Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 136

Gesarius looked down at the corpses of the werewolf warwolves under his command with a look of displeasure on his lion’s face.

The loss of the lowest-ranking soldiers does not hurt them in the eyes of the generals. But he is displeased that it is taking place in the areas he controls, and what is even more displeasing is the fact that it is being done in a place where he has no control.

‘These guys again… ”

In Gesarius’ hand is a wooden board that looks like a business card branded with the Zehrfeldt family crest, which was found at the scene by the men who brought the carcass here and which is also remembered by Pückler.

For some time now, there have been frequent attacks by werewolf warwolves and tiger war tigers in the former Triots area, where Gesarius has been entrusted.

At the site of the battle, this wooden plank was always placed beside the corpses of those who had been robbed of their magic stones, making them aware of the identity of the attackers, even if they did not like it.

You’re a human being, you’re an abomination!

In a fit of rage, he kicks the corpse of a werewolf warwolf who was once under his command, flying until the corpse strikes a not-so-thin standing tree, snapping it even. Such a thing does not help, but there is no point to his anger.

Unbeknownst to Werner, the demon tribe that had been Gesarius’ chief strategist during the battle for the demon army in the capital was defeated by the knights of the Kingdom of Vine, because they had replaced him with a nobleman.

The loss of the presence of the sorcerer and the chief of staff would make the attack of the demon army even more monotonous, but there is no way to know that at this point.

At that moment, one of Gesarius’ men around him sniffed the air with his nose in the air as if he had noticed something. Gesarius noticed it too. Then he clicks his tongue. He is aware that he has lost his human clothes because he has turned into a beast in his anger.

‘unavoidable, alternative is fine’.

Gesarius has instructed him to do so and now transforms himself into the body he has taken. In a sense, he returns. He puts on the clothes and shoes he has secured for himself, looking displeased. About half of the men around him are similarly disfigured and clothed.

There is no denying that these clothes are not good looking, since they are almost exclusively taken from corpses. If we say that they look more like fugitives, that is certainly true.

“The human figure is as hard to move as ever.”


He was not looking for a response, even though he was saying so. Half ignoring the response, he moved toward the approaching direction with several men in human form. He did not want to be seen as a werewolf warwolf in the carcass.

When I spotted the owner of the sign, I called out to him, leaving a slightly uncomfortable expression on my face.

Well, look who it is.

Mr. Mangold. Good day to you.

“Don’t say hello. The boy from Zierfeld is at the fort.

Yes, sir. These days, he seems to be conducting exclusively.

Unlike the last time when he was expelled from Anheim and left in his clothes, he is now somewhat better dressed. Gesarius, still in his Mangold form, snickered at the thought of having a collaborator in Anheim.

“Yes, I think I’d rather go to Anheim first…”

“In that case, he plans to leave the fort, cross the river, and attack our rear?”

“Well, the boy did say that, but if we open the door from the inside…”

I don’t expect that from you.

If the demons had taken the form of human beings, Gesarius mused inwardly, we can’t expect such a thing from humans. Above all, there was the information about the fortress that these men had brought with them.

“A fortress with only solid pillars but planks on the walls is a place where a demon army could kick down the fortress.

“Well, about that, Mr. Mangold, is it really possible to fight together with the demon army?

Don’t worry.

He smiles and raises his hand. Two werewolf werewolves appear, and the man lets out a small scream.

“As you can see. I’m in the power of the demon army.

“Well, that’s just what Mangold would have wanted.”

“Bring me the boy’s head and maybe the people of Anheim will change their minds. Until then, you stay inside the town.”

Yes, sir. Please reward us with a prize.”

I understand.

This is why people are so hard to deal with,” he said coldly to himself. But after he had killed the boy from Zehrfeld, he would only eat all the people in Anheim itself. On the surface, he smiled.

“I’m counting on you.”


“I think it’s about time that it’s like….”

“Is that why you acted the way you did?”


On the afternoon of the day about 20 days after he had spent five days building the fort and had made it his command center, Werner cowered in a room of the building he had constructed in the fort. It was about the same time that Gesarius, in the form of Mangold, had made contact with the criminals of Anheim.

Neurath and Schunzel looked at each other and Holzdeppe opened his mouth with an indescribable expression.

“But how long have you been thinking about it?”

“Maybe when they found Lord Pickler’s body.”

