Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 211

The first to move amongst the forces of the Marquis of Norrpoth were not cavalry but infantry. The troops halted where they could see the enemy and aimed their crossbows at several groups of dark knights who had escaped from the rampaging behemoths.

The Dark Knights had noticed this and were just about to form up when the infantrymen pulled the trigger and countless iron balls flew with a roar knocking the Dark Knights off their bicorns.

In contrast, the impact from the iron ball of a bullet crossbow is a physical one. It was not a mortal wound for the Dark Knight, a monster in full armour, but he could not escape the impact.

The heavy iron ball flew at high speed and knocked them off their stances. The knights in armor were unable to catch the impact and fell from their horses before they had time to control the bicorns that had lost their vision.

The Marquis of Norrpoth waves a red flag and gives the signal. At his signal a strange whistle sounds on the battlefield. The next moment bicorns and bicorns run towards the sound.

The knights still on horseback pulled on the reins in dismay, but they didn’t stop, and the dark knights who had fallen from their horses were kicked and crushed by the bicorns that were supposed to be their mounts as the sightless bicorns suddenly started to run, causing untold chaos.

The advantage of the item “the flute of the magic call”, which appeared in the game, is that when you use it on the field, the battle starts on the spot, so you can fight without walking around. However, the advantage of using this item is not so great, because the enemies in the field will appear as they are.

Ordinary people and adventurers don’t need to call dangerous demons into battle unless they’re in a great danger. It’s no wonder that Werner wonders why they went to the trouble of developing a tool that could summon demons in the days of the Ancient Kingdom.

But Werner changed his mind when he thought of mass warfare. He realized that being able to call the enemy to you meant being able to lead them away. Tactically, he could separate the part of the enemy that heard the whistle from the main battlefield.

 Werner used the whistle to separate the Dark Knight from the main army and the Dark Knight from the bicorns when the bicorns were light enough to use it.

The dark knight was not immune to the sound of the whistle. But full armour and quadrupeds move at different speeds. The Marquis of Norrpoth’s army ignored the bicorns who had lost their sight and rushed forward as if drawn by the sound and began attacking only the Dark Knight who had fallen from his horse. The Dark Knight returns fire, and the bicorn is cut off from the scene and rushes forward.

Get ready!


Seeing a group of bicorns heading towards them, Werner quickly checked the entire array.

So far we are on schedule. We only have to hit the bicorns and we can deal with the historical cavalry. Werner calmly gives the order.


At Werner’s voice they dismounted and stood ready. The knights in line lifted their long spears, which they had left lying on the ground, and, placing their pikes on the ground, held them at an angle and aligned their tips so that they were poised with their whole bodies.

A group of bicorns ran headlong into the bed of spears that Max’s Zehrfeldt Knights had prepared. The horses screamed in pain, and the lance-pierced horses formed a line, and then the bicorns came charging in from behind them, unable to stop. More indescribable screams and thuds echoed out, and the shock and vibration sent the spear’s stone thrusts crashing to the ground.

Usually, the line of spears is used to stop the horses rather than to kill them. If a knight is riding, he avoids the danger of charging into the line of spears in the first place.

But demons are not naturally susceptible to the emotion of fear. Many of them are also blinded. So, instead of stopping in mid-stride, I let my acceleration carry me and jumped into the tip of the spear.

Some of the still-breathing bicorns have been pierced by the spears, and their writhing bodies struggle to move, but they can’t get out of the way.

Sorcerers, please!

Werner called out to them and the magician squad behind the bed of spears began their attack for the first time. The magician’s team from the rear of the bed of spears begins to attack for the first time.

Unlike bows, magic cannot be missed or avoided. Since I’d already specified that I would only aim at the Dark Knight Dark Knight, who was still barely on top of the bicorn, the result is that the Dark Knight Dark Knight falls to the ground as a result of the concentrated fire.

A number of knights are crushed by the rampaging bicorns. Another knight falls on top of him. The bicorns are further impeded by the knights’ bodies. As a result, the bicorns form a traffic jam on the spot. Then Werner’s new command comes through.

Wings down! Mage Squad, move!

The columns of Augen and Barcay charged from the left and right, which had halted in the traffic. These two dismounted, too, and all of them carried long-handled glaives. Their aim was to cut off the legs of their opponents, and they were a force specializing in that purpose.

Horses are expensive in this world, and are more often captured and used as a reward for fighting against a nation. Also, since they have no experience in fighting against mounted warriors, it is not common practice to cut off the legs of a horse. So Augen and the others were surprised when they were instructed to do so, but they accepted it without much resistance because they were fighting against demons anyway.

And as both units ran around with the aim of neutralizing the other’s forces rather than defeating them one by one, confusion spread among the group of bicorns who were caught in the middle of the screams.

The bicorns are dangerous enough as demons, but with the enemy’s cavalry losing mobility due to traffic jams, the soldiers’ sense of fear is at least halved. Also, the fact that their plan is working should boost the morale of the soldiers.

