Knights Are Not Good at Expressing Their Affection. But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Be Misunderstood – Chapter 5 MTL

Today the graduation ceremony for the third year students was held.


The graduation ceremony was successfully completed in the morning and the graduation ceremony in the afternoon.


Saidorius escorts Vanilla to the entrance. The strange looks from the audience do not seem to notice Saidorius and Vanilla, they look at each other smiling. And the looks around them do not reach Alton, Eutis and Bilied, who look as if they are about to be devoured by Vanilla’s smile.


Kirinarth was late to the store and didn’t know about the escort.


Kirinarth didn’t make it to the entrance in time, but sneaked in later during the opening speech and took his usual place a bit behind Saidorius. He was disappointed that Saidorius was not next to the Marine. But I didn’t let on when I was at the party.


Kirinarth arrived and Vanilla gave Saidorius a quick nod. Kirinarth was confused, but Bilied urged him to go with her, and he did, albeit with a questioning look.


From then on began the act that stunned Kirinarth.


“Marine, Lady Marine, Lady Emma, Lady Sylvia, come forward!”


Saidorius shouted loudly to the four ladies. Three of the four daughters look a bit stern, but they are well hidden by their fans so that those on stage don’t see them.


In the name of the royal family, I hereby dissolve your engagement. And from now on, your heinous acts will be made public and you will be made to think and apologize!”


Marine stepped forward with beautiful gestures like a duchess.


“I accept that you have broken off the engagement.


However, the despicable behavior…. Your Highness may be a king, but being insulted is not something I am proud of…”


Marine’s beautiful voice could be heard throughout the hall, even if she didn’t shout. By all accounts, it was perfect.


“You’ve often gossiped about Vani, using the fact that she’s my fiancée as an excuse!”


Saidorius, on the other hand, was screaming at the top of his lungs and his language was childish.


Marine was disgusted, but tried to argue without expressing it.


But moments before, Bilied had spoken up.


“Sister. I know all too well that you are an elected official. Not only I, but you dare to use it against Vani!


This is no lady!”


Marine narrowed her eyes and glared deliberately at Bilied. Bilied flinched for a moment, but Vanilla tugged on her sleeve and she straightened up as if to come back to herself.


Marine took a breath and tried to speak, but was interrupted again.


This time Alton raised his voice.


“Emma, you’re guilty too…”


Alton’s mouth twisted to one side, as if he enjoyed humiliating and degrading his opponent.


He believes that he is in a complete mount and not in a competition, so he feels [superior]. He feels [superior] because he believes he is not competing, but is in a complete mount.


“I didn’t think you were the kind of woman who would steal and damage other people’s textbooks.”


Emma raised her eyebrows.


“Hmph! You think you can fool me! I saw you run off with your textbooks! Soon after, it was discovered that Vani’s textbooks were gone. And they found them in the incinerator.”


Alton proudly held up what appeared to be a half-burned textbook.


Emma deliberately took off her fan and sighed. You!”


Alton was annoyed by Emma’s behavior. Emma then attempted to speak. She was interrupted by Eutis.


“Sylvia. You are so mean to use your wind magic to push Vani down the stairs.


My magic is much stronger than yours, so saving her was easy. You keep a record of magic use at the academy. Didn’t you know that? I thought you were an idiot.”


Eutis grinned and turned the words sarcastically.


Sylvia was disgusted by Eutis’ mischievous grin.


But Sylvia is in no hurry to open her mouth. However, she is interrupted by Saidorius.


“Kiri, you tell him too!”


And so we return to the beginning.


Kirinarth walks down the stage and stands next to the ladies who have been summoned to confront Saidorius and the others on stage.




Kirinarth turned to the men, who were excitedly speaking their own words, and addressed Saidorius first, the more senior of them all.


“Your Highness. No, for now I will call you Cyrus, as a friend.


Cyrus, do you really understand the situation? From my point of view, no – from the point of view of the rest of you, you are bizarre.”


Saidorius cannot believe Kirinarth’s words and looks at him with wide eyes.


Vanilla, Alton, Eutis and Bilied are not surprised, but from Kirinarth’s point of view, neither are they. It is Kirinarth who is surprised.


“You can talk your fiancé out all you want, but tell me [you should tell him too]. What is the meaning of this? I have no idea why they misunderstand me so…”


Kirinarth crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyebrows raised and a questioning look on his face. Five people on the stage looked at each other, trying to understand what was going on, but no one understood.


“Cyrus…this behavior here. Don’t you think it’s unusual?”


Saidorius’ mouth was open. After a while, his mouth began to flutter, but he was too confused to speak.


“I will ask Cyrus again later.”


Kirinarth decided to put off Saidorius, who obviously could not answer.


Saidorius felt ridiculed and showed some irritation, but was confused by Kirinarth’s behavior and didn’t seem to know what the right thing to do was. As royalty, he may have some skills in avoiding crises.


“Ali, Tis and Bili, I have a question for you…”


The three looked at each other.


Alton answered on behalf of the three.


“The one holding Lady Vanilla’s shoulder – that’s Cyrus, isn’t it?”


All three looked once at Saidorius, who was holding Vanilla as if he would never let her go.


The three nodded to Kirinarth.


“So you are now the lover of Lady Vanilla? I mean, is she the lover of Lady Vanilla now? [Temporary girlfriend…] is Cyrus, right?


If so, what are you for Lady Vanilla?”


Kirinarth’s question about the three’s position on Vanilla is met with a blank stare from the three. When they understood the meaning of the question, their faces turned red and their anger became clear.


“Kiri, you insult us!”


“Kiri! You are in the same situation as us! What are you talking about?


Don’t you want Vani to be happy?”


One by one, they expressed their disbelief in Kirinarth.


“No, I’m not offended. No, I’m not trying to offend you, I’m just wondering.


What do you mean you’re on the same side? Like I said, I don’t see how that can be misunderstood.


I don’t want Lady Vanilla to be unhappy, but I don’t have a relationship with her where I want her to be happy.”


Kirinarth answered all three questions with precision, though he cowered.


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