I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 91


Chapter 91: Clash

Aisha, do you think you can beat him? That monster…”

“… It’s painful. Even if I use my ‘liquid metallization’ ability, there’s a limit.

“Why? Yuma has enormous magical power! If you use that power, won’t you be able to use the liquid metal in a spectacular way?

Aisha closes her eyes and shakes her head.

“It’s not that simple. It’s a huge waste of mana to convert mana into mass in the first place. It would take an incredible amount of mana just to increase the mass a little. Even if we used all of Yuma’s mana, how much mass would it be…?”

“Oh no… But you have mana that’s way out of Yuuma’s league! Then–“

Mana doesn’t make you strong! You know that!

Aisha rebukes him sharply and Kanzaki falls silent.

It’s true that just having mana doesn’t make you a good fighter.

“If you look at the mana index alone, Yuma’s mana index is probably higher than Chimera’s. But you can’t compare the strength of demons and humans based on mana index alone. Mana is only one aspect of strength.”

Aisha’s right. Demons are on another level.

They have different basic abilities. But–

“Yuma will do it! I believe so!”

The reddish-white blur that still hangs over the battlefield is filled with a tense atmosphere.

Silence reigns, and a slight misty glow flickers.

As if on cue, Yuuma moved. The blood red veins of blood flowed throughout his body.

–from the start, I’m going full throttle!

Red streaks glow thick and bright. Increase your super-power to 15 times your maximum and consciously unlock your muscle limiters. You’ll be able to pull out twice as much power.

Like a bolt of red lightning, it rushes across the earth and leaps at the chimera’s feet. It leaps more than ten meters, and the demon’s head looms overhead.

The moment Yuma raised his nickel the chimera moved slightly.


One of the Chimera’s bellows legs suddenly extends and thrusts itself into Yuma’s stomach.

The metal body didn’t penetrate, but the legs continued to extend, slamming Yushin into the rock wall.

The sound of impact rings out, and a cloud of dust rises into the air.


Kanzaki’s face paled. This was an attack he’d never imagined.

As the Chimera begins to get back to his feet, Yuma drops down from his position against the wall.


Aisha stopped Kanzaki who was about to go to Yuma by grabbing his sleeve.

Stop it! You’ll only slow us down.

But we can’t just leave him there!

Wait… Take a good look.

Don’t you trust him? Trust Yuma.

“… Fuck you!”

Kanzaki grips the hexagonal cudgel in his hand.

I bit my navel in frustration at my inability to do anything.

“That’s how he attacks… I’m surprised, but I won’t get hit next time!”

Yuma starts to run again. In response, the Chimera began to extend its legs. This time, not just one, but dozens of them, all at once.

It’s like a falling spear that strikes at Yuuma.

The tips of its legs are sharp, like pickaxes. They must reach speeds of over 300 kilometers an hour. Dozens of them are coming down on us at the same time.

Normally this would be a hopeless situation, but Yuma remained calm.

–What the hell? Seems a lot slower.

He dodges the falling pickaxe-like legs and slashes at some of them with a long sword extended from the back of his left hand.

The leg was easy to cut off.

–My body’s harder than yours. Then we have a good chance!

You smash several of the demon’s legs that are stuck in the ground, cleaving them with the ice axe in your right hand.

He rushes across the earth at terrifying speed, closing in on the chimera. He raises his pike and slams it into the bellows of the giant creature.

With a jolt its belly collapses, and the nickel that you drew out gouges out the surface of the monster’s body.

The serpent’s body was covered in steel scales, but it was easily destroyed. The Chimera felt the pain and reacted quickly, changing its movements.

He extended the numerous protrusions on his body and began to attack Yuuma as if he were stabbing him with a needle.

“Oh! It’s like a liquid metal spike attack. Is it similar?

In addition to the needle attacks, the creatures also extended their legs. The total number of them reached into the hundreds.

And yet–

“It doesn’t work on me!”

He dodges with tremendous reaction speed and slashes with his left long sword. Several of them hit him, but Yuma’s steel armor repelled the Chimera’s attacks.

No matter how strong the attack is, it can’t harm Yuma’s metallized body.

“Woah woah woah woah woah!”

The veins of blood running through Yuma’s entire body are glimmering red.

After crouching down, he leaps with all his might and the ground explodes, sending Yuuma flying up. More ‘liquid metal’ is poured into the nickel, making it into an even bigger hammer.

A hammer of steel is drawn from below and smashes into the chimera’s jaw.

A crash like an explosion. Yuma leapt up at the head of a chimera ten times his size.

“Oooohhhh!” A low moan echoes through the air, and the Chimera falls to the ground as if in slow motion. Immediately afterwards, a large cloud of dust rises into the air.


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