I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 84

Beyond the Limits

Chapter 84: Beyond the Limits

Yuma transforms his body into ‶Metal Armor‶ and walks out from behind the rock to the Golem.

Are you sure you’re okay? Yuma.

The president asked worriedly. Yuma turns around and says, “I won’t push myself too hard.” and walks away again.

Yuma stopped in the middle of the hierarchy.

A huge golem is before you. Its entire body is covered in rocks. It has thick limbs and even a human-like face.

I can feel the tingling on my steel skin. It must be one of the strongest demons I’ve ever encountered. Yuma regulates his breathing and glares at the hulking monster.

Golem has also noticed Yuma’s presence.

Slowly you move your body to face your small foe. The earth rumbles with every step you take.

Golem swings his arms out wide. It looks like it wants to hit Yuma.

–Dodging is easy. But you can’t remove the limiter on your power if you stay here. I’ll meet you head on!

A megaton punch is thrown down. Yuma also unleashes his Bloody Ore Bloody Orr ability.

If he can release the limiter of his muscles, he can repel the Golem’s fists. Believing this, Yuma thrusts with his right fist.

The most powerful means of attack. Golem’s blow and Yuma’s full fist strike.

When the two collide, a violent shock spreads through the cave.

What happened?

The president, who was watching from a distance, opens his eyes. The explosion causes rocks and smoke to fly up into the air. It is Yuma in his black armor who is blown away by the force of the explosion.

He seems to lose consciousness and crashes into the wall.


The president jumped out from behind a rock and ran to Yuuma who fell to the ground.

Are you okay? Come on, man!

He picks up the armored body and shakes it from side to side. Yuma wakes up with a start and gets up.

“Oh! “Oh, my God. Did I beat you?

You idiot! I told you it was dangerous!

Yuma is not damaged, so he gets up quickly, but he doesn’t think he can beat that Golem.

–I guess I’m not gonna make it.

Aisha rushes over with the president and points at the golem.

“Look, Yuma. Look at that golem’s right hand.

Right hand…

The golem’s right fist is cracked, and bits of rock are falling out.

“It’s working… Is it? My fist bump…

“That’s right. Yuma, your power is working. If you can unleash more of your power, you’ll definitely be able to defeat that golem!”

Yuma looks at his hands. It can’t be easy to remove the limiter from his muscles.

I still think I can get something out of it. Yuma decides to try again.

“Hey, Yuma. You can stop now!”

Sir, I’ll give it a little longer, just a little longer.

The president tries to stop him with his hand and Yuma walks over to the Golem.

The rock golem spots Yuma and raises its rock arm wide again. He steps forward with a thud with his left foot and drops a huge fist.

Yuma doesn’t avoid. He takes a Shokken-tsuki stance and the two fists collide head-on.

Earth shattering impact. A cloud of dust rises and rocks scatter. Yuma is blown away and crashes against a rock, and he falls to the ground.


You stand up dazedly and look at the golem, which is standing still.

–Not yet. We’re still no match for him. But… But I think I’m getting something. We’re almost…

Yuma goes to the Golem once more. They face each other three times.

The golem’s eyes narrowed and two red lights shone in them. It looks at you with red eyes and raises its arms.

I’ll kill anyone who comes at me. I can feel it.

Yuma regulates his breathing and gets ready to strike with his fist. You can feel the blood rushing to your head. His body is burning hot.

A raging wave surged up from the depths of my body. That’s what it felt like.

–Next time…

“It’s nice.”

Aisha, who had been watching from a distance, speaks up. The president looks doubtful when he hears her words.

“What do you mean, it’s nice? Don’t be so sure.

“Yuma’s in a state of excitement. We know that a large amount of adrenaline makes it easier for the muscle limiters to come off.”

“Is that so?

“The rest is up to him. If he really can lift the limiter… We might see something interesting.”

Aisha grin lifted the corner of her mouth.

The sound of cutting wind. Fist blows that shake the atmosphere are coming right at you.

I’m going to destroy that fist! That’s all I can think about… and put everything I have into this blow.

He takes a step with his left foot. The ground cracks and your foot bites into it. Streaks of red run down your body, and you have a strong glow.

Golem lands with a straight right. Yushin responds with a right hand to the temple.

Steam erupts from his body.


Fist to fist clash – the cave shook with the impact.

Aisha and the president in the distance also looked at him. Yuma stood with his fists out. He wasn’t blown away like before.

And the golem is stopped with its fist outstretched.

–No good… Just as Yuma thinks that… there’s a click.

A crack appears in the golem’s knuckles. The crack runs from his fist down his arm and up his shoulder.

A rock creaking sound echoes through the air, and the golem’s arm shatters with a mighty thud.


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