Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 135

The next day, in front of the pledges’ meeting, I explained the possibility of an attack by the generals in the form of top-secret information from the royal family. It was a heated discussion. When they asked me if I had any proof, I told them to ask His Majesty or the Dauphin.

I know it’s hard to believe, but if there really is an attack, we will all be eaten to death, and although I threatened more than half of them to listen to me on the assumption that there will be an attack, we were able to proceed with the story anyway.

“Viscount Zehrfeldt is rumored to be a close friend of the saint, or perhaps he has been privy to an oracle that has been passed down only to the royal family.

The head of the temple followed me up with a look of gratitude. When I went to thank Rafed for his help in capturing the malcontents, he made a strong appeal to the saints to give him my regards, which is just as well.

So. I have a favor to ask you.

What is it, sir?

“I will build a fort here.”

The previous figure shows the location of the fortress. There is no particular reaction, but that is how most people without military experience are.

“I can’t explain the reasons in detail. But I don’t think we can hold out in this fort for long. On the other hand, an enemy attack here would be a signal to proceed with our future plans.”

“What is the future?”

“Yes. If the enemy attacks this fort, I want you to immediately proceed to evacuate and protect the villagers around Anheim.

When he said that, the members of the pledge association finally changed their expressions. I can understand that the villagers living nearby are more important than the paratroop candidate who suddenly came from the capital, so I can only laugh bitterly inwardly. For the time being, we proceed with the story with a blank expression on our faces.

First of all, I told them about the situation in Count Friedheim’s territory, which had been attacked and destroyed before Finoy. I don’t want to recall this memory because I don’t have to tell lies, but as I was explaining the facts in a simple manner, the people around me started to turn pale. Is it any wonder?

“I want to reduce the number of casualties as much as possible. That’s why I’m asking for your help.”

This time everyone nodded.

“A wolfsbane will be the signal. However, it is impossible to predict how far into the territory the battlefield will be. Therefore, Anheim will evacuate everyone as soon as the signal is given.


“All the inhabitants of the villages near Anheim are to be evacuated to Anheim. If not, I have already spoken to Baron Grellmann and Baron Zabel, who live nearby. They should be able to protect you for ten days or so.

“Ten days…”

“If we wait that long, reinforcements will come from King’s Landing.”

He seems to have been somehow convinced by my assurances. However, if he had heard about the previous attack of the demon tribe, he would have had no choice but to agree with it.

“Some may refuse to evacuate.”

“If any village refuses to pay the tax, inform them that the tax rate for that village will be five times what it was last year.”

There was a murmur, but no argument. In this medieval-style world, the power of the village as a group is very strong. If the whole village is affected, they will have no choice but to comply. Since we cannot go around to each village and explain the danger to them, we will exercise our authority.

I know we have to do something like this to minimize the damage, but if there are no casualties in the village, we will just be left with a record that we have exercised our power of attorney. I feel sick to my stomach even after all this time.

We show them a map of the area, and determine which villages will be evacuated and how many people will be evacuated. What to do with the livestock, how much to cover, and so on were also included. For example, in this area, the average number of sheep used for wool production is about 70 per household in the livestock industry, so whether the livestock should be evacuated or financially secured is also a major issue.

As a slight digression, the farming villages in this medieval-style world are similar to those of the Middle Ages in the previous world. In the case of a farmer who specializes in dairy farming, the house and the livestock shed are separated, but in an ordinary farmhouse, the livestock are kept inside the house. There are few farmhouses with two stories, and it is not unusual to find a house with a single partition between people and their livestock.

It is not only chickens and geese, but also pigs and donkeys, so there are many things to consider in terms of hygiene. It is even said that one of the reasons why the Black Death plague spread in rural areas in the last generation was because the environment was such that livestock excrement was in the house, making it easy for rats to live there.

Well, it is not right to single out any one reason for the epidemic, but it is not right to leave it alone as long as we know the danger. This is an issue that will have to be addressed in the future. It is not something that we can do anything about now.

After the meeting with the pledges, I return to my office and give some instructions for the siege. While I was confirming the distribution of magic lamps and bows, I was informed of the visit of Rafed and Sir Kesten, so I asked them to come in.

Excuse me, Viscount.

“Yeah, no problem.”

Rafed’s attitude is, if anything, deliberate. It may sound strange, but the best way to describe him would be to say that he is an ordinary person playing an actor. Sir Kesten’s body is like that of a warrior, so there is a great gap between the two.

Thank you, both of you. Sir Kesten, how’s the support team?

