Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 215

After that, His Majesty and the Dauphin had been talking about the issue of relief for the victims and how to deal with cursed weapons like the Cursed Weapon, but it was old man Uwe who broke the ice.

“In any case, Sir Werner. How’s the research going?

“Uh, well, let’s see. I think I’ve caught up with the shadows enough to see the scales on your tail.

I’m beyond amazed at the guts this old man has to interrupt His Majesty and His Highness. And in a way it’s amazing that His Majesty and His Highness don’t condemn him.

It’s true that it’s after the most important talk is over, and they don’t do such a thing when they are talking about a big issue. It’s like a founder who only decides the direction of the company’s management policy and leaves the rest to the field.

Old Uwe’s supposed to be a wise man or something. But this arrogance reminds me of someone like that. He sometimes points out things that are so right on the mark that you can’t ignore them.

“Shadow or formless…” is a saying in this world too… but it’s not funny that it comes from a dragon in this world. It is said to be based on a remark made by a man who stood in the wilderness after a dragon had blown away all the people and towns… and there were no shadows of buildings or dragons.

In this world, dragons are a real disaster, and one of them can destroy a town without any exaggeration. Even in games, dragons are strong enough to appear as mid-bosses. Is it a bit ironic that this is a game world before inflation?

You want to talk about it here?

“Surely we cannot afford to confuse the issue. Your Grace, I’m going to borrow Lord Werner.

“Yes. You have a good day, Herr Harting and brother Zehrfeldt. Seyffert can step back now.

His Majesty has given his consent, while His Highness the Dauphin and Prime Minister Falkenstein are nodding with expressions that don’t quite conceal their wry smiles. Actually, I suspect that His Highness and the Prime Minister are also quite annoyed by old Uwe. In fact, his pace is quite impressive…

Anyway, we bow and leave His Majesty, His Highness, and the Prime Minister alone. Laura followed us because of what’s to come. General Seyffert has business to attend to.

Werner, about earlier…


The servants prepare a cup of tea and leave. Don’t look so worried.

It’s a complicated feeling, I’m sure, since I’m the one who put the finishing touches on Laura’s sister, even if indirectly, but that doesn’t mean I had any reason to let her get killed. But of course I’m not going to let it go by saying I had no choice.

And more importantly, I’m glad your hands are clean of that kind of blood.

“I told you before…”


I’m the one who’s in trouble.

I mean it. I have my problems… but I’m not going to put any more burdens or problems on Mazel… who’s facing off against a small group of four Heavenly Kings the size of a walking mansion… There are things I can do outside of battle.

Laura opens her mouth with a serious look on her face. Oh, this isn’t good.

“I’ve been called the Second Princess myself, but I’ve never given my sister’s existence a second thought until now. So…”

“That’s it.”

I know it’s rude, but he interrupted strongly, much to Mazel and Lily’s surprise. You really shouldn’t do this to royalty.

It is not a good idea to make them say what they want to say. It’s not a word or a phrase, but it’s true that by saying it out loud, you’ll be more aware of it. We can’t let them say that they are responsible for their own actions.

“The Demon Lord dyes them from the wounds in their hearts. Do not say more than that.”

A traumatized member of the team to defeat the Demon Lord is likely to cause problems. I’d rather she hate me for killing her sister, but I know Laura’s not the type to do that. Like Mazel, Laura is a hero.

But I think I was more shocked when the Witch Queen explained it to me. I didn’t know Laura’s relationship with her sister because she didn’t even mention her name. I’m sure she wouldn’t have said anything like that if they weren’t close, so I guess I was right in the end.

We need him to know what’s going on so he can continue on his journey. That’s why we talked about it there. We need to be clear about this.

“If you think that’s a problem, why don’t you go and beat the Mad King to death? You too, Mazel.”

He says it jokingly. But I mean it. We need to make it clear to him that he’s the bad guy and we don’t need to feel guilty.

