Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 213

Werner had destroyed a group of bicorns outside the castle, but the actions taken by the Demon Army afterwards was indeed a surprise.

However, we couldn’t see Mbrial’s creation of the Mad Demon of Wrath above the city because of the city walls. All that was visible was the roar of the air as it was sucked in and the subsequent scene as the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops began to hurl the Dark Knight into the castle.

“You’re all messed up.”

No human could do that.

 He immediately calls out to the surrounding knights to form up a line. The other is a huge opponent. If you attack alone or in small numbers you will be beaten back.

“Don’t even think about taking down a one-eyed giant Cyclops. It’ll be inefficient. Cut off his legs first. Aim for his heels.


That’s what the long sword glaive is for. The One-Eyed Giant Cyclops can trample you to death if you get too close, but there’s little danger of that with this.

I checked the battle situation on the Marquis of Norrpoth’s side. He used a single column to further divide the enemy from the center, and then he started destroying each of them individually from the divided side. Just as I was thinking that they would be okay, Mbrial moved again.

He takes another deep breath of air. Werner and the others are close enough that they can barely stand the storm-like wind. The motionless bicorns and dark knights are sucked up and swallowed by it.

Mbrial flapped his wings and countless stones fell from them. Werner and the others recognized them, darker black than the magic stones.

Master Werner, what is that?

Watch out! We’re gonna have more enemies!

Werner’s angry shouts overshadow Schunzel’s voice, and the Zehrfeldt squadron readies itself. Immediately afterwards a haze spreads out and they take the forms of bicorns and dark knights, who descend to the ground.

Werner’s expression turned bitter as he wondered if this was the reason for the endless number of small fry that appeared in the game. The fact that the core of the demon is a demon stone seems to be true, but he didn’t think that it could absorb other parts of the demon stone and regenerate itself into a demon stone.

“Oh, shit, that’s what I’m talking about… It’s coming together.


Nothing, Augen! You’re going to support the Marquis of Norrpoth!

The Marquis of Norrpoth seems to be hurriedly reorganizing his lines in response to the new attackers. But from Werner and his men’s position they can cut in on the flank of the enemy force attacking the Marquis of Norrpoth.

Werner did not hesitate to give the order. The purpose was to give the Marquis of Norrpoth, the largest force on the southern front, time to rebuild his army.

“Max, use your whistle to draw in as many new hands as you can, Barkei, and cut into the flank of the enemy Max’s squad has pinned down! Max will take command!”

Where’s Werner?

“I’ll take Götke and the rest of the mercenaries and leave the rest to you!”

Werner rushes off with the mercenaries. The whistle of the magic call rings out behind him and the bicorns that had been heading this way change direction.

The actual Titan’s name is actually a very good one, and it’s also a very good one.

What about the Order?

He’ll figure it out on his own.

Werner gives a short answer to the mercenary who asks him a question as he runs. The truth is that Werner doesn’t have that much time. He can’t even retreat into the castle until he has stopped his opponent.

Besides, the Royal Army would run out of power if they keep creating endless new monsters like that and throwing them into the capital. Stopping the action without defeating the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops would be the best solution for the present situation.

That’s why I’ve instructed the mercenaries to cut off the arms and legs of the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops that’s been throwing demons into the castle instead of taking it down.

Why doesn’t the big guy just go into King’s Landing himself?

“Maybe, but I don’t think he can get the target with that big body of his.”

Werner gives a short answer as he catches his breath. Werner can’t explain more than that to the mercenary, but he begins to wonder if it might be the truth. It might be impossible to get anything out of the basement with that big body.

“Change weapons, hit them from the left, move in!”

Werner shrugs off his idle imagination and charges in. The mercenaries run past the blinded One-Eyed Giant Cyclops as it flails about and flails its arms about, sinking their clubs into the legs of anyone who gets in their way along the way.

The screams and yells of the demons and the mercenaries’ spirited voices along with the ground-shaking vibrations and footsteps that occur every time the huge body moves are enough to make your head ache with pain.

