Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 121

It was interesting to see how they were so divided at the banquet on the day of his arrival. The three main factions were: those who thought that even though he was a count’s son we should keep a close relationship with him, those who wished he’d hurry back to King’s Landing, and those who thought we should take advantage of the young man while we still can.

The last group tried to make it sound like the Count’s bastard had his daughter in his clutches. and my father kept offering me drink and my daughter was trying to sneak into my bedchamber in the Lord Chancellor’s palace while the feast was going on. I expected it, so I had Ser Kesten stay in my chambers and capture her before the feast was over.

I instructed him to throw the young girl in jail without hesitation because she was guilty of trespassing without permission. The next day her father came to apologize for his daughter’s outburst. I asked him if he knew the first order I gave in Anheim. He turned pale. The first order I gave was to execute the bandits.

I turned the father away that day, saying a crime is a crime, and after the bandits were hanged, I fined him for breaking and entering but not for killing. But it was a lot of money, and I don’t know if it’s easy for a girl to find a wife now that she’s legally a sinner.

The fine was converted into sake and distributed throughout the town as a gift from the newly-appointed governor.

We also found out that one of the town’s prominent figures had been roughing up a refugee woman, so we led a mercenary company of Neurath, Schunzel, and Gecke into the man’s house. The violent criminal was cut down on the spot and all his cronies who remained alive were banished to Triots.

Some of the pledges have asked for leniency, but I’m not gonna give it to them. Apparently the pledge’s brother was among them, but that doesn’t mean we can compromise. By the way, even the knights and the soldiers with the governor have gone quiet after I did this. You two.

I’ve left more than half of the civil administration to Sir Behnke, but I’ve asked him to give top priority to maintaining security and securing food supplies. It’ll be hard to stock up on food supplies after the Demon Army attacks, so we’ll have to gradually increase our stockpile while we still can.

And we’re also working on sanitation. We pay the refugees a day’s wages and they work with the town guards to clean the streets and ensure sanitation. It’s often said that medieval towns are not the cleanest, but that’s true of the cities of the world as well.

One of the reasons is livestock. There are pigs and cows all over town, but they’re just branded and left to roam free. Most houses don’t have refrigerators and salt isn’t cheap. So keeping them alive is the best way to keep the meat fresh. Even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

That’s fine and all, but the owners should take better care of their property. I can’t stand it when pigs and cows’ feces are left randomly on the road like dog shit was on the road in my previous life. I don’t want a plague from livestock droppings in the middle of a siege.

We ended up having the whole town cleaned up and fined for houses that neglected their livestock. The importance of hygiene isn’t common in this world yet, so it’s a matter of getting the word out.

I’ve hired about half of the people to work in the hall from the refugees and half from the townspeople, but I’ve decided to use only older men and women as servants because they’re too much trouble. If they are young, they can work as laborers in the town, and above all, I don’t want them to have to deal with the hassle of being groped by young women.

Then I heard a mysterious rumor that he has a fiancée in the capital and that’s why he’s not interested in young women. So he’s not interested in young women. That’s not true… but I’ve left it alone because it’s too much trouble. I’m just thankful that no one strange will come near him.

By the way, in the pre-medieval age, nobles have an image that they have an early fiancee, but it is not so in this world. Most of them get engaged at an early age because of their parents’ or family’s reasons. No, it’s the same in your previous life, but the reasons are more serious in your previous life.

In the Middle Ages, the mortality rate was very high. The medieval period is too broad a term, but statistics from the middle of the medieval period show that 20% of the families had no heir when the head of the noble family died. And this is only the families with no children. Another 20% had only girls. And these figures are only for families that had children. In some cases, the wife had already died when the head of the family fell ill and there was only a three-month-old infant.

As a result, there were 17 earls in England in 1300, but only three of them survived until 140. It is much more likely that the family was severed and another noble family came to rule the estate as an earl, or the estate was absorbed by another family because the head of the family was no longer in charge.

As a result, the family is more important to protect than the individual, and the more grandchildren the current head of the family has, the better. Because of this, the marriage partners are chosen at an early age, and there have even been cases where the head of the house forced his children to go to bed with him under his supervision as soon as they were able to bear grandchildren.

I think it might hurt the mother more than it’s worth, but I guess that’s part of the reason why the medical science was so immature.

But in this world, there are things like potions and magic that are a mystery to us from our previous lives. Except in the case of a sudden death… in a previous life… a fever from the flu wouldn’t kill you… Magic is a terrible thing. The infant mortality rate for noblemen who can afford to pay for expensive treatments is also much lower than in your previous life.