And I don’t know what kind of trouble he’ll make if we don’t! I’d say go ahead and take him down… please.

Lily had kept her mouth shut when she had tried to say something to Laura, probably because she knew that if she said something comforting, she would have burdened Laura’s heart.

I wondered if in the game the First Princess was supposed to have died in the attack on King’s Landing. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty. Compared to the messiness of real life. Oh.

“So do me a favor, Mazel.”


Mazel is not so obtuse that he doesn’t understand that he has to take care of Laura too. Perhaps the thing that Mazel is the most obtuse about is the other person’s affection for him. She’s just like the protagonists of old video games.

Now then, let’s talk about the results of our investigation.

Once again old man Uwe is rambling on. I’m glad you changed the subject, because it would have made things more complicated if we’d gone on, but you’re a very steady old man, aren’t you? Maybe he’s still careful.

“From what I’ve heard, the Four Heavenly Kings are wounded, and I’d like to attack them now, but there are some things I need to check.

“Yes, it is. But I don’t know how to explain it.”

It’s a concept that doesn’t exist in this world. Think for a moment, then open your mouth.

I think it’s all the same thing.

The big book?

“When you get down to the nitty-gritty of this world, it’s all made up of that.”

In a previous life, I’d have been a particle physicist. To be honest, I don’t know much about physics or anything like that. And I think the prima materia is probably more accurate in this world. But that doesn’t mean I know much about alchemy.

The concept of prima materia prima in alchemy is that animals, plants, and the universe are all created from the same primordial material. In other words, it was said that the prima materia of the first material changes its form and becomes what it is by being defined as such.

Under this concept, if you make a piece of clay in the shape of a cat and define it as “You’re a cat.” “Meow.” and it will walk away. This must be the inspiration for the homunculus and the like.

Of course, you couldn’t have done this in a previous life.

“To put it very figuratively, first there is water in the reservoir.”


“If you put this water in a round vessel, the water becomes round, and if you put it in a square vessel, the water becomes square.”

I know it’s a rough explanation, but I can’t think of any other way to put it. Anyway, I’ll go on with the story while you are nodding your head.

“There are different kinds of materials these vessels are made of. If the vessel is made of wood, the water will keep its shape for the time being, but if it is made of salt, it will melt.”

The “vessel” is a statement by the person who claimed to be Juliane. In other words, without a vessel, it cannot maintain its state or existence.

Conversely, even demons are essentially made up of the world’s first ingredient, prima materia.

Mubreal’s action of absorbing the corpse of a demon and then creating a demon stone may have been to return the corpse to the first ingredient of Prima Materia and make a new stone of it. The question of how he could do such a thing remains unanswered.

“So the magic fire doesn’t last long because it melts into the world.”

“Back in the world, I should say, but that’s pretty much it.”

Perhaps the vessels that exist in this world, human beings and minerals alike, will last for a long time. On the other hand, if you make a vessel with the word “spell” and pour the first ingredient prima materia into it, it won’t last long.

I think that if you put it in a vessel called a magic stone or a magical tool, it will last longer than casting a spell.

I imagine that the lifespan of this world means the limit of this vessel. You can heal a wound on a vessel, but you can’t heal a vessel that has reached the limit of its durability. That’s the rule of this world and the reason why recovery magic doesn’t work on senility. Lily tilted her head and opened her mouth.

“What happens to the water I made with magic if it doesn’t go away?”

“There’s no way to find out at this point, but I think they started out making something else that looked a lot like it.”

Yeah, but…

“How should I put it… If you leave an iron knife out in the open for a long time, it rusts, and if you leave it out in the open, it falls apart and crumbles. I think it’s actually another thing that’s similar in that way that’s gradually changing.”

The 100% atmosphere created by the Wind Magic Tool is still a 100% atmosphere at that time, but it gradually changes as it is taken over by the rules of this world that ‘the atmosphere should be like this’. On the other hand, water, even if it is something else similar to water or 100% water, can be tasteless to the sense of taste.

