I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 65

Metal Coating

Chapter 65: Metal Coating

“Ahhhh… The magic ore really dropped…”

Aisha picks up the metal ball with shaking hands.

“It’s iron. It’s iron, the magic ore.

“This is getting interesting. Let’s go on killing and killing and killing!

Yuma and the president of the company are shocked by his crazy smile.

I was getting scared but I couldn’t stop the investigation halfway. Yuma and the others had no choice but to continue hunting demons after that.

If the sword stings a Dung beetle, it dies at once. If it misses a vital point, it disappears into the sand after two or three stings.

The earthworms could be sliced into rounds, and although they moved for a while after they were cut, they stopped moving and disappeared when they were crushed.

The most troublesome is the armadillo.

The blade doesn’t go through. I tried several times to change the shape of the dagger, but I still couldn’t pierce the armadillo’s shell.

I can’t get the image right because I don’t have the actual dagger, so I’m still in the ‶lackadaisical″ realm of things.

“Yuma, can you coat the nickel with metal?”

“What? Coating?”

Yuma raises his eyebrows at the suggestion he hadn’t thought of. It’s true that ‘liquid metallization’ has a lot of applications. It seems like it might be possible to coat things with it.

I’ll try.

You pick up the ice axe from the ground and imagine that you are pouring liquid on the surface of the ice axe. A metallic gray liquid flows up from your hand onto the surface of the nickel.

The whole place was covered in seconds.

“It’s done!”

“Yeah… Now this nickel’s a harder weapon than the demon. Can you make the head bigger and the pick sharper?”

“Yes, I’ll try.”

When you focus your attention, the liquid begins to collect in the head of the nickel and form a shape.

The head is about two times larger and the pick is sharply angled like a pickaxe.

The image is easy to understand because there is an actual ice axe.

“Okay, try taking down an armadillo with that.”


Yuma raises his ice axe and points it at the armadillo. He swings down with all his might and easily pierces the armadillo’s hard shell.

The armadillo screams its last. It dies without a moment’s pause and disappears into the sand.


“Now we’ve defeated all the demons on the eighth level, Yuuma. All we have to do now is hunt them down!”

Yes, sir.

With the pleased president, Yuma hunts down the demons. The metallization is time-limited, so he deactivates it every five minutes and tries to conserve as much energy as possible.

Yuma and the president catch the fleeing worms and dung beetles and collect them in one place.

When he had a certain number of them, Yuma ‘metallized’ them and smashed them with his nickel.

The increased weight of the nickel crushes the smaller monsters without mercy. It’s the most efficient I’ve ever seen.

The sharp pick of the nickel can pierce even a hard armadillo, so the demons are turned into sand one after another like a stream of work.


“Oh, oh, oh, it’s wonderful! I can’t believe I can get this much magic ore! The drop rate is really 100%. No, it’s great!”

Aisha was overjoyed as she sorted the large amount of magic ore into cases.

Iron from the dung beetle, copper from the earthworm, and chromium from the armadillo. That’s about 40 in all.

–I’ve never seen Aisha so happy.

Yuma puts down his ice axe and sits cross-legged on the ground. His face is tired and his forehead is sweaty.

Boss, I’m really tired.

Well, after that many beatings…

He took an energy drink out of his bag and said, “Here.” and handed it to me.

Yuma says, “Thank you very much.” He pulled the pull-tab, opened the lid, and gulped it down into his stomach. It soaked into his body.

“I can’t get any more strength into my body. My muscles will be sore tomorrow.”

“You’re pathetic. I used to kill demons all day long!”

“It’s a different time, boss. Now you have to think about work-life balance.

“What’s with the work-life balance! You’re using those stupid sideways words!”

“Well, that’s all for today, but we still have a month to go. Let’s get back on track tomorrow!”

“Yes. I still have a long way to go, and I’ll do my best!”

When Yuma and the president were talking about this, Aisha stared at them with a curious look on her face.

What are you talking about? We’re going down 10 levels to hunt another demon!

“”What? “

Aisha said it as if it was a matter of course… and they were exhausted… “Are you serious?” They turned pale.


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