Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 206

He runs towards the priestess with the deployed knights and slays the beast before him, and Werner leaves his spear to the squire behind him. He immediately takes another spear from the squire.

This spear is balanced for throwing and not for close combat. It was prepared to aim at a distant target, since the hostage cannot be anywhere near the door.

“Kick… Come on!”

Werner threw his spear as hard as he could from behind the knights as they charged forward to open up the front. He aimed not at the front but at the back, the heavy spear whizzing through the air.

Even an unknowing magical beast or wild animal would duck if something like that flew at it. The distance between the two of them was great enough that the priestess ducked and dodged the spear.


Werner stops for a moment as he throws his spear, and on either side of him Neurath and Schunzel slash down the approaching monsters. Werner receives a second throwing spear from another squire and throws it at the priestess once more.

The priestess moved backwards to avoid the spears again and cast a spell on the spot. It was not an attack, but a defensive spell to protect herself. Her opponent’s body is enveloped in a curtain of light. Just as Werner had intended.

Seyfert closes the distance between him and Reppe, while Goretzka and Konoe flank the hexenbiest and cut it down, while the squad led by Max tries to break through to split the whole hexenbiest.

Annette led the Barkei squad to secure Lily. Werner asked Annette to keep Lily safe.

As she dodged the swords of Augen and his knights, Juliane finally realized her mistake. She had been dodging Werner’s spears, and as a result she and Lily had been separated by a large distance.

Realizing that she can’t secure herself, she tries to manipulate the insectoid hexenbiest to head towards Lily, but Annette stands in her way. Annette cuts the beast down with a sharp flash of her sword, and behind her, the heavily armed knights led by Barkei form a complete wall around Lily.

In fact, Annette’s position is not so clear at this point. When Werner ordered Neurath and the others to leave the temple and report to him, Annette, who was on her way to persuade him as a relative, suddenly stabbed Count Yering, who tried to interfere with the order with some kind of reasoning.

They had not expected such a thing from a female knight of their kin, even if she was a distant relative, and this caused great confusion among the knights of Count Yering who were around the temple, allowing Neurath and Schunzel to escape from the temple towards the royal palace.

She must have been proud that Mazel the Brave had asked her to look after his sister. She put her sense of responsibility and pride as a female knight ahead of her blood relation, but it could be said that she was a bit too impulsive. Of course Annette was the one who drew her sword first if we’re only talking about her relationship with Count Yering.

But now Annette, with Seyfert’s help, is accompanying her under Goretzka’s watchful eye, on the theory that she is short of men for all intents and purposes. Of course, no one here cares about such things and treats her as one of the knights.


“Uh… .”

While Juliane is distracted, Werner and his men close the distance. Werner’s spear was thrust towards her face, causing Juliane to fall back further. At this point the Augens spread out in the opposite direction and began to cut down the monsters that tried to approach Juliane from the surroundings and protect her, so that Juliane was left alone.

Werner didn’t know his opponent at this point, but he thought that if he was dealing with a magician he should have had friends to support him on the front lines. That’s why he had instructed Augen to isolate them from the start.

Werner’s fortunate miscalculation may have been that Knut had already died in the battle… a nobleman with a decent sword skill. Whatever Knut’s character was, he had struck the first blow against an opponent who might have thought of taking a hostage first.

Also, the fact that Juliane was an amateur in terms of commanding a group battle and was wasting time securing her own safety first had an effect on the war situation. Her experience as an adventurer in battle and her knowledge and command of group battles are probably two different things.

“You’re the spearman from back then!”

Oh, I’m the guy you almost killed!

Again Werner thrusts sharply, piercing Juliane’s dress. Werner notices that the response is not like flesh, so he quickly withdraws his spear and takes a step back. A woman’s hand with claws longer than her palm passes in front of Werner’s eyes.