The two squads of Augen and Barkei rush into the midst of the enemy, following the simple instruction to cut off only the legs, and cut off the legs of the bicorns one after another. The Dark Knights barely escaped the chaos, and as they prepared to take up battle positions, they were randomly hit by troops from around the perimeter of this localized battle.

The greatest disadvantage of the sorcerer corps is its mobility. Unlike soldiers whose training begins with walking, mages are more of an indoor type, and it is difficult for them to keep up with knights and infantry. Therefore, they are usually used in the same way as archers for defending a stronghold or fighting their first battle.

But that would not be enough to cope with the various problems that might arise. So Werner consulted Seyffert and had him prepare a chariot for the battle carriage to be pulled by a two-horse chariot.

In Werner’s previous life, in ancient Egypt they were two-seater vehicles, and in Hittite and Chinese three-seater vehicles usually had one governor and one or two combatants.

For this reason, the Zehrfeldt Squad has contributed most of its horses to the knights, making it a de facto infantry unit, but they have agreed to specialize in taking out the bicorns’ mobility. That’s what we’ve been told to do.

It was an unbecoming order for a knight but there were few complaints from the Knights of Zehrfeld. It may be that they have been tainted by Werner in a bad way that it can’t be helped that they are under a commander who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The fast-moving sorcerers move faster than the enemy and begin to smite them with their magic as they flee the thick of the battle. The knights on foot cannot keep up with the two-horse chariot. The line of Dark Knights who had started running to force their way into close combat is stretched out when the mercenaries led by Goecke rush in and turn them one by one into mere immobile armour.

“We’re coming with you!”

Werner’s main squad moved in to confirm the situation. Max, Augen, Valcay and the others charge into the group of bicorns that have stopped moving, and Werner himself leads the way, stabbing the group of bicorns that have lost their legs, cutting off their heads and cracking their skulls open. Neurath, Schünzel, and the others follow Werner and begin to stain themselves with the blood of the bicorns.

Zehrfeldt’s force was about half of the bicorns that had been moved in this direction, but with the support of the sorcerer corps they were able to destroy this group.

At this time the battlefield was divided into four large sections. The reason for this is that the Two Hundred Dark Knight Squadron had split into north and south and taken refuge there after the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops, who was in the center of the Demon Army, went berserk.

In front of the gates, the crossbow ballista opens powerful fire on the Four Heavenly Kings Mbrial and the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops. Mbrial neighs in disgust.

On the other hand, the Dark Knight Dark Knights who escaped to the south are further divided into Dark Knight Dark Knights and Bicorns, and the shaken off Dark Knight Dark Knights begin to engage in fierce battles with the army of three hundred men led by the Marquis of Norpot.

And the 10000 Dark Knights who had evacuated to the north had begun a charge by the 2500 members of the Royal Army’s First and Second Knights who had made a large detour from the north gate.

The First and Second Knights do not have the same tools as the armies deployed to the south. Instead they have towed crossbow carroballistas, the tanks of this world. The Knights led the attack with their tractor crossbow carroballistas, and the Knights dared to charge as a group, as Knights do. On the other hand the Dark Knights were caught off guard and chaos spread.

The two Knights work together skillfully. When the First Knight of the Right Wing strengthens his attack the Second Knight of the Left Wing dares to relax his attack and when the First Knight is about to be pushed back the Second Knight goes on the offensive and cuts the Knights of the Demon Army from their flanks.

The Knights skillfully used fluted arrows and banners to signal their attackers and soon began to rout the Dark Knights.

Perhaps the greatest miscalculation of the Demon Army was that they had not anticipated that the humans would be waiting for them. The Demon Army had not expected the attack and had not anticipated that the humans had prepared their forces and defenses.

Besides, the humans had seemed to have abandoned the towns and villages up to this point, so I had assumed that even the huge city they were aiming for would probably be trapped inside the castle, defending itself against the enemy. We had not expected them to attack us at all.

The Royal Army, on the other hand, is well prepared for an attack. There is also the expectation that holding out for a few days will change the course of the war. There is no reason to stay in the castle and let the enemy attack us unilaterally.

Above all, even if the size of the enemy was unknown, we could make information about what kind of demons would attack us known. Werner only had the information from the game, but once he knew the type and name of the enemy, he could make some kind of estimate of its strength by gathering information from the Adventurers’ Guild and other nations at home and abroad. There is a big difference between being ambushed by a mysterious enemy and knowing that the enemy is going to attack, and knowing more information about the enemy.

He first destroys the Harpy, the half-bird, half-woman who will be his opponent’s eyes, then attacks from the Kingdom side to make his opponent lose mobility, and finally dares to defend against the Four Heavenly Kings and the One-Eyed Giant Cyclops.

The kingdom’s army has been advancing favorably so far in the form of a counteroffensive against the demon army that has been advancing for a long time.


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