Therefore, it is not unusual for people to think that they do not need to get engaged for grandchildren at an early age, and that they can find a partner after they become students if their family status is not an issue. My brother had a fiancée, but this must have been because of his family.

In fact, the love lives of the children of noble families is even used as a bargaining chip. To put it bluntly, “Your son is in love with my daughter and wants to marry her. I’m willing to get engaged, but what do I get in return?” That’s it. Black.

So I don’t have a fiancée or anything, because I didn’t have any reason to rush into getting engaged. I don’t know if I can continue being a student. I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’m not running away from reality.

Regardless, I’ve taken a few steps in the last half month or so. I’ve sent an envoy to King’s Landing to ask for a budget and supplies. As for the bandits, I’ve ordered Lord Holtzdeppe to maintain distribution with the other provinces for the time being.

The support team is slowly taking shape, and I’ve been able to get a better grasp of the surrounding villages’ stockpiles. Together with the map, we should be able to secure supply lines to move our troops.

Lord Kesten, what about the support squad?

“I’m getting used to the group dynamic, but I’m not ready for real combat yet.”

How’s your relationship with the Guard?

There’s a bit of a turf war going on, but I’ll leave that to you.

“All right, you’re in charge. For now, let me focus on crossbow and sling training.


Some of them have lost their livelihood while others have had their family members killed. There’s a mix of those who want to fight too hard and those who just want to be soldiers. I guess we can’t force them yet.

I want you to be able to shoot a crossbow from the ramparts without fear, even against demons.

Sir Behnke, how’s the paperwork coming?

“Officials are pleased with the improved visibility.”

“I’m sure.”

It was the same in King’s Landing. A guild from Guild A wrote a letter of petition to the lord of the guild in this order: “Name of petitioner, body of the letter, name of the person who confirmed the petition, name of the guild leader…” in that order.

The verifier is a witness that the petitioner did not write the petition under someone else’s name, and the guild leader’s signature is a proof that the petition was approved by the guild. If the petition is made by an illiterate person, the name of the scribe will be added to the petition.

However, the documents from B guild are in the order of “Guild leader name, text, petitioner name, confirming party name. The order of the documents from Guild C is “text, guild leader’s name, petitioner’s name, and confirming party’s name.” in the C guild. In short, the guild’s internal formatting took precedence.

So Anheim asks you to write in this order from now on, and to be consistent in your formatting. If you don’t write in this order, your work will be automatically returned to us. There were a lot of complaints, but they were left alone. I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

What are the bandits up to?

“It seems the bandits are massing because we didn’t hesitate to put them to death the first time.”

“That would be better. Chasing around small groups of 10 or 20 men here and there is more of a burden on the rations.”

He nods in reply to Neurath’s report. I’ve deliberately given the bandits time to rally for that purpose. I’ve asked Viscount Grellmann and Baron Zabel to drive the bandits back.

I have a feeling that they’re not afraid to take them down… I don’t care which one it is as long as it leads to the restoration of peace.

When you put the frames on the map and look at the whole picture, you can see that there is one troublesome thing, while the other groups are fine. This is a hill that rises out of the plain. It’s the kind of place I’d use as a base if I were setting up a field camp. We’re stuck in a bad spot.

Border, enemy movement?

“As far as we can see from this side of the river, there’s been no significant movement.”

Schunzel is in charge of the border reconnaissance. The border with Triots is a river with no bridges. In the game, there is only a river in the Triots direction, but you can’t move there directly. This may be for scenario reasons.

But that’s not the reality. Refugees can cross the river if they try hard enough. A demon’s physical strength would allow it to cross anywhere. It’s hard to choose a river as a line of defense.

If we’re up against a demon army, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to use our usual strategy of holding back the river and pushing them away when the time is right. Hmm…

“Mr. Werner, you have a visitor from King’s Landing.”


Frensen got a call from the gatekeeper, and he said something like that, and I accidentally said something like… I didn’t hear you say you had company.

“Yes. I’ve arrived with a convoy of supplies from King’s Landing, and the Hammer of Steel, Iron Hammer, would like to see you.”

I’m a little surprised by the name. Well, it’s not surprising for an adventurer to be anywhere, but then again, I’ve heard that name in the strangest places.

I’ve got supplies to pick up, so I’ll go see him for a change. I’d like to check something on the way.

I’m not sure if it’s the daytime heat or the air conditioning, but I’m not feeling well.

Please take care of yourselves, everyone!

I’m repeating myself, but I’m asking you again.

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