Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 149

The Countesses of Zierfeldt have many guests. Recently there have been so many that even Werner’s mother, Claudia, has been smiling tiredly.

And the quality of the guests is high. The other day… it was unprecedented for the saintly princess Laura to visit a nobleman’s house and stay in his guest room. Ingo would say that the house has one of the best security systems in all of King’s Landing. But that’s what Ingo would say.

As a result, it is now even said that just being invited to a tea party in Zehrfeld is a prestige.

And on this day too there was a bigwig who’d gone to the trouble of borrowing a carriage from another count’s house to pay a secret visit, and there was a lot of tension among the servants as well as the master. He didn’t mind the rudeness, but the people around him didn’t think so.

You must be Miss Lily. I am Jehu Artich Seifert.

I’m Lily Halting.

 Seyfert’s appearance is that of a stubborn old man according to Werner. He is a powerful warrior and a nobleman of much higher rank. Lily’s reaction would have been rather acceptable.

Don’t be so rigid. I was hoping to ask you about the map Lord Werner presented to you the other day.

Yes, yes.

Am I correct in assuming that you drew this diagram?

He pulls out a bird’s-eye panorama and shows it to us. Ingo was surprised when he first saw it, and even Seifert was astonished.

In fact, even in this period, there were no bird’s-eye views themselves. However, they were drawn from the tops of high mountains or towers, or they were some kind of imaginary drawings. The Rakuchu-Rakugai-zu folding screen in Werner’s previous life is also a kind of imaginary bird’s-eye view. Although there are such pictures depicting towns and famous places, we have never thought of a bird’s-eye view to grasp the whole area like this.

And it’s a very good idea, but it’s also very well done. It is a diagram as if you are looking around the territory or the entire battlefield. In this world, too, we sometimes simulate battles with pieces on this diagram, and I would like to use it as a reference for such simulations.

Even the king and the dauphin looked at first glance and Laura and Uwe, who had returned to King’s Landing once, were surprised to see it in the palace. Mazel was reunited with his family at Zehrfeldt’s house at the time, and it was lucky or unlucky that he did not hear the conversation among the royal family.

Yes, yes. I drew it.

“Hmm. I heard that you made and painted something. Can you give me a rough description of how you did it?”

Werner himself may be right in saying that the process and the result of the study were not so important, even though he attached great importance to the figure itself. In addition, he neglected the process of the natural disasters because his mind was immediately occupied with the problems of the natural disasters.

As a result, when he asked Lily to spend a few days drawing, he forbade Frensen to clean the room where he had made the 3D model, but did not forbid him to enter it. He was not particularly concerned about other people entering the room, and he himself had no way of knowing that Ingo and his butler Norbert had checked the room and were astonished when they heard that Werner was doing something “again”.

Ingo was more careful to keep the king in the dark about the existence of the model when he submitted the map to the king.

Lily looked puzzled for a moment. But Ingo, who was present, nodded at her and answered directly.

First, we’re gonna need a lot of people to get there…

The topography is examined from various directions by several persons, and then it is made into a three-dimensional image and a figure. It is easy to say, but it is difficult to explain the process. Seifert noticed a peculiar point.

“Hmm. I think I know how to draw. I’m sorry, Count, but I need to ask you for a favor, Lily. Can you lend me your pen and pencil?

One moment, please.

Ingo motioned to Norbert to get them ready. Seyfert speaks up as soon as the materials are ready, leaving Lily puzzled.

“Lily, I want you to draw a rectangle from the front but a hexagon from above, from an angle. Just the outline.


The shape is a simple hexagonal prism. Ingo is mildly surprised to see that there is no distortion in the smooth drawing. Seifert continues.

Now let’s move on…

After several experimental drawings, Ingo was inwardly amazed at the last one, but he did not show it. Seifert nodded at the completed line drawing.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes. That’s enough… Yes, I may need you to do something for me later. Count, yes?


“Yes, I wonder what else Sir Werner has to say about the map.”

“… I’m sorry. I was given an explanation, but I don’t remember exactly what it was, so I can’t explain it to you.”


Seyfert smiled at Lily’s nervous reaction, but didn’t pursue it any further. Seyfert smiled at Lily’s reaction, but did not pursue it any further.

Okay. Now, Lily, I’m going to ask you to step back.

Yes, excuse me.

He had already learned to be polite in this area, but he couldn’t help the look of relief on his face. After Lily had left, Ingo turned to Seyfert and bowed.

I’m sorry, sir.

“It does not matter. You couldn’t decide whether it would be to Lord Werner’s advantage or disadvantage to speak. It’s good you’re not so glib.”

“Some seem to prefer oxen to wagons.”

Ingo chuckles lightly. You can ride an ox, but it’s slow and you can’t put a saddle on it, so it’s not very comfortable. It’s a bit like ‘no accounting for taste’ in this world.

Seifert responded with a laugh.

“Your son’s not a cow.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m still surprised.”

I’m surprised at you.

Seyfert looks at the painting in admiration. The object itself is a piece from a board game played by the nobility as a hobby. But because it is a nobleman’s piece, the workmanship is elaborate, much finer than the cutting of a small gemstone. The artist has managed to draw it without even looking at the real thing, just by explaining it to the audience. Not many craftsmen could have drawn such a three-dimensional figure just by explaining it.

“Lily, you seem to be able to imagine three-dimensional things from two-dimensional things. And you can draw them.”


If Werner had been listening he might have described it as a high level of spatial awareness, but there was no word for it in this world yet. But he could not fail to see the benefit of this ability. At least as a painter, he is valuable enough for the aristocracy to want to keep him around.

“It’s quite funny. I’d like to borrow some of her time, if you don’t mind.

“No problem, but may I ask what you want me to draw?”

Seifert responded to Ingo’s question with a look that he didn’t particularly care to hide.

I want you to draw me a map of the castle.

An accurate map of the city would make it easier for the troops to move around. The road surface improvement originally proposed by Werner and put in place by Dauphin Huber has dramatically improved the efficiency of city travel in King’s Landing.

Until now, the castle’s interior has only been divided roughly into districts. So before we could only give instructions like “From the 3rd district take the 7th district to the west gate.” but “The third squadron will use Viscount Liebermann’s nameplate road, and the fourth squadron will take Baron Heeks’ nameplate road to the west gate.” Seifert was also able to give instructions for the divisional movement through the city. Seifert was not sitting idly by regarding the possibility of an attack on King’s Landing as Werner had pointed out.

But then again, Seifert did smile with some amusement.

“And next time, I’ll have a portrait painted of His Highness Hubertus.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’ll probably be too nervous to write. Ingo could only laugh as he imagined it.


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