Reincarnated into a Game As the Hero’s Friend – Chapter 117

I don’t remember any major natural disasters in my life, at least not since I got my memory back. We’ve had a few good harvests and a few bad harvests, but that’s within the margin of error. I don’t remember any famines or starvation or floods or disasters that wiped out entire villages.

It makes sense that there are no records of volcanic eruptions. Fuji has not erupted for hundreds of years. Fuji hasn’t erupted in hundreds of years. The lack of earthquakes could also be a geographical factor. The lack of famine-like disasters in the last decade or so of my life in this world could just be a coincidence.

But isn’t it strange that there has never been a large-scale windstorm or a house-crushing snowstorm even if we go back a hundred years?

There’s a small chance that the Count’s territory is super lucky, but if something like that happened somewhere in the country, he would at least write it down in his diary. It’s still safe to assume that there hasn’t been a major natural disaster in the whole of the country.

It’s true that in older RPG games, natural disasters don’t happen very often. Even if there is an event like a flood that makes the road impassable, it’s usually solved by defeating the mastermind event boss. Well, it’s not good to have natural disasters in RPGs, but…

But in the world I live in now… it would be strange if there were no natural disasters… It’s too unnatural for a fantasy world. What do you mean?

No, I’m wondering if some of the things I’ve been thinking are connected to it. You lift your eyes from the book and follow your thoughts.

It can be said that natural science started from the understanding of nature in the previous life. A simple example of this is the case of ancient Egypt, where astronomy was derived from the observation of stars as an indicator of when the flooding of the Nile River would occur, or when it was time to start sowing plants.

Early astronomy was positional astronomy, which measured the positions of stars, but the idea of measuring and calculating them eventually gave way to mathematics. It is even said that the discovery of zero and the invention of algebra are also related to the natural sciences. I don’t know if this is true or not, though.

In this sense, it is fair to say that the development of science and mathematics began with an attempt to understand nature.

As a matter of fact, alchemy flows from the same natural understanding. The early alchemists tried to explain rationally that water turns into vapor when it is put on fire, and they found a reasonable answer that the spirit of fire is added to the spirit of water, and the water turns into the spirit of wind. Of course, it was later denied, but still, this was science in their time.

The idea that adding something to a spirit changes it became a desire that adding something to an iron spirit would make it a gold spirit, and alchemy became money-making, but that’s all right. The problem in this case is that chemistry was derived from alchemy.

There’s no astronomy or alchemy at the academy in King’s Landing. I honestly wasn’t interested so I didn’t care… but it’s strange when you think about it. But now that I think about it… it’s all practical stuff like herbology, commerce, and engineering. The natural sciences are strangely thin on the ground.

It’s odd that Lily and the territory didn’t know ninety-nine. The country has the technology to build an aqueduct like that, but they’re light on teaching math. Even the level of arithmetic, if not mathematics, is neglected. There is a possibility that it is a monopoly of knowledge by those in power, but I don’t think that this unnatural bias is the only reason for the discomfort.

Is there a demon in this world instead of a natural disaster?

What if we assume that instead of lives being lost due to floods and famines, many lives are being lost due to demon rampages and demon clans? Instead of the natural sciences being neglected in favor of understanding nature, sorcery and magical artifacts are being researched to fight demons.

There is no need to fear and understand nature because there are no natural disasters. If we are afraid of demons, but nature is there as a matter of course as if it were air, and it is not dangerous or anything. The difference between our previous life and this world is the difference between the objects that are obstacles to our survival and the world in the first place.

I thought of this world as just a world of brawn, but it lacks the ability to understand and grasp nature, which leads to a world that emphasizes combat and brawn.

No, wait! There was an astrolabe in the tower. I think old Uwe explained that he discovered it when he was studying the ancient kingdoms… Hmm?

The ruins of the ancient kingdoms are also sturdy as buildings. It’s probably because they were built with architectural science that requires advanced mathematics that they remain as ruins.

What’s a dungeon anyway? Etymology aside, not everything in this world is a tomb. Maybe it was safer to build them underground, which means there was something wrong with the ground that made them grow underground. Could it have been a natural disaster?

Is it possible that some of the supposed dungeons were built for the purpose of shelter from tornadoes in the past life? Or they could be like seed banks. If you think that the dungeon was a facility to store samples of something like that, that would explain why the herbs in the dungeon haven’t rotted, or why there are one-of-a-kind equipment in the dungeon.

And if they had the technology to build underground facilities with the level of ruins and the strength of walls that can’t be broken down, they should be able to build shelters for the purpose of fighting demons and so on even today. But in reality, there are no such things. At best, they are at the level of dungeons or mines.

If we can mine, but can’t build new underground facilities, including dungeons, because most of the methods for building underground facilities have been lost, and the remaining techniques and such are like secrets that have only been passed down to a few….

I think we can assume that the current situation is a medieval-looking worldview, where the lack of natural threats has left the need for applied development significantly low, and the necessity of education is gradually dying out.

The natural science has been neglected and only the technology obtained from the natural science is left. It is as if they are saying that they will give us the application of technology, but they will not allow us to have the knowledge of the programming part of making the application.

The history of this world must have passed through the Ancient Kingdom Era, the resurrection of the previous Demon King, the fall of the Ancient Kingdom, the defeat of the previous Demon King, the period of confusion after the defeat, and the period of power struggle before the Age of Supremacy, to the current medieval-style era I’m currently living in. And only some of the technology has been passed down through the ages.

–What’s a Demon Lord?

If demons are a substitute for natural disasters, then what is the existence of demon kings? If astronomy and mathematics existed along with magic in the time of the Ancient Kingdom, is it a coincidence that the knowledge of these subjects disappeared with the fall of the Ancient Kingdom?

In this world right now, magic and demons seem to be nothing more than a lid to science knowledge. When you consider that the equipment of the Ancient Kingdoms is superior and that drop items can’t be created, the reason why magical items beyond the items in the game are not being created for a long time is because the knowledge of that part of the world is lost.

Then who was the Demon Lord who started it all? And is the current Demon Lord the same being?

I’ve heard the Witch Queen is back. Or more accurately, Laura has received an oracle. But how much of that oracle can we trust? Is it really the same Demon Lord? Or is it the same Demon Lord who came back from the dead? Or is it someone else?

The Demon General is revived by the Core, but the Four Heavenly Kings are not. Does this difference in rank apply to the Demon Lord? I wonder if “Demon Lord” is a being or a status… The difference could make a big difference.

Mr. Werner, is this the way? I’m sorry, I need to talk to you.

I come to my senses when I hear a call from outside the door. Look out, look out. We don’t have enough information. If I think any further with the amount of information I have now, I’m in danger of getting stuck in a maze of hypothesis upon hypothesis. But I feel as if my fingertips have touched an important part of the puzzle.

I’m pretty sure this Gesarius guy has a higher priority because of the time limit, but I’ll definitely look into it later. I can’t even think of a way to find out at the moment.

I decided to answer the call and go back under the light, thinking that I had gotten myself into a troublesome question.


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