I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 75

The Hardest Metal

Chapter 75: The Hardest Metal

“This is not good… All these numbers…”

The President gritted his teeth. There were more than a dozen Varin blocking the way in all directions.

“Yuma, can’t you use that power anymore?”

“… It’s no good. I think we’ve run out!”

Varyn will be on our way to the exit. He’ll kill us all.

“Yuma, you head through here to the exit. I’ll take Aisha and follow you.

“Yes, sir!”

Varin and the others are all moving at once. Yuma and the president also split up and took action.

The President pulls Aisha’s hand from behind a rock and runs around to the exit. Yuma steps past the two Varin in front of him.

It’s a demon with unusually strong arms but not so fast.

As long as he doesn’t get caught, he can escape. That’s what Yuma thought.


Something hit me on the head. The impact was so strong, I crouched down.

–What the fuck?

I see bits of rock lying on the ground. I look behind me and see Vahlin and his men lifting rocks and throwing them as fast as they can.

You’ve got some wits about you. He got up and tried to run away, but he stopped dead in his tracks.

One Varin grabs you by the leg and another grabs you by the shoulder and arm.

I can’t shake it out of my terrible grip.

“Damn… Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me!

One of them rushes forward and hits you hard. The impact sends you reeling.

I can’t take a step because they’ve got me by the arms and legs. One of them comes up behind me and bites me on the shoulder.

Your steel body is undamaged, but soon your powers will wear off.

If the metallization is broken his body will be torn apart and he will die instantly. Yuma felt the blood drain from his body.


The president, who had been near the exit, comes back with his hexagonal club raised.

We can’t win with these numbers. But he still came at us without fear. The hexagonal staff glows blue and possesses the power of water magic.

I’ll save you now! Hold on!

With a thick club he strikes at Varin. The sturdy demon stumbles backwards as it receives the blow, which is laden with magical power.

There’s water splashing around.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

The President swings down with all his might. But he can’t move it because Vahlin has a firm grip on him.


The president punches Verlin in the face. But the steel-skinned monster is undaunted. Blood spurts from his fist.

Vaelin reaches out and grabs the president by the arm.

–If we don’t do something! Even the boss will die! Is there any way we can save him?

Yuma thought desperately. If I use my ability, I can break through the current situation, can’t I?

That’s what I thought, but I don’t know what exactly to do.

The only thing that came to mind was that decathlon.

If only I could use the power of that Metal Slime that was so powerful… The image of the Deca Slime reappears in Yuma’s mind.

–Yes, that’s it.

You can do this attack with your entire body in Verlin’s grasp. Yuma’s whole body undulates, and liquid metal crawls on the surface of his body.

“Take that!”

Hundreds of spikes protrude from his body. They formed like sea urchins… and their long, thin spikes easily penetrated Vahlin’s steel body.

The demons that have been restraining you grunt and groan one after the other.

He pulls his hand away from Yuma’s, spurting out blood, and takes a step or two back. Yuma puts the spikes back on and turns his right hand into a dagger this time.

The image is thinner and sharper than before, and it has changed into a sharp blade.


Varrin falls back and Yuma charges after him. He reaches out his dagger hand and thrusts it into the demon’s chest.


Yuma’s body is made of the hardest metal slime. The sword made of metal can cut through anything.

The dagger in his right hand pierced Vahlin’s steel breastplate and plunged into his heart.

Now transform your left hand into a shape like a black cuirass. You make it look like a black cuirass, and extend a long sword from the back of the cuirass.

As you can see, a long sword protrudes from the back of your left hand.

Yuma swung his sword and cut Varrin’s throat.

Blood spurts. A black monster falls back. It turns to sand and vanishes.

There was a way to defeat him even if we couldn’t beat him with our strength. The magical ore was found where Varin disappeared.

Yuma picks it up and immediately goes to the president.

Two Varin are attacking the president. Yuma slashes the flank of one with his right dagger. He points five fingers of his left hand at the other.

All five fingers extended at once and thrust themselves into Vahlin’s back as long spikes.

The demon turned around with a snarling cry. Yushin’s fingers return to normal and he extends his sword from his cuirass and slashes Varrin’s throat with it.

The moment his hand leaves the hexagonal staff he hits the two Varin with it. The demons stagger back, sending shards of metal flying.


I hear the President’s voice and I see something running behind me. I turn around and see the one-armed Verlin.

He jumped on Yuma and attacked him. But Yuma was calm.

He bends down with his right hand to the ground. The moment Varin tries to cover him, hundreds of spikes shoot out from his body.

Varin grunted as he stopped moving, his body powerless to stop him.

He retracted the spikes and the body shook as it fell. Yuma stabbed the demon through the chest with his right dagger and slashed at its throat with his left sword.

Varin bleeds profusely and finally disappears into the sand.

“I did it…”

I picked up the magic ore that fell at my feet. and ran toward the exit.


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