I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 95

The Power of Kings

Chapter 95: The Power of Kings

The surface of the sphere shakes violently like a wave.

The ‘liquid metal’ begins to swirl around the protruding arm, and eventually converges into the shape of a human being.

It’s so big it stands up to the Chimera.

At first glance it looks like Yuuma in his ‶Metal Armor‶ has just grown larger, but his arms and legs are thicker and his shoulder and chest armor is thicker.

His helmet is covered with horns, and his fangs peek out from his steel jaws.

A monster of a different shape than a human being.

Kanzaki and Aisha, who were watching from afar, felt it more than anything else.

The fundamental fear that a living creature must have in the face of a giant.

“Ha ha ha… Look at you, Taro! My hands can’t stop shaking.

Aisha showed her trembling hands to Kanzaki, but Kanzaki was also trembling slightly.

“Hey, what the hell? Did the temperature in the cave suddenly drop?

It’s crushing me.

Unspeakable frustration.

It’s something called ‘awe’ that neither of them had ever felt before.

And the chimera here…

The steel-armored giant opened its jaws slightly and let out a puff of white steam.

He glares at his enemies, his shoulders heaving with muscle and armour.

The Chimera took a step or two backward, its huge shears held aloft. The humans weren’t the only ones who were afraid.

The chimera’s demonic instincts refuse to fight the Titan before it.

But he also knew a fight was inevitable.

Both strong men who should reign supreme. No two in the same place.

The Chimera stopped retreating and was about to step forward when the Steel Giant raised its arms, which were hanging limply, and opened its jaws wide.

“Beware! O!!!”

A deafening roar.

The impact spreads through the cave, and all the blur is blown away and scattered.

The President and Aisha covered their ears and frowned. The next moment, the Steel Giant kicks the earth and rushes out.

It’s too fast for the Chimera to react.

The Titan raises his left arm and swings a fist at the Chimera in crab form.

They break through the thick shell and crush the crab’s shell.

A blackish liquid splattered around the area. The crab tried to fight it by raising its scissors, but the steel giant grabbed them, pinned it down with its legs, and ripped them off with force.

With one look at the writhing crab, the giant throws down his scissors and kicks the crab in front of him as hard as he can.

The crab did a half-turn and slammed into the cave wall.

The giant leaps toward the crab, which is buried under the crumbling rock and flails its eight legs. The ground shakes and rumbles with each step.

When he gets close to the crab, he steps to his left and swings down with his right fist.

Your megaton-class punch easily shatters the thick shell of your opponent. The crab’s entire body is torn apart like an eggshell being shattered by the impact.

But change came quickly.

The broken body of the crab melts into liquid. The large scissors that have been torn off also dissolve, turning into a black puddle.

Eventually, all the liquid begins to undulate and collect in one place.

The liquid metal quickly takes shape and transforms into a giant cobra.

It opens its great mouth and comes at the giant. It bites him on the arm and his body lurches, trying to tear him to pieces.

But the Steel Titan doesn’t seem intimidated.

He lifted the bitten arm with a jerk and slammed it to the ground.

The earth cracks open and the cobra opens his mouth and grabs the serpent by the upper and lower jaws. He pulls both jaws in opposite directions and squeezes.

Cobra flails his tail and tries to escape, but the giant shows no sign of letting go.

His jaw clenches and his jaw pounds and he reaches his limit.

“Eva, Eva, Eva, Eva!”

With a yell from the giant, the cobra’s upper and lower jaws are torn apart. The giant throws the cobra’s lower jaw away and slams the upper jaw, with most of its body attached, into the ground.

He stomps down on the head of the cobra, which has stiffened, with his foot on it.

When you crush the cobra’s head, the whole cave shakes, and pebbles fall from the walls and ceiling.

The cobra’s head was crushed and its body convulsed, and gradually it stopped moving.

Kanzaki and Aisha were watching the battle from the shadows of the stone pillars and were stunned by Yuma’s fighting prowess.

“Is that… Is that really Yuuma? Isn’t he overwhelmingly strong!”

Kanzaki shouted in surprise as he held down his shaking hands. Aisha also gulped and nodded.

“Yeah, but from the looks of him, he could be losing his mind.”

“What? We already beat the Chimera! You’re just gonna go crazy, aren’t you?

“No… The Chimera won’t die from that. It’ll probably change form again to match the Titans.

“What? That thing’s not going to kill me!”

“Ah… But Yuma’s lack of ego might be a plus in a fight.”

What do you mean, “plus”? What do you mean, “plus”?

Kanzaki looks at Aisha with a puzzled expression.

“We all unconsciously put restrictions on our bodies. But when you’re in a state of unconsciousness, when your instincts are running wild, there’s an overload of adrenaline.”

“That means–“

“That means the Titan can completely remove his muscle limiters. In a contest of strength, he would far surpass the Chimera.”

Kanzaki gulps and shifts his gaze to the battlefield.

The Steel Giant exhaled white steam as it stared down at its crushed-headed foe.


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