I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Possibilities

The next time you’re in the mood for a good time, you’re going to want to be prepared for what they’re going to say.

“This is the detailed data of Mitaka Yuma’s ‶Mana Index‶, showing the differences in electromagnetic radiation.”

Oh, oh, what’s that?

Look here.

When Kanzaki peeked in, he saw a graph on which he did not understand.

What about this?

“This data shows the ratio of mana, and this white part is ‘colorless mana’.”

“Mmm-hmm… And?”


The graph where Aisha had pointed had changed color.

“This grayish area indicates that the mana has taken on color.


“That means that not all of the four hundred and sixty thousand mana is colorless mana.

Wait a minute! That’s…

“That’s right. Yuuma Mitaka is already eating the Demon Jewel! He’s dyeing his mana.”

“He can’t do magic! He doesn’t even look like he’s lying. I mean, if he can do magic, why don’t we just tell him?

“I don’t know why. But it’s definitely dyed mana. I can’t tell what kind of magic it is, though.”

“How much dye… “How much dye does it take to turn into… magic?”

“Considering the overall ratio… I’d say about 100,000 of them have been converted into magic power.”

“Hundred thousand?”

That’s impossible. A gem like that would be a challenge to prepare. I can’t even imagine how much it would cost.

I don’t know where in the world he got that magic gem from. Kotaro, have you noticed anything strange about Mitaka so far?

Aisha asked and Kanzaki fell silent. He had been watching Yuma for a while now, and there was nothing strange about him, except for the fact that he had trouble raising his Mana.

You had access to powerful magic and you didn’t tell us?

“He was worried because he said he measured his mana quotient and it’s zero. You’re telling me he lied?

Aisha puts her hand on her chin and falls silent. After a moment, she opens her mouth.

“No, you can’t measure his mana with a normal mana meter. In that sense, it’s probably true that he thought he had zero mana.”

Then why can’t I get readings from your instruments?

Aisha smiles at Kanzaki’s question as if she were making fun of him.

“It’s not how it’s built. The one I built. A normal meter is a delicate instrument that extracts the weak mana in your body… and measures it. But they can’t measure it accurately if they’re flooded with mana. It’s the same logic as how you can’t measure an individual’s mana in a dungeon.”

“That’s… It might be, but…”

“On the other hand, my instrument is based on a spatial measuring device that measures mana in a dungeon. It is unique in that it measures the entire object by placing it inside the device. It doesn’t matter how much mana is in it.”

 But it’s also true that thanks to the device she was able to measure Yuma’s Mana.

Aisha walks around the room muttering something.

“Then why did Mitaka eat the Demon Jewel? If he thought his Mana Quotient was zero, he wouldn’t have eaten it.”

“You didn’t know that you can’t use the Demon Jewel without mana, did you?”

“No, nowadays you can find that much information by searching on your phone. It’s unthinkable that you don’t know.”

Tapping her chin with her finger, Aisha closes her eyes and looks pensive.

I’m just in my own little world, doing my own thinking.

“You thought that Demon Jewels also have zero mana index…? But you should be able to find out that Demon Jewels always have mana if you look into it… If that’s the case…”

Aisha, who had been wandering around, stops dead in her tracks.

“You don’t think it’s… Magic ore?

Hmm? What the…?”

“There’s magic ore with a mana index of zero. They should be available on the net. And if the mana index is too high, the mana meters on the market won’t be able to measure it.”

Aisha is getting more and more excited.” She’s a scholar who specializes in researching the ‘Black Dungeon’ so she’s sensitive to things like magic ores.

“If that’s the case, then maybe Yuma Mitaka has something to do with the Black Dungeon… No, it must be! He must have! If we don’t ask him, we’ll just ask him…”

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! If he’s hiding something, it’s not gonna be easy to get it out of him.

“Hmm? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you’re right. We’ve got to be ready… We can’t let our best subject… No, no, no, he’s a person. No, no, no…”

Aisha’s eerie laugh makes Kanzaki uneasy.

Koutarou! The day after tomorrow, bring Yuma Mitaka here. I’ll listen to what he has to say.

“Day after tomorrow? Why not tomorrow?”

“Prepare them. Make sure he talks. Well, I’ll take care of it. Kkkkk.”

Aisha smiled confidently at him, and Kanzaki’s anxiety grew even greater.


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