Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 83

It’s the second day since the Royal Army went on the offensive. On this day as well each of the Royal Army’s units fought individually against the Demon Army. A short fierce battle unfolded but the Royal Army quickly retreated to their positions when Beliulace appeared as planned.

Once, on the contrary, Beliulace had approached the Royal Army’s position, but the soldiers had fought at such a distance that they used even stones as weapons, while the First Order had moved towards the gates of the Great Temple, forcing Beliulace to turn.

Therefore, although there are repeated fierce battles locally, since the main forces of the Demon Army do not fight directly, even though the number of damage has increased, in terms of the damage to the main forces, both armies do not have a large number.

The third day. The Royal Army never left their camp and remained silent. The Demon Army watched to see when the Royal Army would make its move but the day ended with the Royal Army only hunting the demons that had begun to appear in the forest under the cover of the Demon Army.

On the fourth day the armies of the realm once more went to battle. But though they still challenged all but Beliulace to battle, they retreated without showing any sign of fighting as soon as Beliulace approached, and the situation did not change much. The fifth day is the same as the fourth.

On this day, the third batch of supplies arrived from the capital, and together with the supplies from the neighboring nobles’ territories, the shortage of food on the frontline was temporarily alleviated.

And on the sixth day, the armies of the kingdom stopped fighting.

On this sixth day, there was a heated military debate in the Royal Army. Some of the nobles began to demand that the battle should continue. But Duke Gründing restrained them by saying he would advise the king to punish them if they violated his orders.

Meanwhile some of the noble generals are secretly hunting demons in the forest with Zehrfeldt’s troop. Only those who wanted to were selected. Only those who took part in the training know that they were training for mass combat using resurrected monsters in the forest as samples.

“It’s all right to look at me as a rival… but you have to be cunning enough to steal fighting techniques from your rivals.” Werner later said.

Seventh day. The Royal Army is once again at war. Here for the first time the demon army inflicts heavy losses. Beliulace did not come to the front this day.

He must have decided that the Royal Army would flee if he left anyway. Beliulace had sent only his men to the city but as soon as he realized that the Demon General wouldn’t be coming for a while the surrounding Royal Army all rushed out at once and struck the Demon Army with a powerful blow.

The Marquis of Norpoth who showed his skill in military tactics here was the Marquis of Norpoth. He was awarded for his service in the Hildare Plains and officially took command of his own army. He struck the young and battle-hardened army of Viscount Crank and Viscount Mittag from the front and created a melee situation. And then he sent another detachment to cut off the Demon Army’s main force from the Demon Army’s main force. Then he sent the elite troops of the Marquise into the isolated Demon Army and defeated and exterminated them. General Seyffert described their battle as artful and flawless.

On the eighth day, Beliulace came to the front again, but then the Royal Army ran away from Beliulace again and the fierce battle was repeated in the place where Beliulace was not. The damage was gradually increasing and Beliulace’s frustration was reaching its peak.

Nightfall of the eighth day. Beliulace is in a foul mood as she makes huge chewing noises around you. Even the demons are too afraid to approach him.

In fact Beliulace is quite unpleasant. The most obvious example of this would be Gareth the Lizard Magician who is not here at the moment.

Beliulace has never been very good at using her head. Because the demon tribe needs power. That’s why he’s been leaving most of the orders to attack the temple to Gareth.

Still, as far as the plan went, there seemed to be no problem, and in fact the towns along the way were as easy to trample as Gareth had said they would be, so Belioureth had complete faith in the plan.

It wasn’t until the attack on the Great Temple that the plan began to go awry. I left it to my men to fight the first battle, but for some reason they were intercepted by the heroes in the Great Temple, and I ended up allowing them to siege the Great Temple.

It would take ten years for the hardened magical walls that have held back the demon armies since the time of the Ancient Kingdom to be destroyed by the brute force of Beliulace’s body. Beliulace has miscalculated.

In fact, the Great Temple came to be regarded as a special place because of the fact that it was able to ward off the attacks of the Demon Army during the time of the Ancient Magic Kingdom, but it was originally the ruins of a fortress. In a world where you can get the blessings of the gods wherever you are with your monkish skills, there is no reason for a temple to be more than a place of worship.

In any case, when they were having a standoff over the failed attack, Gareth got information from his men who had infiltrated the temple and said that he had a way to lure the heroes out and defeat them.

