Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 168

The day of the trial. The sky is clear and the venue is filled with spectators from early in the morning. The sky is clear and the hall is filled with spectators from early in the morning. The content of the duel trial is the content of the trial. It attracts a lot of attention because many citizens are concerned about it.

There are people like that in every world, and it seems that there are bets being made on who will win, albeit unofficially and outside the venue.

High Priest Reppe, representing the Church, sits in the judgment chair, the accuser and the accused on either side. Count Garmlich, the accuser in name only, looks discouraged and Lily, the substitute, looks nervous and uncomfortable with so many people in the room.

This may be partly due to the attitude of the audience. The majority of the citizens and nearly half of the nobility cast a friendly or sympathetic glance towards Lily’s side, while the rest sat down, bowing to Count Garmlich but not approaching him. There were probably serious reasons for this, as well: the country would look down on them if they did so now.

The crown prince has decided to defend Mazel the Brave in a trial by combat in his own name. Even a nobleman who thinks a brave man is dangerous but whose judgment is average would choose to keep his mouth shut at this stage.

The Marquise of Kortolezis, the main culprit, was ostensibly in hiding in this case, which resulted in the isolation of a few nobles, such as Count Garmlich, who had a hand in the accusations.

Werner was somewhat complicit in this. He instructed Rafed to spread rumors among the nobles close to Count Garmlich that the church was displeased with the false accusations of forged documents in this trial.

It’s a rumor with no basis in fact, but it’s a well-known fact among the nobility that the king had high hopes for the heroes. And if even the Church is displeased with him, it would be too risky to join Count Garmlich. As a result, most of the nobles naturally kept their distance from this matter and waited to see what would happen.

For this reason, Count Garmlich asked several noblemen and knights of great valour to serve as his agents, but they all refused. Some of the nobles must have felt that they now had a reason to refuse.

In this dueling arena on this day the accused and the defendant are forbidden to speak to each other, but not to others. But there are no seats for commoners and most of the nobles do not dare to approach either side.

In the midst of this atmosphere a young man in aristocratic clothes made no attempt to hide his overbearing attitude as he approached Lily. She did not know why. It was because Annette, who had been asked by Werner to stay by Lily’s side, was standing in the way.

The man glared at Annette with a disgusted expression on his face.

I’m looking for that commoner. Woman, get out of the way!

I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

You don’t know who I am.

“Whoever you are, you can’t let someone with that attitude and expression get close to you.”

Just before the man was about to yell at Annette for her reaction, another voice interrupted him from behind.

“If we make too much noise, the High Priestess will hear about it. Perhaps you should back off, Lord Knut.”

“General Seyffert…”

He was just about to assert his position when someone of a higher rank approached him. The man visibly flinched. Seyfert is no longer interested in him and addresses Annette.

“Oh, dear, I’m late. Is there a seat over there taken?

Yes, yes, I’m available.

So let’s do it there.

Seyfert was not the only one to pass by the man called Knut. Viscount Davlak, Baron Kretschmer, and other nobles of lesser rank who had made a name for themselves as battle commanders sat with Seyfert.

“I’d like to have a hand-to-hand combat with Viscount Zehrfeldt once.”

“I think the Viscount will be more likely to run away if he’s dealing with you.”

They ignored him and started talking. But he had to break through the group to get to Lily. He glared at Lily and then clicked his tongue and turned away.

“Oh, thank you, sir.”

“Don’t worry about it. You prevented a disturbance. You did good.”

Seifert responds briefly to Annette’s acknowledgement. She keeps her eyes on the match and mumbles a little in her mouth.

So that’s the eldest son of the Marquis of Koltoretsis. I hope he doesn’t cause any trouble today or later.

I don’t know if I’d call it a waiting room. The buzz, or rather the heat, is pouring into the waiting room. Thinking about it, with the world in a state of uneasiness because of all the demons and demon kings and such, it’s a festival event after a long time, so it can’t be helped that the number of spectators increases… It’s like the circus of bread and circuses.

