I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 46

The Lost Scholar

Chapter 46: The Lost Scholar

Yuma is puzzled by what he suddenly hears.

“They were classmates in college. I get a little nervous when I hear them talking, whether they’re getting along or not. Oh, between you and me!”

“Ha, ha…”

I’m surprised about the president’s ex-girlfriend, but I’m even more surprised about Tanaka’s love for gossip.

You sound like a gossipy old lady.

“Hey, Yuma! We’ve come to an agreement. We’re heading to the lab now. We’re not going to explore the dungeon today.

Yes, yes!

The president pockets the car keys from his desk.

Tanaka-san, I need you to prepare for tomorrow’s expedition.

Yes, sir.

“Maika! I’ll be back by noon. Get me some supplies I’m out of.


“Okay, Yuuma, let’s go.”


They went outside, down the stairs, and got into a grim jeep parked in the parking lot and headed for the lab in question.

Ota Ward, Tokyo. A manufacturing town with many factories.

However, due to a lack of successors and competition from overseas, many companies have abandoned their operations. In a corner of such a town, there is a research institute that Yuma and his team are aiming for.

I pull into the lot, get out of the car, and look up at the building.

The name of the company has peeled off completely, and it is impossible to read what it said.

The outer wall of tin is rusted and battered. It doesn’t look like a research institute.

So this is the lab?

“The institute is only used by the “straggler scholars” who were kicked out of the university.”

The president passes through the front shutters and opens the door on the left.

Once inside, the smell of metal and oil stings your nose. It is dimly lighted, and if you don’t watch your step, you might trip over some tools lying around.

The president walked up the stairs and put his hand on the doorknob of the room in front of him.

When I entered the room, it was the only brightly lit room in the institute. At the back of the room, there is a woman with long hair, wearing a white lab coat and working at a computer.

Hey, I got him! Check it out.

When the president spoke to him in an exultant tone, the man with his back to him said roughly, “Wait a minute!” The person with his back to him replied roughly, “Wait a minute!

The boss, as usual, clicks his tongue and leans back against the wall. He leans his back against the wall, crosses his arms and closes his eyes. It seems he’s going to wait.

Yuma had no choice but to wait for the woman in white to finish her work.

“Sir, what kind of a scholar is that woman?”

“Yeah? Yeah, some nut-job biologist who’s been working on the Black Dungeon for a long time. He’s smart, but he clashes with a lot of people. Now he’s not taken seriously by any legitimate research institutes or universities.”

I’m not sure if it’s safe to trust someone like that.

After a while, I hear a little voice say, “Okay.” A small voice is heard. The woman in white hits the enter key on her computer and closes the browser.

Stand up and look back at me.

Black pants and a white blouse. A woman with long black hair wearing a lab coat over it. She’s probably in her early 40s.

Yuma thought that she had a neat face. But the dark circles under her eyes spoiled her good looks.

Sorry to keep you waiting. Is that her? I need you to look into…

Yeah, yeah.

The boss scratches his head and replies curtly. They don’t seem to be getting along well.

The woman puts her hand on her chin as if thinking.

“Hmm… I don’t know if I have mana resistance. I’ve never heard of it, but okay, I’ll check it out. Come here!

He looked at the president and nodded. Yuma walked to the woman.

Then the woman looks into Yuma’s face and smiles.

What’s your name?

“Oh, yes… Mitaka… I’m Yuma.

“I see… Mitaka. I’m Aisha Kisaragi. We’re going to do some tests now. Don’t worry. If there’s anything wrong with you, I’ll find it. I’m a good person.”

Aisha said and smiled.

Yuma said, “Yes… Yes.” That’s all he could say. He seems like a really strange person.

Koutaro! You owe me. I’ll make sure you get it back!

He says, “I know, I know.” And he’s all, “I know, I know, I know.

Follow me!

Yes, yes.

He leaves the room with Aisha and enters another room. There were shelves lined with various devices and medicinal items.

I’m gonna check you first to make sure you’re okay. Sit there.”


He sits in a round chair and looks around. Aisha brings something and sits down in the chair in front of her.

“Give me your arm so I can do a blood test. I’m gonna take your blood.”


Aisha lightly disinfected Yuma’s arm and checked the location of the blood vessel. She removes the cap from the tip of the needle and inserts the needle into the puncture site before attaching the vacuum blood collection tube to the holder.

But Yuma has a question. He had heard that this man was a biologist, but is he also a doctor?

“Oh, um… Only doctors and nurses can take blood samples, right? Are you qualified to do that?”

“Oh, how do you know all those details? Don’t worry. I’m doing this for the advancement of science. You don’t need to worry about such trivialities as laws.”

What about–? I didn’t understand what you were saying for a second, but are you saying I don’t have what it takes?

Yuma could only watch as Aisha took blood while smiling.


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