“We have done the best we can during this period. We may not be able to fight in the way that the Viscount is good at, but I think we can be of great help in defending our base.

It’s only been a month so far. I think you’ve done a rather good job. When I was described as being good at what I do, it was not in the way of operating a large army, but more in the way of maneuver warfare using a small number of soldiers.

I’m not aware of it myself, but I guess that’s the impression I got from fighting against bandits. I don’t have the confidence to lead a large army, though.

“What about Rafed…”

“We have what you want, but there is a limit to how many we can have.”

That’s not an option.

It is a good thing that we have some of them. This time, my position is to be a decoy to draw out the enemy, to buy time for the knights to arrive. I do not have enough basic troops. But since I don’t have to defeat them by myself, I have another way to fight.

He gives Rafed some instructions and arranges for the cargo to be divided. I appreciate the fact that he is a former merchant and understands the importance of supply and transportation.

When Rafed left, Sir Kesten turned to me. His sarcastic face looks a little like that of General Seifert, Lord Kesten’s original boss. Is it impolite of me to think that he might be the kind of person who calls his friends by their first names?

“I wonder if Rafedo can handle the supply side of things…”

“As long as they are demons, we’ll be fine.”

I have a feeling that with his nose, he’ll be gone before I know it if I’m at a disadvantage. I think I have the advantage as long as Rafedo doesn’t betray me. Matsunaga Danjo…

And Sir Kesten didn’t even mention the idea of giving him control of the supply side, so I think he was more interested in confirming my thinking.

May I ask you a question?


“Why do you do it that way?”

I’m not sure what the question means, so I’ll just give him a quizzical look. Sir Kesten continued.

“If you simply want to protect the city, you should have stayed in Anheim from the beginning and waited for the knights to come. There’s no need to go to the trouble of defeating the Demon General.”

“Oh, I see what you mean.”

“Moreover, there is no need for you to use your own decoys to lead them to the north gate.”

They know. Surely there are other ways to lead him. But if we want to kill the general Gesarius right then and there, we should provoke him and make him furious. That way, we can hold him back until the knights come.

It would be easy to give up attacking the town of Anheim, but they can’t leave the people who have been cheated. They are too proud.

I don’t really care, but I’m a viscount, so it’s not strange to be called “sir,” but it makes me uncomfortable when people call me sir. Because of my memories of my previous life, I feel that it is a title of honor reserved for more important people.

Let’s put aside those doubts for the moment and answer the question.

“The sense of uneasiness felt by the residents of the town is different. It would be better if the demon army stays outside the city walls for a short period of time, even a few days, before the Knights arrive.”

“You are a changed man, sir.”

That is a difficult question. Certainly, I have memories of my past life in my mind, and I am conscious that I want to keep “civilians” as far away from actual combat as possible.

On the other hand, there is also the knowledge that in this world, the organization itself would not be possible. For example, there are no trucks for transportation, so there is a great deal of dependence on human power, and it is impossible not to include the people as a labor force in the number of people.

At the same time, as an aristocrat, the presence of the people is essential. A territory without people is nothing but a wilderness. You are the ship, people are the water, and the water will carry the ship and overturn it. In this sense, we should avoid fighting battles that involve the people as much as possible.

But in the end, it’s all about logic.

“I can only do things my way, I guess. I can’t think in such a way that I can be proud that I won even though I caused a lot of victims.”

“I see.”

Who are you beating your chest against… I’ll try not to think about it. I’ll change the subject before it’s pursued.

“By the way, Sir Kesten, there’s something I’d like you to do as well.”

What is it, sir?

“You know about the flying shoe skywalk. When you see the wolfsbane from Fort No. 1, I want you to send a messenger to King’s Landing, and I want you to choose the right person.”

“I see.”

“And, sir, I want you and your fellow seasoned veterans to learn how to use this thing. But secretly.”

We give them the flying shoes, the skywalks, and the magic tools that we have brought in our magic bag under the guise of necessary documents so that they will not be seen by others. Since we have confirmed that the tools are of a practical level, the rest is up to you to put them to use in the actual battle.

However, in actual use, this is something that is better left to the experienced soldiers than to me. In fact, I’d rather learn it myself.

He was stunned when I showed him the real thing and explained it in detail. Well, if someone as experienced as Sir Kesten makes this face, this thing must be effective.

“I’ll start building the fort tomorrow. You will continue to defend Anheim.”

Yes, sir.

It’s been about 20 days since we started the operation until the enemy attacked us. Shouldn’t Mazel be approaching the dungeon where the third general is located by now?

I’ll try to fight in a way that won’t embarrass the brave party.


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