Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 120

In the Oval Office, Frensen, who’s been looking over some documents, stands up and bows to me. I don’t need any more formal courtesies now, so I’ll get right to it.

So, what do you think?

“It also shows that they were having a hard time dealing with the refugees.”

I know, right?

I sit down in my office and take a sigh of relief. It’s probably a sign that I’ve lost my mind that I’m thinking stupidly that if it were a mystery or suspense movie, I’d have to worry about listening devices. There’s no such thing as magic, so you should be fine.

Even if there was, who would use it for something like this? I’m not being sarcastic or anything. I don’t know why they sent me here. Now I remember what my father said about being prepared. I need tea. I kind of wish Lily was here.

Lily herself asked me before I left if I could come along to look after her… but there’s no way I can bring her with me since she’s a hostage to Mazel the Brave. I can’t say that to him.

And there’s also the safety issue. The event of the attack on King’s Landing is of course dangerous, but the Knights are still alive and well in King’s Landing, unlike in the game. The event should not have started yet, so it is very safe at this moment.

On the other hand I’ve been dispatched to this place where we’re supposed to fight a demon general with a force that’s not exactly elite, terrain that’s not suited for defense, and a situation where the human spirit isn’t exactly stable. This is much more dangerous. So I’ve asked them to give up.

He’s very understanding, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong because he’s so depressed that I can’t help but see a drooping puppy tail. I’ll just tell him that it’s safer for me to stay where I’m safe.

Did you find the storeroom?

“There were some, but most of them seemed to be documents related to the administration or court records.”

“Well, yeah.”

but it’s not the Marquis of Knaap’s home territory and there’s no way he’d have any private documents left. There’s only so much information we can get in the provinces. We’ll have to return to King’s Landing no matter what. We’ll have to make at least one more move that will force us to return to King’s Landing. Sir Behnke, the first aide, spoke up.

“Was that the right meeting?”

“Yeah, you can check back later to see how the bandits were distributed. Which ones took the most men and where the troublesome ones got pushed around.”

Yes, sir.

I want to see the balance of power between the guilds. Of course, I don’t think that this one thing is going to tell us everything. Besides, we still don’t know the power relations with the surrounding villages.

There are two main types of villages surrounding a city. One is the spontaneous ones, which seek shelter in a walled city. In the Middle Ages, the purpose was to take shelter from bandits and other foreign invaders, but in this world, it is to take shelter from demons.

In this case, the mayor’s authority is quite strong and it’s not uncommon for him to be a member of the pledge association. The town can’t just ignore him because he came to them.

The other is the case that a resident of the town develops and cultivates land. In this case, the second and third sons of the resident go out for development and cultivation because they have no more jobs. In this case, the initial cost of development comes from the town, so they are subordinated to the town.

However, since rural villages are labor power, the relationship with towns is often complicated, and the relationship literally varies from one to another. Just as farmers had the power to defend themselves during the Warring States Period in Japan, farmers in this world may unite and appeal to the authorities with a hint of armed uprising. This is the part that needs to be examined closely in the field.

“Town government can basically be run through the pledges’ association. We’ll need to stabilize the entire realm first. Have the officials we brought back from King’s Landing sort out the problems of the old Marquisate.”

I understand. Are you sure you don’t want to make any major changes to town government?

“My position is that I’m only His Majesty’s representative. I’ll make things better, but I can’t make sweeping changes on my own.”

I guess so.

Sir Behnke nodded in agreement. Of course he did. Now, didn’t he just casually mention my independence?

And I want to get back to King’s Landing as soon as possible after solving the problem with General Gesarius. We don’t have time to make any major changes here. I’ll study the local problems and apply them to the Count’s territory.

“Mr. Werner, Sir Holtzdeppe, Sir Kesten and Sir Goecke are here to see you.”

Let me through.

Frensen answered my knock, confirmed we had company, and allowed us to enter. This is the current acting chief of staff.

I’m on a different side, and the famous mercenary leader Mr. Goeke seems to think highly of me, but in the end it’s about the money. I can’t ask too much of him. I’m surprised he agreed to a six-month contract.

There are about sixty mercenaries in total, including an accountant, a healer, and even a cook. I’m glad to have them now that I can move them as a full ranger force. I’ve taken to calling him Sir in public now that he’s in my employ.

I’ve charged the government for the cost of hiring Gecke’s mercenaries. You could say I’m brazen, but I’d rather have my reputation tarnished, so I’m not afraid to ask. My father gave me a sour look, but I explained my reasons to him and he agreed.

Lord Holtzdeppe represents the officers and men of the Crown. In our world, that’s called an Attaché General. If an old noble family is appointed a deputy, they can take their own knights with them, but if they’re chosen like I was this time, they don’t have an army directly under their command.

But if you can’t decorate your appearance… the honor of the nation is at stake. So the government will lend us troops to make us look good. We’ve already confirmed that they’re capable of fighting in this brainy world of ours.

Of course Sir Holtzdeppe must know about the sorcerer… but the knights and soldiers under his command may not. We need to gain their trust while we still can.

Lord Kesten is probably older than my father and was sent by General Seyffert as an instructor to train the men. but he’s retired… but I’m sure he’s still in the service. I’d probably beat him in a fight. He’s probably the best choice to lead the detachment. The General seems to be thinking about that too.

It helps that he’s been so good to me from the start. Besides Lord Kesten, I’ve borrowed five others to serve as instructors, and this is the head instructor.

I don’t actually know who Lord Behnke, the civilian representative, or should I say the de facto deputy, is. He was assigned to me by my father. He looks younger than my father, but I’m sure he’s in his late forties or more.

General Seyffert agreed with me… but I couldn’t find out where he’d been stationed before. Well, if my father and the General approve, then I guess I’m not a liability.

You may be my eyes, but I don’t need you watching me. I’m gonna give you a lot of work to do, so be prepared.

Neurath, Schunzel and Frensen will be with me again as my direct reports. It’s a bit of a lottery. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together.

“Thank you all. In the short term, I’d like you to check the surrounding terrain for Lord Goeke. If you hunt any demons while you’re at it, feel free to buy their materials.”

“Yes. We’ll be careful to keep them separate from the adventurers.”

“Thank God. Lord Behnke will assist me in government for a while. The administration of the city and the lordship is too much for him.”

“Can I be honest about such a thing?”

“It’s no use decorating.”

It’s true. I’ll try to do what other people can do. It’s a question of priorities. The most important thing is to deal with the general who’s sure to come.

“Lord Holtzdeppe, I need you to maintain the town’s security and establish relations with the guards and the local population. I warn you, any arrogance on the part of the Lord High Constable will be punished. Make sure he knows it.”


“Lord Kesten, see if you can identify any of the townsfolk or refugees who might be of use. We’ll be forming a support party soon.”

“Yes, sir, but are you sure you don’t want me to pull someone out of town who’s doing town business?”

I don’t care. Our priority is to secure our forces. We need to build up our forces considering how the bandits will react when three small groups are suddenly destroyed.

and recruit soldiers from among the refugees and the wannabes. but I can’t talk about that. We need well-trained soldiers, even if they’re ex-refugees or ex-poor slumlords.

There are no human rights in this world. There are many organizations and individuals who treat refugees as useful labor. That’s what refugees are. But since they’re not criminals, they have no right to complain that I’m taking them out.

I know you’re not happy about it, but I’m going to split with you and say that it’s worse if you didn’t deal with it in a way that didn’t get you pulled out.

After a few more instructions, Frensen spoke up.

“By the way, Mr. Werner, some of the most important people in the town have offered to host a banquet for your arrival.”

Oh, my God.

You’re here early.


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