Knights Are Not Good at Expressing Their Affection. But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Be Misunderstood – Chapter 3 MTL

Eutis was a member of the student council. The Student Council is composed of three third-year students and one second-year student – one second-year student and one first-year student at the time of the generational change that occurs in the fall. Student Council consists of three third-year students and one second-year student.
At this time, the student council members were Saidorius, Alton, Kirinarth, and Eutis.
Eutis was forced by Vanilla to bring Vanilla to the student council room.
“I just moved here, so I want to help the student council get used to the school!”
Vanilla said that, and Saidorius saw no reason to refuse, so he agreed.
About two weeks later, Vanilla baked cookies.
“Sweet things are good for tiredness. I made them in the dorm kitchen. Please eat them.”
Vanilla made friends with the student council members and started having lunch with them in the student council room.
One evening, Alton Galbarb went to the library as usual and saw Vanilla standing upright to get a book.
Alton saw this and [chuckles…]. Alton saw this, laughed, and brushed his gray hair off his cheeks and over his ears. Then he quietly walked up to Vanilla, reached behind her and took the book from her.
Vanilla turned around in surprise. Vanilla’s big hazel eyes and Alton’s kiri-liri-pale indigo eyes did not diverge. And Alton was thrilled by the pretty gesture he saw so close.
“Ah, Alton-sama… thank you…”
Vanilla squeezed the hem of Alton’s uniform. Her gaze remained fixed on Alton and her cheeks turned a deep pink.
Then she looked down at the ground in embarrassment. At that moment, the hand holding the hem was also lowered a little.
Alton was pulled forward a few inches, bringing them even closer together.
“Oh, I’m sorry about that.”
Vanilla looked back up and looked at Alton. Vanilla put her hand on Alton’s chest, gripping the hem. But instead of pushing, this time Vanilla came a few inches closer. It was as if they were kissing.
Alton hurried away. The distance didn’t move him, but he was embarrassed that Vanilla knew how hard his heart was beating, so he kept his distance.
She brushed her long gray hair over her ears as if to cover it.
“Yes, is this all right?”
Alton handed Vanilla the book she would have taken.
“Yes. Thank you!”
Vanilla looked at the book and was startled for a moment, then turned to Alton with a smile that seemed to break. Alton could not suppress his heart at the gap between her enchanting eyes and her innocent smile, and let his gaze wander.
“Wow, Alton-sama is reading a difficult book, isn’t he?”
Vanilla looked at the book in Alton’s hand and said admiringly.
Vanilla then stood next to Alton and let Alton hold the book she was holding so Vanilla could flip through the book Alton was trying to read. Vanilla’s head was close to Alton’s nose. As her name suggests, the sweet, chocolatey scent of vanilla tickled Alton’s nostrils.
It would only be for a few seconds. But it was enough time to send Alton into a daze.
“Wow. Alton-sama is beautiful!”
Vanilla kept her head in that position and looked Alton up and down, his eyes already drooping.
Alton’s eyes are already drooping.
Alton’s eyes are already drooping.
Alton-sama is working very, very, very hard, it’s amazing!”
Alton’s eyes widened at Vanilla’s strong praise.
Alton Galbarb is the second son of a Marquise, his father is Prime Minister and his brother is already Adjutant to the Prime Minister. His fiancée, Emma Seymishell, is the only daughter of a Marquise; Emma’s father is a Supreme Court Justice.
Alton was to be her son-in-law.
Alton was quite brilliant and had been top or second in his class since he started school. And Emma was also very good and always competed with Alton for first place. Emma thought it was a friendly competition but Alton was being pressured.
Emma never gave Alton a word of encouragement because Emma worked hard herself, and Alton never gave Emma a word of encouragement either.
Vanilla went to the library several times to spend time with Alton.
When they were alone, she would rest her head on Alton’s shoulder and murmur.
“Alton-sama works hard enough.”
“Don’t try too hard, I’m worried about Alton-sama’s body.”
Alton had completely forgotten that Emma was also working hard and thought he should slow down.
This increased the distance between him and Vanilla. No, the distance is gone.
Alton was in the bottom ten in the tests before summer vacation.
Emma goes to Alton.
Emma’s yellow-green hair is always neatly pinned up and down. Her large dark brown eyes are slightly slanted, giving her a hard look. Seriously, she always fights in her mind the slander and jealousy of women with high grades. For her, it was the knowledge she needed to support Alton in the future, so she never stopped working hard, no matter what those around her said.
And of all the grades Alton dropped, Emma was by far the best.
“Alton-sama. I heard you were coming home late…”
“Don’t act big just because you’re the best in the class. Studying isn’t everything, right? I’m busy with the student council too!”
Alton shouted in a voice that could be heard throughout the class. It’s rare for him to show so much emotion.
“I understand. But knowledge is necessary for the future. Student council will be over after summer break.
I hope you’ll get back on your feet soon.”
That was the best encouragement Emma could muster.
But Alton didn’t like the idea of being told off. The fact that Emma was actually the superior had already disappeared from his mind.
During the summer vacation, Eutis had gone to Vanilla’s dormitory room, telling his family that he was going to the school for magic training. Since it was summer vacation, there was no dorm supervisor, and Vanilla’s fellow roommates had gone home.
Alton invited Vanilla to go downtown and said he would go to the library at home. She visited a store where they were alone.


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