Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 125

We set out from Anheim with 30 knights under our command, 60 infantrymen, 60 of Mr. Goecke’s mercenaries, 30 packmen, and a few guides who are familiar with the geography. This force is enough for bandits and brigands, and to tell the truth, the amount of supplies they will consume will be too much for a long run.

In theory, it is true that a large army is stronger than a small one, but a large army requires more supplies. And it is still too early to send the support team out to the field. It’s not going to be easy.

The reason why everyone exited through several gates instead of just one was a precautionary measure.

“I wish you the best of luck.”

“Take care of yourselves. In particular, I need you to prepare the construction and monitor the border.”

Yes, sir.

Those remaining in Anheim are Sir Behnke, who is in charge of government affairs, Sir Kesten, who commands the support force, Frensen, Rafed, and the commander of Anheim’s security force. Only the direct mobilization of the deputies will work, and food and other provisions have been prepared in my name. The pledges will not budget, nor will they speak.

The captain of the guard asked us if we didn’t trust him, but we had to get the consent of the pledge association before we could move the guard, and that would cause a lot of trouble. It’s about time for them to start talking about face value, so let’s finish the bandits before then. We are giving too much time to the bandits as well as the demon army.

The bandits are divided into three main groups. The bandits are divided into three major groups, or rather, they are led to be so. They were made into a group to some extent by having Lord Holzdeppe and Lord Goecke defeat small groups that tried to join other groups, or by deliberately putting out a large number of people to check them, so that the whole group would not become a single mass.

It is difficult because the bandits are too small and it takes time to kill them here and there, but if we gather all the bandits in one place, there will be too many of them and we will have to worry about the damage to us, and the risk of missing a bandit increases.

I really wanted to make two groups, but the group of people who are sitting in that nasty place are not moving as fast as I want them to. They have even built some kind of a fort with fences and stuff. The village near that hill has called for rescue, saying that they are being exploited.

But I don’t think exploitation, not looting, is the idea of a bandit.

I send out a scout and a messenger to the neighboring territory, make a few requests to the Adventurers’ Guild, and then leave Anheim.

The pledges could not fail to understand the problem of leaving the bandits alone, and they were sent off with a very subtle look that was not cooperative but not unpleased either. I hope I don’t get dragged down this time. I left my insurance.

“Mr. Werner, we have located the enemy.”

Yeah, where is it?

On the second day after leaving Anheim, the scouts returned and were able to confirm the enemy’s position. Sir Holtzdeppe is very good at using the scout cavalry. Surprisingly, Neurath seemed to have the same talent. Just as well, he has Neurath as his assistant to learn from him.

“In the diagram, one group is here and the other group is moving in this direction.

“I see.”

Even the people under my command had never seen a drawing based on a three-dimensional figure before, and they were naturally surprised, but soon they understood the advantage of this combined use of a map and a three-dimensional figure. I have not spread the use of this map yet, but I hope it will be soon. I would like to spread the contour map anyway. Well, I’ll do that when I’m done.

Place a frame on the diagram and check the situation. There is a hollow where the group is not moving. It is not an ambush, but rather a group that wants to get out of the way. The ones that are moving are moving to the area that Baron Zabel has in his custody. That’s a distance of one to three days for each of them, including the ones that aren’t moving. No wonder they were trying to keep us from joining them.

Now, if you do that.

“You can either crush them from the side they’re trying to get past. If they’re in a depression, let the cavalry flank them and the infantry reverse the fall from the hill on our side.”

“Mr. Werner, I heard that you came up with the plan of action at the time of the Hildare Plain.

“Oh, I didn’t know rumors like that were spreading.”

A knight who seemed to be Sir Holtzdeppe’s second-in-command came to me with such a request. I asked him to report under General Seifert’s name at that time, but he didn’t say anything after that about keeping it a secret.

I didn’t keep it quiet or anything, but I don’t think that many people would have known about it. There is no need to make a story out of it. So Sir Holtzdeppe is not only a military officer with a deputy, but also someone who is close to the powerful people in the country. But I don’t really care either way as long as he does his job.

Why don’t you do it again this time? They’re just bandits, let’s just exterminate them.

How can something like that be so successful?

I told him off, and he was absolutely thrilled. But it is true. Hannibal succeeded in the battle of Cannae with his double-wing siege tactics, but when Hannibal’s brother tried to replicate it on another battlefield, it failed spectacularly.

In order to succeed in the tactic of encircling both wings, various things are necessary, such as the suitable terrain, the ability of the general commanders to move both wings skillfully, and the situational judgment of the front line commanders. To put it bluntly, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince could do it, but not me. I, an ordinary man, will fight in the way I can.

“What about those who are sitting at a distance?”

“They’re going to be left alone for the time being. Apparently, they’ve got a vantage point now that they can’t leave.”

I think it would have been a hassle to climb that hill after joining the rest of the group. Would there have been a problem in terms of supply? I couldn’t say for sure, but from what Sir Holtzdeppe had gathered, it seemed that they were waiting for the other party to ask them to join them. I guess that bandits have their own personalities to contend with.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but if it doesn’t work, we’ll do it later. Let’s just destroy them individually.

“Sir Holtzdeppe, you will lead the cavalry in a wide circle around to that side of the hollow. Meanwhile I will take the infantry up this hill. Neurath, accompany Sir Holtzdeppe and wait for my signal to lead the way and charge. Two long and two short.”

Yes, sir.


He orders Schunzel to make the other preparations quickly and gives instructions to Mr. Goecke’s mercenaries, and starts moving with his infantry, checking their footing. He calls out to the surrounding area to pick up stones of the right size when they are found.

I’d like to get rid of these guys in less time.


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