And since he would also be ingratiating himself with the other generals and Drex, Beliulace decided to go along with the plan. It would have been significant if the Royal Army had emerged from the rear with a large number of enemy bait shortly before that.

The skalengecked sorcerer Gareth suggested that it would be an endurance battle until the heroes’ weaknesses were suppressed and he escaped from Fort Velisa and left the battlefield with Dreaxe’s men who were also temporarily active in the capital of the Kingdom of Weiss.

But since then Gareth has cut off all contact and the Royal Army has fled as soon as they see Beriulace, even in the midst of battle, so they spend their days walking around the war-torn region in vain.

As he bites into the body of the crocodile soldier Alligator Warrior, Beliulace can no longer contain his anger. In human terms, he was stressed out.

To demons a dead creature is like food. But that also means that my men are being used as food because of a human.

‘I don’t like it.’

Beliulace mutters softly and the bipedal reptilian creatures around her seem to cower. The bipedal reptilian creatures around them seem to cower, though they do not show it in their expressions.

And his timid attitude also got on Beliulace’s nerves. With no one to give him advice or counsel, Beliulace let his emotions take over.

‘I can’t take it anymore. Come on!

The voice echoed from the depths of their bellies and fearfully the demons gathered around. 

Humans don’t fight for three days straight. They probably don’t have that much strength.”

Two days fighting and one day resting had been repeated twice. Beliulace was certain that the Royal Army would not fight the next day. He had no doubt in his own mind that this was the result of his basic disdain for humans.

Tomorrow we’ll lead the way in crushing the building we call the Temple of the Damned. You must follow.’

The demons answered Beliulace’s proclamation with their own voices. It will be said that their eerie but loud voices reached as far as the moon in the night sky.

As declared, early in the morning of the next day, Beliulace was on the front line. Behind them, bipedal reptiles and giant reptiles such as crocodiles, skalenges, and snakes that could swallow a man’s head whole rushed toward the Great Temple, billowing up a cloud of dust and smoke. As the group ran, a cloud of dust gradually rose up. The Great Temple was quiet as the demon army surged forward on its way to the temple, but as Beliulace approached, its gates began to open with a resounding thud.

Even Belioureth looks at the unexpected expression on his face, but then he sees a small, hooded shadow beckoning from within the gate and smiles ferociously, judging it to be a hand from within that had gone wrong in the first battle.

Beliulace starts to run suddenly. He almost hits his head on the low gate, but he knows it will take a lot to destroy it, so he lowers his head slightly and runs through the gate.

The huge body that had only been looking ahead passed by, and beside it a hooded figure threw something towards the outside of the gate.

A burst of the amulet spread outside the gate.

The distance between them and the other demons was quite large because of Belliulace’s huge body. It might have also been a big factor that the smoke from the sand had caused the rest of the demon soldiers to miss the figures. The spells that had spread across the gap between the rear demon army and the rest of the demons would create an invisible barrier that would discourage other demons from entering the temple. The demonic army’s footsteps stopped for a short time.

The next moment countless arrows and magic rained down around Beliulace.

With an inarticulate roar Beliulace swatted them down and resisted their magic. But in the meantime the gates of the temple are once more barred and Beliulace is left alone in the temple.

You fell for it.


Beliulace swings her huge sword down in response to the voice she hears in the dust created by the barrage of arrows and monkish magic. But the sword rebounds with incredible strength. Beliulace looks on in astonishment.

Meanwhile the gates have been bolted shut and now the screams of demons with arrows and magic aimed at the outside of the walls begin to be heard. Beliulace turns his head involuntarily at the sound of his men screaming through the gate and sees a man with a huge sword standing with his back to the closed gate, smiling sullenly at him.

I’m getting pretty frustrated myself. I’m going to make a big show of it.”

Next to Rugenz, who showed no fear at all, a small boy, who had taken off his robes with a wistful smile, laughed at him.

“Brother Mazel, if we lose this one, we’ll have no face to show to brother Werner.”


The two men are standing with Erich on the right and Laura on the left, who has asked to be in the front line.

The first time he looked at Mazel, Beliulace felt a strange emotion welling up in him and his face tightened slightly despite his position as a demon general. Beliulace, unable to admit that he had been pressured, roared once more and swung his sword at Mazel.

Mazel looked at him calmly with narrowed eyes and readied his sword.

“This is the end, general of the demon army.”


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