Meanwhile Neurath and Schunzel, who had split to the left and right, slashed at Juliane. A purple liquid, which could only be described as bodily fluids rather than blood splatter, stains the goddess’s clothes in the brightly lit space.

“You… Get out of my way!

He must have been in the way. Werner shook off his headband and stared at him, while Neurath and Schunzel, who had been watching from the periphery, looked on in disgust. The other’s face had a head that could only be described as bizarre.

The whole head was similar to that of a bee, but each of the left and right eyes had a small human face attached to it. The face itself might have been that of a beautiful woman, but the right one kept showing an expression of hatred and the left one showed an expression of contempt, which made the viewer uncomfortable.

The only thing that is strangely beautiful is the long golden hair extending from the bee’s head, which is unnatural, but it is accentuated by the fact that the antennae of a bee are tipped with needles like a scorpion’s tail.

“Oh, creepy.”

“Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker!”

Werner muttered a few words and Juliane extended her arm again, but the reach of a spear is different from that of an arm. He quickly knocked it away and drove the spear into the chest of his opponent.

Again Werner felt the tip of the spear pierce something hard, but he knew it was shallow.

“To a boy like you…!”

Juliane cursed at him, unable to admit that she had underestimated Werner, who had apparently been following her alone.

This coincidentally worked to the kingdom’s advantage. Werner’s reputation had made Reppe think that Werner was up to something when he came after him alone, and he had tried to dispose of Werner in the underground canal, but Juliane, who had taken too long and was in a hurry, had come along the way and seen him. If she hadn’t seen Juliane at that moment, she would have judged that they would have at most Reppe and some other collaborators.

Neurath and Schunzel slashed at Juliane again as she concentrated on Werner. The two are met by a long, clawed arm reaching out from inside the goddess’s dress.

“This guy…!”

“Apparently it’s a bee to such a point!”

A real bee has six legs. He had four human arms, two on each side of his body. The two of them almost dodged, but Werner quickly thrust a spear at his face, which knocked Juliane out of her stance.

Both sides quickly move into position. The ambient light is beginning to increase.

As the noise and carnage around Juliane and Werner had died down, Juliane scattered countless stones around them. Werner saw that they looked like magic stones, but they were darker than magic stones.

A sort of haze spread from the stone, and gradually it began to take the form of beasts and insects.


“This thing creates hexenbiests?”

Werner wonders if this is the type of thing that would call out to its friends if it were a game. The beast was about to attack Werner and the others when he was momentarily blinded by it, but the knights assigned to Augen’s men who approached quickly intercepted it.


No, we have to take him down, or there’ll be no end to it!

“You’re right!”

Werner shouts at her and thrusts his spear at her in rapid succession. Juliane quickly flicked it away with her arm and was about to extend it to Werner when Neurath, Schunzel and Augen came up behind her and slashed at her.

Juliane cries out in pain and disgust as she swings her four arms around. The surrounding area is surrounded by a series of attacks to prevent Werner and the others from creating any more magical beasts, and they are dealing with Juliane, inflicting small wounds on her.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Werner and Juliane, the battlefield was becoming more of a circle around Werner and his men. Seifert, who had defeated Reppe and taken Lily’s place, began to take command of the whole situation.

The demonic beasts that were blocking the movement of the column concentrated their archers’ attacks to open the way for the knights to replace the wounded knights with those who could afford it. The knights who had more time to spare were sure to slaughter the demonic beasts that were splitting up, ensuring that the area free of wreckage and demonic beasts was expanding.

Well done, sir.

What, the old man’s got the upper hand.

The actuality that the situation is usually a turbulent one,louis vuitton handbags outlet, it is not caused any confusion or delay while replacing the soldiers in charge of the battle area with those at the point of entry. Seyfert responds to Varkey’s unintentional outburst of admiration with a sullen look on his face.

“Sir Werner should be able to do this.”


Barkei chuckled unintentionally, probably because he knew what Werner’s reaction would be when he heard that statement.


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