Each of them, including Werner himself, has switched to his weapon of choice and knows exactly where to strike. Werner muttered a small “Hudspeth” as they ran through the chaos like elephants running amok, wielding weapons and hurting their opponents.

The Battle of Hydaspes is the battle in which Alexander III of Macedonia defeated the enemy army including the elephant guards. In that battle, Alexander’s army targeted the legs of the elephants and intentionally left the confused elephants to cause more confusion to the enemy army.

“… I know it’s a little rough, but that’s the way to do it.”

I can’t think of any other good ideas at the moment. I was worried for a moment about what they’d do after that, but we can’t just keep sending our forces into the inner districts of Wangdu like that.

“Neurath, Schunzel, you fight and protect the wounded, don’t worry about me!”

“Ha, ha!”

Werner turns his back on Neurath and the others, then runs through the crowd and gets under Mbrial’s huge belly. He stabs his spear into the ground and pulls out a spare magic whistle from his magic bag and blows it loudly under Mbrial’s belly.

a different uproar broke out. The surrounding Cyclops and other One-Eyed Giant Cyclops rushed toward Mubreal at once. Mbrial turned his head and looked away from King’s Landing, as if he didn’t know what had just happened.

The whistle had no effect on Mubreal the executive level. But it did have an effect on the surrounding Cyclops One-Eyed Giants. The One-Eyed Cyclops rushed forward, blinded by the whistle blown at close range and slammed into Mubreal because of their huge size.

Then the newly born Dark Knights and Bicorns that heard the sound of the whistle rushed towards them. They slammed into the blinded One-Eyed Giant Cyclops, who thought he was being attacked by the enemy, and struck the demon in the opposite direction. An indescribable chaos breaks out in the center of the central unit of the demon army.

Werner drops his whistle under Mbrial’s belly, picks up his spear and drives it through the bicorn as it rushes towards him. It screams and falls backwards as it is struck by the First Giant Cyclops. The mercenaries attack the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops as it turns its back around. The sightless One-Eyed Giant Cyclops swings its arms and hurls the mercenaries and the Dark Knight Dark Knight off with it.

Mbrial writhed uncomfortably. His legs, thicker than a man’s, moved around Werner, their vibrations shaking him to his feet. Werner rolled on the ground and ducked, meeting the dark knight’s spear as he approached in the confusion.

You thrust several times, reaching the tip of your spear into his armour, but he paid you no heed and cut you down. You catch the heavy blow and parry it away. You keep your distance from your knightly opponent, mindful of the noise around you and Mbrial’s abdomen moving above your head.

“As expected, the fry characters in the latter half of the map are very strong.”

Werner admits in a cold sweat. He has to admit that it would be very hard to win a one-on-one fight. But he is still able to fight so well because Werner himself has become stronger.

He didn’t realize it, but he had fought alongside the hero Mazel who had vanquished the demon general Gesarius at Anheim, and it was Werner who had killed Juliane. Werner is stronger than the average knight.

One-on-one, even Werner would have had to fight with all his might, but ironically Mbrial supported him. He was so frustrated by the commotion going on around him that he even went so far as to stomp and crush the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops, who wouldn’t stop rampaging.

Mbrial’s huge body and massive legs move around Werner, shaking the earth and making it difficult for friend and foe alike to move. Both foes and allies are forced to fight while moving from place to place to avoid being crushed by each other’s footsteps.

Sometimes the vibrations knock Werner off his feet, but the dark knight also loses his stance so that neither of them can land a fatal blow.

Meanwhile the battle moved again all around us. From the ramparts crossbow crossbows and crossbow ballistas resumed fire on the enemy below.

At about the same time the Marquis of Norpoth gathered his troops and launched a strong counterattack and began to cut down the enemy army from the south and the knights in the north also regrouped and began to break down the newly appeared demons and cut into the demon army in the opposite direction.

Mbrial began to breathe heavily. Werner could see it in the pit of his stomach. If this continues, he might create new demons again. 

Without even time to think Werner ran. He thrusts his spear with all his might and pierces the Dark Knight’s shoulder, then drops it and grabs the crossbow ballista arrow from the ground, heated and red from the inside.