Werner’s response was actually different. His suspicions were first aroused during his conversation with the Dauphin, when he hypothesized that the generals who had been resurrected in the game were the bodies of the knight-errant and the Dauphin.

If the power of the general is affected by the body this time, I do not think that the residents of the slum, which he obtained in order to escape, would be more convincing than anything else to the general Gesarius. When I thought about it, I suspected that Mangold’s body, which is still missing and unaccounted for, might have been kept for the body of the general.

And as of now, the cores for the resurrection of both Dreaks of Velisa and Belliulace of Finoi have been secured in the Kingdom of Vine. Then, we can imagine who will try to use the kept bodies.

If he was right, however, a rebellion would break out in Anheim. Considering this risk, Werner planned his plan on the assumption that Mangold’s body was being used.

The reason for first having the physiognomists in Anheim check the faces of the small people who had never met Mangold was to make sure that they were familiar with him, and this was also the original purpose for driving the cronies of the face who were doing evil in the town out toward the Triots.

It is unlikely that the general Gesarius will repeat his move to infiltrate the demon tribe. He must have already realized that he has found a way to find the demons in King’s Landing. It is more natural to think that he will not be able to pull off such a move.

On the other hand, I don’t think that the general is so stupid that he doesn’t care about information at all. I thought that if he had the memory of Pückler, he might have some understanding of the power of information.

That is why we dared to allow those within Anheim who had grievances against the pledges with only a fine or a reprimand, since it was thought that some of them might be related to the exiles. This was because it was thought that some of them might be related to those who had been expelled.

If the exiled man encounters “Mangold”, he will think of going back to Anheim secretly to exchange information with the disgruntled people inside the town. He would sell information to Mangold, the legitimate son of the old master.

Werner himself was in the fort, and he gave the town of Anheim almost all the facts, including the fact that it was a simple fortification, so that the information would be leaked from those who had such grievances.

Of course, it would not hurt if we struck out in all of them, although it would have taken a lot of time and effort. If the general was stupid enough not to pay attention to the information, he would have attacked this fort straight away. It is undeniable that they thought that it would be a profit if they succeeded.

It would later turn out that Werner’s prediction about the actions of the demon army was close to the truth, but at this point we had no way of knowing that much.

“Anyway, which will it be this time?”

Werner looks somewhat amused as he pulls out a plan of action and the dice. Neurath and the others smile.

Eichstädt and Werner’s operational plans had their own characteristics, and Eichstädt’s plan was surprisingly more belligerent. On the other hand, Werner’s plan was more aggressive, since he knew the geographical advantages and had a plan in place in case of a counterattack.

The method is a bit unique, however.

Odd. That’s my plan.

“You don’t have to roll the dice.”

“I don’t want my habits to be discovered.”

Werner is not surprised when people look at him with suspicion, wondering if he is just trying to roll the dice. It is understandable to be looked at in this way, since he is deciding whether to invade with Ike’s or Werner’s plan.

But in fact, the types of attack plans are different from each other, and the plans themselves are highly sophisticated, regardless of which one they are. Since it is left to the dice to decide, there is no way for the Demon Army to make any predictions. It is no wonder that Gesarius is being tossed and turned around in the former Triots’ territory.

“The mercenaries who are now invading Triots were supposed to return today. If Sir Goeke had returned, Sir Holtzdeppe would have…”

Sir, excuse me.

Werner was about to give his orders when Eickstedt, who was treated as a guest, entered the room. He had a hard expression on his face, and it was immediately obvious that something was wrong.

What’s wrong?

“A messenger has arrived from Lord Kesten of Anheim. He says that some of the men you previously banished to the Triots are hiding in Anheim. They do not appear to be armed.”


Werner’s reaction was only that, but Neurath and the others looked at each other and opened their mouths as if to confirm.

“I guess the general is still in charge.”

“Probably. It’s probably suspicious enough that he was not attacked by demons after he was released by the Triots.”

Everyone nodded. Werner continued.

“When Sir Goecke returns, we must proceed with the arrangements. Sir Eichstaedt will go ahead and meet the detachment at the second fort. Make sure they are ready and have the materials.”

Yes, sir.

“Sir Holtzdeppe, check the doorplates. Neurath and Schünzel, get ready. It’s about to start.


Yes, sir.

If they underestimate us, they will not care if we are concentrating our forces on them. Werner ordered the defense system to be strengthened and also sent a messenger to Anheim.

It would be two days later that the Battle of Fortress II, the prelude to the Anheim offensive, would begin.


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