Knights Are Not Good at Expressing Their Affection. But That Doesn’t Mean We Should Be Misunderstood – Chapter 10 MTL

Vanilla’s desperate attempts to wake the four motionless men looked funny to the girls and pathetic to the boys.


Suddenly, a new voice rang out.


“Lady Vanilla, I have a question for you.”


Before they knew it, a strong man was standing behind the ladies, and it was his voice.


He had the same reddish-blond hair as Kirinarth, only slightly longer and combed back, and the same dark violet eyes as Saidorius, long and slightly slanted. She has a very striking appearance, similar to Kirinarth, but with a fearless, mature look and narrow eye sockets. Just the sight of him is enough to make the girls cry out in yellow.


The principal is at his side.


“Get him!”


At a word from him, the Kingsguard rushed onto the stage and captured Vanilla.


The four men were also followed by two King’s Guards each. They were not to arrest her, but to hold her in case of emergency and not to touch her.




Kirinarth just looked down at the strong man and got out.


“It’s all settled over there. Sorry to barge in like this.”


Junar’s smile towards Kirinarth distracted some of the girls who couldn’t hear what he had to say.


“No, sorry for not stopping you.”


They were whispering when they were interrupted.


“Junar, you don’t have that kind of authority! I am the Dauphin!”


Saidorius starts screaming and the king’s guard grabs Saidorius. Saidorius tries to shake the King’s Guard’s hand, but the King’s Guard won’t let go.


Saidorius tries to shake off the King’s Guard, but the King’s Guard makes no move to let go. This is an order from His Majesty the King. You have no authority to override it.




Saidorius steps back. Even a prince could not withstand the gaze of the captain of the order.


“It is not true that you are the dauphin. You were only first in line to the throne.”


Junar carefully explained to Saidorius, who was stunned for a moment. Saidorius was stunned for a moment and then, perhaps because he realized what he had just said, stormed out with an angry look on his face.


The others began to lash out as well, as if to do the same to Saidorius. Vanilla, for example, shouted ugly curses and was convinced that he was indeed a former commoner.


Then a mage behind Saidorius bound him and the others with magic.


“Hmm, quiet now.”


Junar looked at the five as if they were insects.


“Your mistakes have already been reported. We were going to try you in a separate room so as not to disturb the graduation ceremony, but it seems you committed more crimes before that.


His Majesty is waiting for you in the castle.


Take her away.”


At Junar’s command, the five men were led away by the King’s Guard.


Kirinarth was instructed by Junar to take the five men and three of their betrothed – not counting Kirinarth’s betrothed Melina – to a separate room. They had prepared the room for this purpose and were not ready in time for the group to enter.


But before Kirinarth could call on them to do so, the men began falsely accusing the daughters. So Kirinarth decided to do it here and now.


“I wanted to keep this to myself.”


Kirinarth’s mutterings to the backs of the five men were not heard by the convicts.


The dean motioned for graduation to be reopened. It was a disaster for the graduates, but they hope it will one day be a memory.


Kirinarth saw that the party was back on, and he and Balzalid took the three daughters to the royal castle.


Melina was left in the care of Balzalid’s mistress.




Kirinarth and the others are led into a room of the castle, where they sit at a round table and the maid prepares four cups of tea.


“Thank you for speaking with us yesterday.”


The marines bowed to Kirinarth.




The day before the graduation ceremony, Marine and her family were invited to the Order Commander’s residence. There they discussed the recent behavior of Saidorius and his family, the fact that every house, including the royal family, knew about it, and the feelings of the three of them.


[We have permission from His Majesty. You can decide what you want at tomorrow’s meeting with them].


After the order commander’s words, they discussed in their respective houses how the other would react and how they would handle the situation at that time.


As for Bilied, although the Navy had not broken the engagement with Saidorius, the adoption had been broken since the previous day. The procedure for the annulment has already been completed.




Kirinarth lowered her head at Marines and the others’ words.


“No, I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to get it over peacefully…”


The Marine hurriedly stopped Kirinarth.


“Kirinarth-sama, please stop…”


Marine, Emma and Sylvia were very confused by Kirinarth’s behavior.


“I know you were very considerate.


It is you yourself who have acted foolishly and without consideration for Kirinarth.”


“That may be so, but…”


The four turned their heads a little.


[Knock, knock].


Balzalid went to open the door. Balzalid greeted Junar with a bow.


A word or two was exchanged and the five, including Junar, took their places at the table, so Balzalid was shooed away.


Junar began to speak with an indescribable expression on his face.


“To make a long story short, it seems that we have been tricked into eating food with some sort of magical enchantment.”


The three men were caught off guard by Junar’s words. Kirinarth felt that this was to be expected. Kirinarth himself had not eaten any of Vanilla’s homemade cookies, lunch boxes, or Vanilla’s tea. The four men tried to stop him. They were the ones who weren’t listening.


At first, the four men wondered about Vanilla. Then everything went wrong.


“However, each one was too small to be easily spotted. And because they were food, the protective magic around their bodies didn’t seem to work either.”


Kirinarth had discarded the cookies along the way. However, he became suspicious and left with Junar. However, the first researcher who examined the cookie was unable to detect it because he was only examining one cookie.


It was only a week ago that Kirinarth was finally able to discover the cookie, after examining all the cookies he had accumulated at once. Since then, time has passed with meetings and countermeasures.


It was decided that Vanilla could not have done this alone, so they could not act quickly or release information.


It wasn’t until the day before graduation that we were able to tell the Marines that we were going to do decriminalization.


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