I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 62

The Dungeon of Yokohama

Chapter 62: The Dungeon of Yokohama

“Tomorrow, Yuma and I will go to the ‘Black Dungeon’.”

“What? Suddenly?”

The president of the company, Kanzaki, returns to the company and reports to Maika and Tanaka that he has officially accepted the request to investigate the Black Dungeon.

“I’ve been there a few times to investigate, but why are you suddenly taking Yuma with you?”

Maika asks curiously. Kanzaki opens his mouth in a painstaking manner, since he can’t give her any details.

“Ah~ that’s it. Yuma’s magic power is still low. If it’s a black dungeon where magic doesn’t work well, me and young Yuma would be the best combination.”

Maika didn’t seem to be convinced by Kanzaki’s explanation, but..,

“Hmm… well… It sure takes a lot of strength to defeat that demon over there…”

Yes, yes, that’s it. Tanaka-san!

“Yes, yes.”

Tanaka, who had been sitting at his desk, gets up and comes running to the desk.

“Me and Yuma are going to Yokohama for about a month, so Tanaka-san, could you dive into the ‘Blue Dungeon’ with Maika, and collect the ‶Iolite″ in the 20th layer? .”

The magical gem that Isaacs requested. I see. By the way… why did you decide to accept Aisha-san’s request?

“U~ That’s…”

The investigation of the Black Dungeon had been put off for some reason or another. Maika and Tanaka were well aware of this, so they wondered for a moment what to say,

“Look, look. If I say no more, they’re gonna kill me, so… I’m just gonna have to take it.

“Ah~ haha, you’re right. We’ve been promising to get investigated for a long time, and as expected we can’t extend it any further.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Ha-ha-ha.”

“Okay. Please leave the collection of ‶Iolite″ to me and Maika-chan!”

Yeah, I’m on it.

Kanzaki lets out a breath and sits down on his desk chair. Yuma is chatting happily with Maika and the others.

–That’s the biggest mana holder in the world? I still can’t believe it.

If you really had that much mana… you wouldn’t just be a powerful Seeker. You’d be proficient in all four elements… and even healing magic.

Now, the world’s greatest healer of restorative magic is an Indian woman named Gaurika Naidu.

He is called the Messiah, the miraculous messiah, who can heal even the sick and the wounded of the death in a moment by his divine works.

But the treatment cost billions and billions. Some rich guy paid hundreds of billions for it. Even she has a mana index of 4800.

Some scholars say that if the power of restoration magic exceeds 10,000 it can even raise the dead.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if you have 460,000 mana you can probably get by with 100,000 of it for healing magic.

Then he’s a god. How is that possible?

We’ll have to find out. In this search–

The next day, Yuma and the others were seen at Yokohama station.

The ‘Black Dungeon’, which appeared in the form of a cave-in around the downtown station area, caused extensive damage and made headlines at the time.

The government has declared it a catastrophic disaster, and has begun construction of a facility to close the entrance to the dungeon while providing reconstruction assistance.

Today, a stern fortress controlled by the Ministry of Defense sits right in front of Yokohama Station.

It’s really in the middle of the city.

Yuma mutters to himself as he looks up at the towering building.

Well, of all the dungeons that have appeared in Japan, this one has probably caused the most damage.

The president who was looking up behind Yuma said.

“Hey, what are you doing? Come on, come on!

Aisha runs toward the entrance of the building waving her hand. She is wearing a white lab coat and a large backpack, and looks as if she is having a good time.

The appearance of the researcher is unimaginable from the usual gloomy appearance of the researcher.

“Aisha-san, are you going into the dungeon too?”

“Well… I’m here to investigate.”

“… Are you sure you don’t want to get in the way?”

“… Don’t say that.”

This job is not only to attack the hierarchy but also to escort Aisha.

No wonder the President’s been looking so unhappy.

When you enter the building, a uniformed Self-Defense official will take you through the formalities.

Aisha shows them her entrance pass and the president and Yuma are registered as accompanying Seekers.

The crew leads us to the back of the facility. After passing through a number of heavy doors, we arrived at a domed hall.

There was a big hole in the ground.


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