Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 202

As expected, an expression of surprise appeared on his face when an unexpected name came up. High Priestess Reppe, on the other hand, makes a surprised face.

“Did you know Lady Juliane’s name?”

Yeah, well…

I see you’re close to the Second Princess Laura.

I’m not lying about what I knew. Let’s not deny that they’re wrong.

“To begin with, the royal Weinzierls are not the nobility of this region.”

“Is that so?”

Yeah, it’s a long story…

At this point I slightly regretted turning down the drink. I had a feeling it was going to be a long story. And these bad predictions usually come true.

To summarize the first part of the story, the first Demon King appeared in the north. With the appearance of the Demon King, the capital of the Ancient Kingdom in the north disappeared, and at that point the Ancient Kingdom plunged into a state of anarchy. Furthermore, the Demon King ate and absorbed people and plants, transforming them into demons and increasing their numbers to build up his forces.

On the other hand, the nobles of the ancient kingdom who survived when the capital disappeared fled to the south and started defensive battles while establishing a living base in the south. Mr. Reppe said that the base of the defense was the Great Temple of Finoi, but it was probably the Fortress of Finoi at that time. I have a vague impression that the emphasis on brawn and valor began to increase around this time.

But the trouble with this story is.

“But how could the capital disappear?”

“According to the teachings, it seems that God’s wrath has been kindled.”

Whether Mr. Reppe believes it or not, that’s the way it’s been told in the temple. But this really bothers me. Almost everything that could be used to the Demon King’s or the Demon Army’s advantage is just “God’s wrath against mankind”. Anyway… let’s continue.

The Weinzierls are exiled nobles from the north. That seems to be the reason why his mansion was located a bit out of the center of town. But he had a good number of men and he seems to have made some achievements in the war against the Demon Army and established himself in the south by himself.

“Even in a ruined land they will not give up the fight against evil. It is because of such a house that the saint was born in Weinzierl.

“I see.”

Heaven helps those who help themselves, I guess. I can’t help but think it’s a bit ironic. It may have been just a coincidence, but I suppose it was more convenient for the royal family and the temple to have a saint born into a house recognized by God.

But there’s no reason to doubt it outright. I will listen to you as if it were such a thing.

“The saint has obtained the power of the oracle and brought to the world of men a magical technique that was said to have been used only by the demon army.”

“At the risk of being disrespectful, I’m surprised the others accepted.”

So magic was a technique that only the Demon Army could use? I’ve always felt it strange that humans and demons use magic with the same name… but it seems that the Demon Army was the original.

But still, I’m sure that the way she’s using the power of the Demon Army is something that would be the subject of a witch-hunt if she makes a mistake. Reppe-san’s reply to my question was strangely cold.

“The human race was so cornered that we had to use what we could or we would perish.”

“Is it because of that past that magic is slightly underestimated?”

“That aspect of it is undeniable.”

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Let’s talk about it later.

“With the blessings of the gods, the humans who were able to use magic were able to fight the demons of the north on more than equal terms and harmony began to develop between the exiled nobles from the north and the powerful men from the south. The power of restorative magic is great.”


With a demon army at hand, there’s no time to fight. I think a political bargain was struck. But historically speaking… the southern side became the main force once it was occupied. The exiled aristocrats from the north must have been in a complicated position.

“And when the southern side had settled down to a certain extent with their forces prepared… a great change happened in the north which had been the demon king’s territory. The Demon Lords came ashore from the sea with legions so large that they devoured the land and submerged the land in the sea. The humans gathered at the Great Temple of Finoi and a decisive battle was to be fought.”

“I see.”

He turned nature into a demon. What does this have to do with the Demon Stone’s use of nature’s power?

And among the volunteers who gathered at Finoi was the hero Jörg who later defeated the Demon King and met the saint. It was God’s guidance.


“I’d like to ask you to keep this to yourself, but although they’re called volunteer soldiers, they were actually slave soldiers.”


A former slave soldier in an aristocratic society is a hero who defeated the Demon King? That seems like nothing more than trouble even if Jörg really is an oracle or just a skilled warrior. Or maybe that’s why they don’t even know about the cemetery.

“The six of us including the saint, the heroes and the friends who supported them pierced the heart of the Demon King’s army and seriously wounded him. The battle of the Great Temple of Finoi was a victory for the humans. The Demon King fled to the south by himself, and though he had consumed a city’s worth of lives and regained his strength, he was unable to regain his former strength.”

So this is the party of the heroes from before? I didn’t know.

“Heroes were in high demand. It was inevitable that the fame of one brave man would rise.”

I agree… she seems strangely cold. I wonder if he wasn’t unhappy that even the saint’s name was hidden. I mean… even the hero’s name is half-forgotten now…

The Demon King created the Four Heavenly Kings and went into hiding to restore his power… where the heroes hunted him down and destroyed him.


No, the chase is basic. I feel like we’re skipping a few steps.

“Also, the lord who ruled the town died during the fierce battle of Finoi, and it is not clear when, but Weinzierl, the saint’s family, became the new ruler of the town with the support of the citizens.”

“I see.”

That part I can understand. I can only guess that Jörg and Lady Juliane became friends through their acquaintance at Finoi. It’s not surprising that the home of a hero and a saint would be a safe place to live.