In my previous life dueling trials often began at sunrise… but at least this time they’ll be held when it’s light. At least this time we’ll do it after it’s light. By the way… Normal duels were held after the sun had reached the middle of the sky.

The fact that it’s daytime instead of early morning makes it more of a spectacle. I can’t say who they’re going to show it to, though.

A trial by combat hasn’t been held for some time, let alone as a competition. At least not to my recollection. Is it just a curiosity?

This is a rule of this world, but in a duel, you are allowed to use your favorite weapon as long as you keep the type of weapon, but you are not allowed to kill your opponent. It’s a very delicate balance between the two.

Maybe in a world with recovery magic and such things it’s a bit more relaxed. It’s true that it’s less likely that you’ll die a few days later like in your previous life.

The reason why I can’t say for sure that there aren’t many is that there was a case about 130 years ago when a nobleman who had repeated problems with “accidents during medical treatment” died after a duel. It’s not wise to ask if there are accidents with magic. I heard that even his family didn’t take issue with it, so he must have been a very snobbish sort of person.

I’m in the waiting room for the fighters, which is mostly made up of Zehrfeldt’s followers except for me. One of the witnesses is in the corner. The purpose is to make sure we don’t tamper with the weapons. Poisoning is forbidden. Of course.

There is no food, but there is at least drinking water. This is also a judge, but this time it’s from the church, and you’re not allowed to bring in outside. I don’t have much of an appetite, so I don’t mind.

However, visitors are allowed in this room with permission. But in the case of this dueling trial… they can’t bring in anything they don’t want to bring in. I’m sure they’ll make a list of everyone who wants to see you. I’m sure the other side’s visitors will be someone close to Koltoretzis.

That’s why I’ve had a lot of guys show up at my place. It’s nice to see some of my classmates from school. It’s just a brief update. Sometimes a girl would say something like, “Don’t lose for Mazel.” I can’t help but laugh. You’re as popular as ever.

And there was a noblewoman who tried to flirt with me… but I thanked her and politely asked her to leave. I’ve been demoted but I’m still a high-ranking official so I guess that kind of thing comes out of the woodwork. Maybe it’s because of the Viscount’s reputation as a spendthrift.

It’s a trial by combat this time, so it’s a good thing there’s nothing extra. I’ve heard that in a tournament, the lady gives you a handkerchief as a token of her affection. I’ve never been to one of those games, so I don’t have that experience.

I guess a handkerchief would be fine, but what I didn’t understand when I read the book in my previous life was that at one time in the Middle Ages, it was customary for daughters to give the sleeves sewn into their underwear to the knights they cared for. That’s what it says.

There have certainly been times in past lives when the hand was held in high esteem. It is said that the king’s envoys were given gloves by the king, and that the knight was given a sword on his shoulder when he was knighted, and that the king originally put his hand on his shoulder instead of his sword. The Hand of Glory is another example of using the power of the hand for magical purposes.

Anyway, I can understand the custom of giving sleeves as well as gloves, but the fact that it is limited to the sleeves sewn on the underwear is a mystery. However, since the record itself was in the form of hearsay, it is possible that it was already wrongly transmitted when it was written.

Viscount Zehrfeldt, we are ready.


While you’re thinking about nothing else, it seems the time has come. You leave the waiting room with your sword at your hip and your spear in your hand. The passage is cleared and no one else is here. If they are here it’s a trap.

The corridor to the hall has turns instead of straight lines… to prevent anything from jumping into the hall. In this world there are magical duels between wizards. It would be a problem if a stray magic instead of a stray bullet were to fly into the antechamber.

Anyway, I walk out of the waiting room to the venue. I’m suddenly out in the sun and it’s blinding. I can hear the crowd cheering, but I stay calm and collected. You can’t get carried away or get carried away. Stop and take a deep breath.

“Well, let’s see.”

I’ll act as bait since my movements will disguise the movements of the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister.


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