Knights Are Not Good at Expressing Their Affection. But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Be Misunderstood – Chapter 2 MTL

The first to be entangled was Eutis Daimouni, the eldest son of a countess whose father is the commander of the Magical Order.
Vanille and Eutis were classmates and sat next to each other.
One day Eutis was at home reading too many grimoires and could not sleep. He had dark red eyes, brushed back his silky, dark blue hair, which was cropped above his ears, and propped his head on the desk with his elbow.
Vanilla, who arrived at the school a little later than Eutis, looked to Eutis before greeting him.
“Eutis-sama…you don’t look well. Do you have a fever?”
Such exchanges were common. But Vanilla was very different from the other ladies.
Slowly, she brought her right hand to Eutis’ forehead and placed her left hand on her own forehead. Some of her classmates who happened to be watching froze. It was unthinkable for a nobleman to suddenly touch the body of the opposite sex.
Vanilla, oblivious to the situation, held her hand on Eutis’ forehead and murmured.
“Well, with my hand I can’t say that…”
Then she put her own forehead to Eutis’ forehead.
“”Hic!!!” .”
At this point, the whole class was attentive, and there were shouts and small criticisms here and there. Vanilla, still oblivious to her surroundings, remained forehead to forehead with Eutis and murmured.
“Well, he doesn’t seem to have a fever…”
When Vanilla finally released her forehead, Eutis had already stiffened.
“But you look really pale. Let’s go to the infirmary.”
Vanilla quickly takes Eutis’ hand. She pulls him to his feet and walks out into the corridor, still holding his hand.
The class was silent for a while, then someone moved [clang]. The whole class talked a lot about criticism, contempt, envy and jealousy.
In the middle of all this, a girl rushed down the stairs to class.
Eutis, stunned, was taken to the infirmary.
Unfortunately? Unfortunately, the school doctor was absent.
“Oh my God! He’s not there at a time like this…”
Vanille muttered to no one. Vanille and Eutis’ hands were still linked.
“Anyway, let’s rest!”
Vanilla took Eutis by the hand and led him to the bed, where his uniform was removed, he sat on the bed, his shoes were taken off, and he was pushed into bed.
Vanilla rested her forehead against Eutis’ again as he lay down.
“Oh? I feel a little hotter…”
As Vanilla spoke, her forehead still against his, Eutis could feel Vanilla’s breath very close to him, making him nervous.
In Eutis’ whole life, only his mother had done something like this to him. As an aristocrat, it was only natural, but being treated like no one but her mother had ever treated her before made Eutis feel special.
“Yes! If you have a fever, you need water!”
Vanille fetches water from a pitcher in the hospital room.
“Can you drink it?”
Eutis stood up and took the glass. He drinks the water and gives the glass back to Vanilla.
“Thank you.”
“Oh? You can thank me for that. Mmmh.”
At Vanilla’s protective words, Eutis lies down and covers himself with the bedspread.
“You should get some sleep.”
Vanilla patted Eutis on the hip with . Vanilla lightly patted Eutis’ lower back at a leisurely pace. This lulled Eutis into a deep sleep.
Eutis slowly opened his eyelids. Not knowing where he was, he turned to see what was going on.
“Daimouni-kun, are you awake?”
The school doctor noticed that Eutis had moved and called out to him.
Eutis scurried around for some reason.
The school doctor came to the side of the bed and touched Eutis’ forehead.
“Yes, just sleep deprivation. Did you find anything interesting?”
Eutis was a regular in the infirmary.
He apologized emotionlessly, as he always did.
“It’s lunch time in half an hour. You can relax until then.”
“Okay. I slept alone?”
Miss Gradoval came to me in the classroom and told me that Daimouni-kun was probably sleeping here.
“What, Sylvia?”
Eutis raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, but…”
Eutis was not convinced that Sylvia Gradoval had called the school doctor even though she was his fiancée.
Eutis approached Sylvia in the cafeteria during lunch break.
“Sylvia, I need to talk to you.”
Sylvia fixed her dark green, dull eyes on Eutis and tilted her head.
“Tis-sama… are you feeling better now?”
“No. Just come here…”
Eutis’ tone was noncommittal, like that of a spoiled child.
“Okay, okay.”
Sylvia greeted the ladies present and stood up. They went out to the terrace. The terrace is unpopular with the ladies because of the direct sunlight. So it’s sparsely populated and easy to talk to.
“How can I help you?”
Sylvia’s shiny silver hair swayed in the wind. Eutis seems to have no feelings for this scene that other gentlemen might admire.
“How could you call the school doctor?”
Eutis goes to the second grade and Sylvia to the first grade. Second grade is on the second floor of the east wing and first grade is on the second floor of the east wing. The third grade classrooms are on the second floor of the west wing.
“Because my friend told me that Tis-sama was sick and went to the infirmary.”
“So that’s how you spied on me!”
Eutis stood up and his voice rose. Sylvia is annoyed, but doesn’t show it. Her expressionless look irritates Eutis even more.
“Whatever! Just leave me alone on campus.”
Eutis called her, made a fuss and left without a hitch.
Sylvia had been confused about Eutis’ behavior since he entered the academy. The pressure from her father as the head of the magical order increased.” You can’t be a leader if you can’t stand alone!” That’s what his father told him. Sylvia wanted to help him overcome that pressure. Sylvia is up all night reading grimoires and asking the school doctor not to wake her when she can’t sleep, which she does all the time.
Eutis and Vanilla made a connection and quickly became closer.
“There’s nothing wrong with being spoiled,” she says.
“You don’t have to stand alone. I stand with you…”
Vanilla’s sweet words made Eutis feel like he was being spoiled by Sylvia, who was younger than he was.
It had never occurred to her that she was already supported.


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