I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 78

Training in Hell Begins

Chapter 78: Training in Hell Begins

“Okay, that’s it, Yuma. We’re going to train you hard for a week from today, so be prepared!”

“Yeah, yeah… That’s great, but where do I start?”

First we need to get out of the dungeon and back to the hotel.

You’re leaving? The dungeon.

The president is walking towards the exit. Yuma looked at Aisha and saw her smiling at him.

Apparently, they’re putting the president in charge of everything.

Yuma followed the president and left the dungeon.

Yuma returns to the hotel and finds the president writing something on a piece of paper.

“Oh, yeah! It’s done.”

What is it? It’s…”

“Here’s your training plan. We’re paid by Aisha to do this. We’re gonna have to do it.

Yuma receives a paper from the president and checks its contents.

(1) Push-ups 100, sit-ups 100, squats 10 Squats 10 times a day for a set of three sets.

Running 5 km each in the morning and in the evening.

Two hours a day of martial arts training.

(4) Enter the dungeon every day from the 20th to the 30th level and kill demons and collect demon ores.

“Well, uh… Are you going to do all of this?”

Yuma asks anxiously and the president replies as if it were a matter of course.

“Well, I’ll add more training as I go along, so I think this is what I’ll do at first. Eventually it’s going to get harder.”

Hearing that, Yuma turns pale.

Will I live to see the end of this job?

The training starts immediately. As I was breathing on my shoulder, the boss had brought some martial arts mitts from somewhere.

Then let’s go to the dungeon! Yuma!

And with that, he left the hotel in high spirits. Is it my imagination or not?

As soon as we arrived at the first layer of the dungeon, the president’s martial arts training began.

“One, two, boxing. You’re gonna have to hit me right in the eye!

The president puts on a pair of punching mitts and sets them on his hands. Yuma has no choice but to punch him like a boxer.

“What’s with the slouch! You need to straighten your posture and put more energy into it!”

The president of the company yelled at me, and we spent not two hours but more than four hours that day practicing martial arts. I was so exhausted that when I went back to my hotel..,

“Yuma, let’s run the last five kilometers and go home. I’ll run with you!”

It really was hell.

The next day, you continue to train hard. When the training and running are over, you train one-on-one with the boss.

He raises his right leg and steps straight ahead. At the same time, he thrusts out his right fist.

“Yes, that’s Chinese kung fu’s ‘one fist movement’. That’s the big difference between karate and boxing.

“Is this like the ‶Shoken Tsuki″ of Chinese Kempo?”

“That’s what I’m talking about. The smaller the movement, the faster you can hit him!”

After that, we practice low kicks and middle kicks with the mitts held by the president. In the afternoon, we go into the dungeon and hunt monsters.

The lack of a nickel made it less efficient, but I decided instead to increase the variety of weapons I could make with ‘liquid metallization’.

Yuma, he’s gone!

On the 22nd level of the dungeon, I was fighting a four-footed monster with fast legs. It has a shell on its back that is harder than an armadillo’s.

The ‘metallized’ Yuma sees the monster coming towards him and holds up his left hand.

His left hand undulates and more liquid metal coils around it. It formed a great axe, waiting for the demon overhead.

Yuma swung his axe at the monster that jumped at him.

A single blow kills a shell-wrapped demon, killing it instantly. Red blood splatters all around.

“Okay, that’s good enough for me!”

Keep it up, Yuma. We’ll take down the other demons too.


After that, he and the president defeated dozens of demons, and when it’s time to go home, he runs to the exit.

We had to run more than 10 kilometers and were exhausted by the time we reached the hotel.

The next day, you will go through muscle training, martial arts instruction from the president, and then Aisha calls you in to analyze your metallization ability.

How much can you change your form with your liquid metallization ability? Try to change a few things.

Yes, sir.

Yuma pulled the clothes into his body, making the surface of his body tight and smooth.

“Oh! You can do all these little things?”

“Well, as long as you have an image, you can change your outfit a little.”

“I see… So can’t I have a body like armor that’s good for fighting?”

“Armor…? Is it?”

When Aisha told him, Yuma thought of a Western knight or a Japanese samurai. He wears armor on his arms and legs and heavy armor on his chest. On his head he wears a horned helmet.

“Oh! That’s nice, you look very strong!”

Aisha claps her hands in delight… and the president says, “It’s definitely suited for battle!” The president of the company said, “It’s definitely suited for battle!

Yuma feels better and changes the shape of his armor even more. To increase the destructive power of his blows, he’s added spikes to the tops of his fists and sharpened the corners of his head to sharper angles. A head butt with this will leave your opponent covered in blood.

His shoulders are covered in spiked armor, and his face is covered by a mask so that you can’t see his true face. This is truly a metal armor form.

I check my appearance in the mirror in my room and see a stern warrior in full black armor. He looks like he belongs in a samurai movie.

But not on the squadron side, but on the monster side.

And on the back of each hand is a sword that can be slid in and out at any time. This part of the weapon looks like something a hero in an anime would use.

Thinking of this, Yuma entered the ‘Black Dungeon’ again today.


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