I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 92

Triple A Dangerous Demon

Chapter 92: Triple A Dangerous Demon

–Your body’s full of power.

Yuma ran as soon as he landed. He pulled back his pikkel and swung as hard as he could when the fallen chimera’s body was close to him.

A huge hammer strikes the demon’s torso. The impact blows away the blur.

The Chimera, its own body crushed, lifted its head angrily and lunged at Yuuma, opening its big mouth to bite him.

Yuma dodges and flies to the side, and the Chimera crashes to the ground.

Yuma gulps as he sees the shattered rocks.

–It’s not half as powerful as I thought. Still–

Yushin, who is faster than his opponent, approaches at once before he can regain his stance and strikes him with a blow to the head with all his might.

The steel skin is heavily indented, and the destroyed scales scatter about.

The Chimera roared and attacked Yuma with its many legs outstretched like spears.

But Yuma dodges all of them and cuts off the legs of the demons stuck in the ground one after another with the sword protruding from the back of his left hand.

He also points the five fingers of his left hand at the chimera as it tries to lift his head.

The five fingers instantly extended like spikes and stabbed into the chimera’s torso.


He makes a “return” at the tip of the spike to prevent his finger from falling off, and puts his finger back on the spike. Yuma’s body jumps up and he is pulled to the chimera at once.

As he attached himself to the Chimera, he pulled out his fingers and instead sprouted countless spikes on the soles of his feet.

They run up the chimera’s body like climbers up an iceberg.

He lengthens the sword in his left hand and thrusts it into the body of the giant creature. He runs towards the chimera’s head.

The sword cuts through the steel surface with sparks.

The Chimera, his voice almost a scream, glares at his foe as he climbs up his body.

–You didn’t think I’d let a human hurt you!

Yuma ran up to his head and put his sword back, both hands gripping his pikkels and raising them.

“Eat me!”

Every red streak on his body shone brightly. Yuma swung down with all his might.

A resounding crash. The head of the hammer plunges into the chimera’s head. It shatters skin and bone, and enough of a response is felt in Yuma’s arms.

The chimera’s body tilts and it falls slowly.

Thud… The earth shakes and a cloud of dust rises up. There was an indescribable silence in the cave.

“Hey! He did it, Yuma. He beat that monster!

Kanzaki, who was watching from a distance, looks at Aisha with great joy. Aisha, however, refuses to let go of her grim expression.

“What the hell. Aren’t you happy that Yuma won?”

“… You’re a real piece of work, you know that? Take a good look.”


“What the… What the hell?”

The chimera’s shattered body begins to dissolve, turning into a black liquid. The liquid begins to move as if it has a mind of its own, and it gathers around the Chimera.

The chimera’s body is gradually restored.

“Oh, come on! You don’t think that’s him, do you?

“Right… You know why they say physical attacks don’t work on demons in the deep? That’s the answer.

With all the liquid returned to his body, the Chimera slowly leans back and raises himself up.

There it is, the monster, fully restored to its original form, without a scratch on it.

“[Super-healing] An ability found in many deep demons, only ‶magic″ is said to have the effect of inhibiting it.”

“But this is the Black Dungeon!”

Aisha nodded at Kanzaki’s words.

“Yes, it’s said that many demons in the Black Dungeon have hard outer skins and shells and few of them have the ability to regenerate even in the deeper levels. But he’s different.”

“Oh, no…”

The expression on Kanzaki’s face changes. 

That’s what Kanzaki thought… but then he realized something.

Wait a minute! That demon turned his shattered metal body back into liquid. If that’s the case, isn’t it the same as Yuma’s liquid metal?

“Could be… Liquid metal or something close to it.”

“Then, can’t Yuuma use ‶Super Recovery″ too?!”

Kanzaki says as if she’s found hope.

“That’s not true. Yuma hasn’t told me anything about metal slime regenerating. Perhaps there’s a difference in its characteristics.”

“Difference in characteristics?”

“Metal slime has a super-hard outer shell, but it doesn’t have the ability to regenerate itself. Chimera, on the other hand, is not as hard as metal slime, but instead has a regenerative ability called ‶Super Healing‶. This is the difference in their characteristics.”

“So, even if Yuuma gets injured, he won’t recover like that Chimera?”

“Yes. You’re ‘metallized’ now, so you can’t take physical damage, but it’s only a matter of time before you’re unmetallized. If you return to the flesh, you’ll be killed with a single blow.”

“What the hell is that? That’s one-sided.

“And if the Chimera’s body is liquid metal… no wonder it can change form at will to suit its opponents. Here’s where it gets really scary.”

What are you talking about so calmly? If you don’t do something, he’s going to kill you!

Kanzaki looks at Yuma with a desperate expression.

Yuuma, clad in metal armor and breathing on his shoulder with a large hammer at the ready, stood before the giant demon.


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