The sound and smell of burning flesh rose from Werner’s palms.


It is like clutching a burning iron bar. The leather gloves on the palms of his baskets are too hot to withstand the heat, and they are still burning Werner’s palms. Werner runs on, but in pain. He runs to Mbrial’s hind legs.

Werner thrust the arrow into a leg as thick as a tree several hundred years old. Or more precisely, into the space between the claw and the flesh of its hind leg. The burning metal rod was forced forcefully into the inside of the child-sized claw.

Mbrial is a demon whose sense of pain is different from humans. He’d never been attacked with such pinpoint accuracy. The intense heat was burning his flesh inside his claws. Mubreal stopped breathing and his eyes widened.

Werner rolls quickly to the ground to avoid it. Mbrial, unable to bear the discomfort any longer, swung his hind legs around and stomped on the ground. Werner rolls to get away, unable to stand up as his whole body is hit by the vibrations and the kicked up earth.

The Dark Knight was kicked instead and sent flying to the city walls, where he was slammed down and stuck.

Everyone on the battlefield understood that Mbrial had suddenly changed his movements even though they didn’t know what was going on. The attackers who could attack concentrated their attacks on Mubreal at once and those who could fight in close combat rushed in to cut down the demons.

The demons, whose leader Mubreal was upset, were slow to react. They were pushed in at once. The battlefield moves rapidly around Mubreal and swordfights and screams and blood sprays cover the area. Several arrows from the crossbow ballista dig into Mbrial’s body.

Mubriar gave a cry and rose into the air. He turns and flies away from the capital. Both friend and foe gawked at him for a moment and then the Royal Army cheered.

You slay the remaining demons in the outskirts of King’s Landing and crush them to the ground. The demons run about in panic but there is no escape. One after another they are struck by countless blades and pierced by arrows.

By nightfall the only people moving outside the castle were the knights and soldiers of the royal army and the mercenaries. Once more the Royal Army cheered and the castle’s inhabitants answered them.

It was around that time that Werner was found literally battered and bruised. He had not been mortally wounded, but he had lost consciousness at some point. When he was pulled out of the motionless armor and the carcass of the bicorn, he was covered in blood and grease and dust and looked like Madman the Mudman.

Werner is brought back to the castle and treated immediately, and after being wiped with a wet cloth all over his body, he finally regains his human form. One of the knights calls out to Werner in the healing room, looking deeply sorry.

Viscount Zehrfeldt, I’m sorry…

“Yeah, I’ll be right there… Okay, I’ll be right there.

He looks depressed as he drinks up a mug of water, but this is because he is exhausted.

Nevertheless, he did his duty and went to the Marquis of Norrpoth’s headquarters near the gates, but the Marquis looked surprised and allowed him to return the next day to make his report.

When he returns to the Zehrfeld house, Werner is greeted by a surprised Claudia and Lily, who had returned earlier. Werner told Claudia and Norbert that he was fine but that he was tired anyway and went to his room.

Lily followed Werner as if in a panic and opened the door to the room. Lily called out hesitantly to Werner as he wandered into the room.

“Werner-sama, could you at least give me a jacket?”



Are you okay?

Lily looked surprised for a moment, but nodded quickly.

Yes, I’m fine. Thanks to Werner.

“Okay… Okay, okay…


Lily rushes over and tries to support Werner just before he collapses, but it is impossible to support a man who is already on the verge of collapse. Werner falls to the floor. He leans at an angle and falls onto Lily, who is trying to support him.

Werner let go of his consciousness as he pushed Lily onto the floor.

“Uh, sir, Werner? Um, well…

I don’t feel like I should be yelling or screaming. She can’t push him away because of her size. In a slight panic, Lily calls out to Werner, but he doesn’t seem to wake up.

In the end, Lily could not move until another maid came to check on her and saw her on the floor in a cuddly position.

The maid, startled, went to call Claudia and the others, and when Claudia saw the scene she looked at them with a look of dismay, this longest day in King’s Landing was over and the date changed to the next day.


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