Soil may start out as 100 percent soil, but I suspect that it is gradually becoming one with the surrounding soil. If there were microscopes in this world, we could do experiments on soil, but I have never seen a microscope in this world.

The rules of this world are paramount as far as existence is concerned. Just as the being who called herself Juliane… has melted into this world.

“The things put in vessels made of words called spells dissolve and disappear, while the things put in vessels made of magical tools are absorbed and transformed, and it may be possible to make such a classification in general.”

In games, even if you use magic on the battle screen, a blizzard or a meteorite will disappear once the battle is over. The first quality prima materia changed by a spell can only affect a very small area. Like the target.

“It may be that the salt vessel will change shape and eventually the whole vessel will disappear into the reservoir.”

“I see. I have my doubts, but I see your point.”

Old Uwe nodded thoughtfully.

“So what you’re trying to say is this. The reason why there was no Demon King-derived original magic power in the Ancient Kingdom Era is because the Demon King is directly controlling the original magic power itself.”

I’m not so sure.

Don’t mention the word “original magic” so casually. I’ve been trying not to use it. Or have you stopped trying to hide it?

Anyway, in my head, prima materia is the first ingredient of primal magic, and magic is used for short periods of time but with great power, while magical tools are used for relatively long periods of time and with moderate power. And it is my current hypothesis that it is something that could be controlled by spell chanting or magic circle.

But at the same time, magic circles and magic chants were not the basic rules of this world. So they are eventually swallowed up by the rules of this world. It might be an updated part, or an application part, but it’s not like the basic OS can be rewritten.

The only way out of this situation is to have it absorb and maintain the prima materia, or rather the first ingredient of prima materia, from the outside. The Demon Lord is probably creating and dispersing prima materia of the Demon Lord’s origin for as long as he exists. It’s like a factory that emits pollutants.

The reason why you get stronger when you absorb experience EXP is because your original magic power helps you build muscles and so on. In fact, it might be like absorbing the original magic. And I’m imagining at this point that there are pollutants mixed in with the original magic, and that they gradually accumulate in the body. There are some details that have not been explained yet, but I think the general idea is correct.

In fact, I wouldn’t have had this idea without the information Lily gave me about the myth I wouldn’t have come up with the idea. I think the myth was originally meant to represent the fact that they were all the same thing.

But if I’m right, then magic may have been used to do atomic physics in the Ancient Kingdom. Magic is also amazing when you think of it. It’s a shame that so much of that stuff is lost.

“I’d like to check on a few things, but…”

Uwe, it’s about time.

I don’t have a choice.

I reluctantly got up when Mazel told me to… but he’s talking from the bottom of his heart. I was seriously worried for a moment that he’d stay in the castle until we’d solved the riddle.

“Frankly, I’d rather leave the rest of this to our research people.”

You’re not up for this?

I can’t.

I assure you. I don’t know anything about different magic circles. Maybe Lily’ll notice the different kinds of magic.

“I’d probably rather be a nobleman than a researcher. It’s hard to say if I’m a knight or not.”

Not in terms of fighting strength. I don’t think they’re even close to Mazel and the others. but Old Uwe stared at me.

Don’t be stupid.

“Is it stupid…”


Mazel and Laura are laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. I’d like to laugh, too.

“You did not kill the leader of the demon army but you made him think that he did not wish to fight Mazel the Brave on the battlefield where you are and you drove him into retreat. You may not have killed him, but you have won. How many men in other lands could have done such a thing?”

I don’t like it when you say that. I mean, the standard is still Mazel.

“One man who understands his own strength and his own ingenuity may be greater than a hundred knights. You may not be a knight, but you can stand above them. You should see the value of that.”

Am I being lectured?

But for some reason, Laura’s nodding her head. I wonder if there’s something going on.

“Don’t lose the opportunity before you because of your own modesty or misunderstanding.”

Okay, okay.

I have a really bad feeling about this.


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