I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 85

Defeating the Titans

Chapter 85: Defeating the Titans

Yuma doesn’t slow down his attack, and immediately runs towards the golem’s left leg. He moves so fast that the Golem is unable to react.

This time, he slammed his left ‶Shokken-tsuki‶ into the stone pillar-like leg.

A roar rings out and the Golem’s leg cracks wide open. As the monster staggers back and forth, Yuma bends down and kicks the earth in an effort to strike back.

His feet explode and he jumps up with such force that he turns into a steel bullet.

A head butt explodes into the giant’s jaw. The horns on his helmet hit him, and his jaw cracked open.

 Three consecutive breathless blows. Yuma landed on the ground and stared at the enemy in front of him.

“That’s amazing, Yuma! He’s pushing against that huge Golem!

The president who has been watching the battle looks at Aisha excitedly. Aisha smiles wryly and nods in agreement.

“Indeed… He seems to be getting better at using his powers. But it’s not completely off the limit… not if I can release 100% of it.

“Wasn’t it perfect yet?”

The president looked at Yuma in disgust. Yuma runs in the opposite direction from the staggering Golem and keeps his distance.

“What the hell is he doing? We were just starting to close the gap.

Aisha smiles at him.

“He’s got an idea. It’s gonna be fun.”

Yuma kicks the ground and runs toward the golem. The more you run, the faster you will accelerate.

You leap straight for the golem’s belly.

He curls his body around himself and spins around as he charges forward. With his ‘Liquid Metallization’ ability, Yuma’s body melts into a gelatinous sphere before transforming into a giant iron ball with spikes on it.

The next moment– with a sound like a bolt of lightning– an iron ball crashes into the golem.

The golem’s chest shatters on impact, and pieces of rock scatter about.

The hulking demon couldn’t maintain its stance and fell flat on its back.

The iron sphere that was thrown into the air after crashing into the golem turns into a gelatinous sphere again, and then transforms into a humanoid form clad in metal armor.

Yuma spun around and landed on the ground.

“Yes! Yuma is dominating!!!”

The boss was impressed by the way she transformed her body. Aisha is also impressed.

“Huh, he’s starting to master his abilities. I can’t handle it when he does that.”

Yuma runs up the body of the fallen golem. He extends the sword stored in the back of his right hand and thrusts it at the damaged chest.

The sword pierces deep and cracks in all directions.

Golems stop moving when their nucleus is destroyed. Most golems I’ve encountered have a nucleus in their chest or head.

I knew it would be one or the other this time, and I did everything in my power to destroy it.


Yuma’s body is bound tightly. The golem’s left hand is holding him.

He lifts me up and tightens his unorthodox grip on me. The steel body creaks.

“G, this…”

Yuma put all his strength into his body. The moment he let out a yell, hundreds of black protrusions extended from his entire body.

Not spikes. It’s a long sword with more destructive power.

His grip loosens for a moment as the sword pierces his hand. Yuma’s ‘liquid metallization’ ability transforms his body into a gel-like state and he sloshes out of the golem’s hand.

When you revert to ‘humanoid’ form again, you quickly run up to the golem’s face.

–If there’s no nucleus in the chest, aim for the head.

Yuma holds up his hands and clasps them together above his head. His hands become metal spheres with no boundary between them.

The sphere quickly changes its shape and becomes a large axe.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

The axe swings down and bites the golem in the face, smashing it nearly halfway across the face. The giant still tries to move, and this time you drive your axe into its neck.

The rock cracks from his neck to his chest, and the impact sends cracks all over his body.

Still, the golem did not die. It tries to grab me again with its battered left hand.

Yuma turns around and cleaves it with his axe as hard as he can. The golem’s hand is slashed off and its wrist falls to the ground with a spinning thud.

Yuma looks at the golem again and raises his axe high above his head.

The red veins of Bloody Ore Ore’s blood that flowed through his entire body grew brighter and brighter. His body temperature rose, and Yuma felt the power overflowing from within his body.

–You’re at your best now.

Without hesitation he swung his huge axe down and smashed it into the golem’s chest. A terrible sound of destruction, and then the impact that rushed through the cave.

Whether the golem’s ‶core‶ was near its chest or whether the damage to its body had exceeded a critical point, the giant demon had completely stopped moving.

His body crumbles to pieces, each broken rock turning to sand.

“Huh… Huh… I did it.”

Yuma, who had been standing on the sand, put his arms back on the sand and just stared at the sand as it disappeared. His strength drains from his body. It seems that time has passed and the ‘metallization’ has been broken.


The president and Aisha, who had been hiding behind a rock, come running up to him.

You did it. Are you okay?

I look around at my body when the boss tells me to, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

He seems fine.

Aisha smiles when she hears this.

“I once again admire your ability to use so much power and not be affected by it.”

Aisha. Did I do a good job of disabling the limiter?”

“No… It’s not perfect yet. I’ve probably got twice my normal strength, but I’m nowhere near my full potential.”

“I see, it’s not so easy after all.”

Yuma smiles bitterly and scratches his cheeks.

“but the basic strength of your body. And the strengthening elements of iron, lead, and silver. And nearly fifteen times the super-power of the bloody Bloody Ore Ore. In addition to that… he’s doubled his muscle strength by lifting the muscle limiter. I think he had more than 30 times his normal strength. I think that’s enough to be in the realm of ‘superhuman’.”

“Is it that much…”

“Well, with that much power it’s going to be harder to control, but you’ll get better at that as you train. You can continue to have Kotaro train you.”

Yes, I will!

“Oh, I’ll take care of it.”

The president pats Yuma on the head and says “Well done!” and patting Yuma’s head, Aisha looks down at the disappearing Golem sand.

That was…

Aisha crouched down and picked up something she found in the sand.

It was the biggest ‘silver magic ore’ I’ve ever seen.


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