s doing. It’s better than having a half-assed person meddle in the process and end up with a ton of instructions.

I mean, I’ve got a lot of questions for my dad.

My father changed into his housecoat and called me into his chambers after I’d probably had a cup of tea. I was taking off my armor in the meantime.

He instructs Frensen to leave his desk open and leaves him to tend to his armour and heads for his father’s office.

First of all, thank you, Werner.

“Thank you.”

You look a little tired, father. Well, I imagine it’s been a stormy day at work for those of us in official positions. Military, of course, but my father, the minister of ceremonies, probably had to deal with foreign affairs along with the minister of foreign affairs.

“Let me tell you something. You’ll be up early the next morning. The Dauphin has some things he wants to talk to you about.

Is it just for me?

“They said they’d talk to me individually first.”

Okay. I’ll give you my side of the story.


My father would know what you’re talking about, and you’re not telling him. So you’re saying it’s classified and we’re gonna do it deep inside the castle. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot worse than this.

I’m going to report the situation in Valeritz, the incident in Aarea village, the war in Finoy and the circumstances. It’s been only a month, but that’s a lot of time. Why are you smiling at me?

“The Duke of Gründing and several others have told me how lucky I am to have such a fine heir.”

I’m flattered.

In my case it’s more like a past life’s knowledge. I’m no match for Mazel in combat… and I’m sure there are countless others smarter than me… including the Dauphin. All I have is knowledge of my past lives, including the games. My efficiency is a product of that knowledge and experience.

I’d rather not get close to the Duke after experiencing his recklessness. I was thinking that but then I realized I’m asking a question.

Uh, since when do we talk about…

“I heard from the messenger who brought the news that it was you who planned the victory at Finoi.”

“And the fishing book and the likeness?”

“I’m sure you will.”

What an unnecessary thing for you to say to me, Mr. Messenger. I know you had to report it, but secretly I’m tempted to complain. We have a lot to do before we storm King’s Landing. We don’t have time for your daughter’s invitation to tea or anything like that.

“I have so much to do that I’d like to decline if at all possible.”

“When the workshop sends us a prototype, we know there’s something else we have to do. What are you doing?”

“It’s difficult for me to explain, so I’ll be bringing the real thing to the castle shortly. I hope your father will be there as well as the head of House Zehrfeldt.”


In a game you could say you’ll bring it in tomorrow… but in real life you need a third party to investigate and give you permission to bring anything unidentifiable into the castle. It’s a rule that prevents assassins and such from bringing weapons into the castle.

The procedure itself is only checked by knights and officials, but most importantly I haven’t been able to check the prototype myself. I don’t know if it’s up to the high standards required to get it in front of the higher-ups.

Anyway… I’d like to ask you a few questions about the Hultings.

“Why am I in your home? Well, to put it simply, I was sent here by the Dauphin.

“Your Highness?”

The royal family sent an envoy to interview Mazel’s family about the matter in Aarea Village. They’ve decided to keep her for the time being in Zierfeld.

“Political and diplomatic considerations are behind it.”

“Political and diplomatic.”

He mumbles it in reply and thinks about it for a moment. I see. So that’s how it is.

In a game, politics has nothing to do with the actions of a brave hero. There are no borders, you can enter the castles of other countries with a free pass, and you can leave the country without saying a word after finishing your mission without being complained. If you think about it, even in a medieval society, this would be impossible under normal circumstances, but I understand that you can’t use that much memory in a game.

But in reality it’s not so easy. First of all… what would a country struggling with demons do if they had a brave warrior right in front of them? They’d want him to work only for their country.

Threatening them would be a bad idea. Laura, the princess of the Kingdom of Vine, is in the party… using force would be tantamount to a declaration of war without exaggeration. The current Mazel wouldn’t stand a chance against even a dozen of the lesser guards.

If they can’t be coerced or blackmailed, the next best thing is to offer a reward. It’s hard to say no when it’s an outward show of goodwill, even if your intentions are obvious. But if your family’s in Vine, any reward is an excuse to talk to them, to turn them down.

but the problem is that every world has its share of idiots. What if Mazel’s family is in the custody of the royal family? Some people might say that the Kingdom of Vine holds the families of brave men hostage.

And there will be people who dance when they play the flute, and this could lead to more problems. They might even use it as an excuse to say, “We’d like to take care of your family to avoid any misunderstandings.” to avoid misunderstandings. Or even the church.

But what if it’s House Zehrfeldt that’s holding him? It’s impossible for a nobleman to bind a hero… and if he hears that my house is holding him hostage… he’ll be furious. I’m sure he’ll be angry… to whatever degree. I don’t think she’d snap at him right then and there. I think it’s important to say that a personal acquaintance of Mazel’s is doing her family a favor by taking them into custody.

At the same time… the royal family would naturally consider capturing the Zehrfeldt family and Mazel’s family together and putting them under house arrest or something if there was any sign that Mazel was defecting to another country. That’s a more natural course of action if they’re thinking of the best interests of the country.

He’s using our relationship to keep Mazel from being taken by another kingdom. His Highness the Dauphin’s been merciless if he’s had this much in mind all along. I know that’s how aristocratic society works.

It’s true, politics is so black. I sigh.


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