I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 60

Supreme Capability

Chapter 60: Supreme Capability

What is it? Metal slime.

Aisha asked curiously. Yuma explained in detail about the metal slime, the magic ore that dropped, and how the dungeon disappeared after a while.

“… I see. A metal slime… I’ve heard rumors… but you’re really here. I see… I see…”

Aisha nodded repeatedly, looking pleased.

“So, can I use that Demon Ore ‘metallization’ now?”

Yes, I can.

May I take a look?

Yes, sir.

Yuma stood up and activated his ‘metallization’ ability. His entire body is dyed black and even his hair is turned into steel.

“Aaahhh! This is the ability of ‘metallization’!”

Aisha was overjoyed and touched Yuma’s body. Behind her, the president was stunned.

“I see. It’s definitely hard, but it’s also resilient. I’ve been studying the Black Dungeon for years, but I’ve never seen a magical ore that undergoes such a drastic change.”

After five minutes had passed, Aisha continued to touch Yuma’s body with interest even after his body had returned to normal.

“I see… I see… So, did that dungeon have any demons other than metal slimes?”

“All of them were metal slimes, but there were some of different colors.”

Different color? What’s that?

“I kept killing metal slimes and they kept coming out in the order of ‘gold’, ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘yellow’. ”Green” came out in that order.”

“Well, it’s a different color.”

Aisha scribbles a few words on her notepad.

“Was there any difference besides the color?”

“Yes. It was stronger, and the ‶Magic Ore‶ ability was different.”

“The power of the magic ore? Is it really that different?

“Red has ‘Fire Resistance’. Blue, yellow, and green are now water, lightning, and wind resistant, respectively.


Aisha stands up with her arms crossed and walks around. She seems to be thinking about something.

“I see… There are demons in the Black Dungeon that are immune to magic… but… So they’re resistant. If that’s the case…

Oh, uh…

Aisha came to her senses and apologized. She apologized.

“The demons in the black dungeon can use fire and lightning magic just like in the white dungeon, but there are rare demons that can’t use fire and lightning either. Well, that’s one of the reasons why they don’t like me… If what you say is true… then there are demons whose magic doesn’t work. That’s interesting.”

“Ha, ha…”

“So what kind of magic ore did the ‘gold’ slime produce?”

“Uh, yes. The Golden Demon Ore’s ability seems to increase the drop rate in the ‘Black Dungeon’ to 100%.”


“So, the Demon Ore is almost certain to drop…”

“Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? What are you talking about? The magic ore.


“100% drop?”


Is that what you’re saying?


Aisha looks up at the ceiling and begins to spin slowly on the spot. Yuma and the president look at her suspiciously, not understanding what she is doing.

She brings her face close to Yuma’s and looks at him seriously.

“Are you sure, sure, sure, sure that the drop rate is 100%?

“Ho, ho, ho, it’s true.”

Yuma is so intimidated by the power of the scene that he almost shivers with fear.

“Kookkook… If that’s true, then the study of the black dungeon will advance dramatically. It’s truly the best ability in the world. The drop rate for magic ore is only slightly lower than magic gems. It’s impossible for it to drop 100% of the time. Well… We can test that later. Right, Yuma?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Aisha said that it was the best ability,louis vuitton handbags outlet, but Yuma thought that it would be no use no matter how much magic ore he could get his hands on that would not turn into gold.

“Is that all the kinds of metal slime that came out?”

“Oh, there was a huge metal slime that came out at the end. It was so strong that I had a hard time defeating it.”

“Big metal slime? Is that thing just big?”

No, you changed your form. That’s what the magic ore can do.

“A magic ore that changes the shape of your body? May I take a look?”

Yes, sir.

After Yuma has ‘metallized’, he uses his ‘liquid metallization’ ability to turn his body into a gel-like state and become a round metallic slime.

It sprouted several tentacles and jumped about.

“It’s like this…” Yuma turned around and saw that the president and Aisha had their eyes wide open and their mouths gaping open in exasperation.


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