But it’s complicated enough to wonder what the other nobles thought. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. It might be more natural to think that the nobles didn’t want to leave this town in the hands of a former slave soldier so they entrusted it to the saint’s family who were also nobles.

But then, the theory of the hero’s assassination, which I had only imagined, began to feel strangely real. I don’t have any proof at the moment, but I feel that the outline of the theory is beginning to take shape.

As I’m pondering this there’s a knock at the door. Reppe-san has just given the High Priestess permission to enter the room when someone who looks like a priest enters.

I’m sorry. I’m in the middle of something important.

I’m sorry. Count Yering wishes to speak with the High Priestess.

Reppe-san sighs in front of me when the priest says that. She gives me a sorry look.

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to step out for a moment.

I understand.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here.

and held out a book on his desk to me. It’s a gorgeous book, even the cover is decorated with goldsmith’s work. It’s not in bad taste, but it’s too magnificent to be in a temple.

“Please wait a moment so that you may read the transcripts.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

If this is the only material in the temple, there’s a good chance it contains something only found here. I’ll take it and read it. It’s an old piece of paper. We’ll have to be careful with it.

There are many descriptions of magic. It seems that the Lady Juliane taught them only recovery magic at first. But it seems that she found that she could also use offensive magic through the application of her magical skills, and she began to use offensive magic in the battles against the Demon Army.

But Juliane said, “This offensive magic will be used in the war against mankind. “I fear the wrath of the gods.” She must have been a serious person. She must have been a serious person… and I can understand her concern.

The next thing that caught my attention was the description of the battle against Finoi. The next thing that caught my attention was the description of the battle against Finoi.

First of all, it seems that the Absorption Stones were originally used for a different purpose. Secondly, the word “inexhaustible” suggests that the Demon Lord can create demons, but he needs some kind of medium to do so. This seems to be the reason why only the northern part of the continent is sinking and the southern part is still sinking.

I have a feeling that this sucking stone is a product of the ancient kingdom. I wonder if it might have been a part of the tools used to make the Demon Stone.

Suppose that only the North could manufacture magic stones, and the South had no choice but to receive them. The more magic stone technology spreads, the less likely the South will think of rebelling against the North, which is the source of magic stone. It could be a useful tool for controlling the south. But we don’t have any proof of this, so I’ll leave it as a hypothesis for the time being.

There are a few other things that bother me. First of all, the heroes of the party, including Juliane, are all nobles. If Jörg the Brave is a prince, it’s more like a game in the form of a prince, a saint, and his friends, the children of nobles, defeating the Demon King.

there’s a country destroyed by the armies of the North… and slave soldiers from the occupied lands. It’s a rather common setting for a tale of a noble race…

I’ll take it a step further. People love to hear that you’re ex-royalty for some reason. Whatever the truth is… it’s not surprising that there are rumors that Jörg was once a nobleman from the south.

The relationship between the exiled aristocrats and the powerful southerners who maintained power by submitting to the occupying forces was somehow balanced by the Demon Lord. And then there’s the popular “descendant of a fallen royal family.” I’m afraid things are about to get complicated.

I’ve got too much information, so I’m gonna take a break from the book. I’ll try to summarize what I’ve learned so far.

First of all, the timeline is as follows: unification by the Ancient Kingdom, invention of the technology to create the Demon Stone, collapse of the Ancient Kingdom with the appearance of the Demon King, exile of the Northern nobles to the South, birth of the Saintess, magic becomes available to humans, sinking of the Northern Kingdom, the main domain of the Ancient Kingdom, discovery of the hero, defeat of the Demon King…

Let’s not dwell on the intervening time. It’s true that things have been moving at a rapid pace since the birth of the saint. I’m not surprised that the Demon King blew up the capital of the Ancient Kingdom so suddenly… I’m even thinking that it took him some time to prepare his forces.

Secondly the heroes were not commoners but slaves. Being a slave in a former occupied territory in an ancient kingdom would have had a huge impact on the political situation in the future. I’m sure the people around him were very critical of him.

In fact… everyone in the heroes’ party at this time was of noble birth. but I can’t help but wonder if they were also watchdogs.

At the same time the original territory of the ancient kingdom is sinking into the sea… the capital is lost forever. I think the only banner that could’ve been used after the Demon King’s defeat would’ve been a hero or a saint. The loss of the heroes would have made the subsequent upheaval inevitable.

It’s like the state of Himiko’s death in Yabataikoku. After Himiko’s death. I think it’s amazing that the Weinzierls, the royal family, kept their power in this situation. Yeah?

Oh… I don’t see anything about Juliane’s brother, the first king of Weinzierl. And there’s no record of any other members of the heroes’ party besides Jörg and Juliane, except that they were nobles.

It’s more about the temple and the saints, but it’s all about the temple and the saints. Wait a minute.

How am I even reading this book? This is information the temple should have kept secret. I was in the middle of a conversation so I let my discomfort slide… but the fact that priestly magic is neither divine power nor divine blessing is information that no one but temple officials should have access to.

And it’s been a long time. We’ve had time to get through a whole book. and Neurath and the others who were supposed to be checking High Priestess Malavova’s office haven’t come here yet.

I rush to the heavy door and try to open it. It won’t open. It’s not locked, it’s bolted shut from the outside. It’s not easy to smash down this heavy door.

… I’m hit!


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