I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 42

Magic Granted Armament

Chapter 42: Magic Granted Armament

Well, let’s start with weapons. Follow me, Yuuma.

The president is leaving the office and going down the stairs.

Yuma hurriedly followed the president with Tanaka.

“Where are you going?” Tanaka says, “Upstairs in the warehouse.” He says, “Upstairs.

I thought that only one floor was the company’s office, but it seems that the second floor is also used by D-Miner.

The president opened the door of the second floor and went inside. Yuma and Tanaka followed him.

It was dusty and a little dim inside, partly because the curtains were closed. Various tools were placed in a mess.

Propped up on a shelf is a club or a sword. Some look like helmets or protectors. He takes one of them and dusts it off.

“Geez, some of these aren’t even used… Yuma, choose a weapon or armor from this list.

Weapons and armor?

“Weapons in the dungeon are a bit special… This one…”

The president picks up a club that is on a stand. The club is a bronze-colored one with a heavy atmosphere.

“This is the magic-enhancing weapon [Water Vein Cudgel] made by El-Seed. If you put magic into it in the dungeon, the club itself will be charged with water magic and emit blue light.

What is it? That magic granting arm?”

Don’t you know that? Mana’s useless by itself. It’s called colorless mana. When you swallow a gem and become able to use magic… your colorless mana decreases by the gem’s mana index. This is the phenomenon called ‘mana dyeing’.

“Manna… “It’s dyin’.”

and some call the dyed mana “magical power”. The size of this magic is directly related to the strength of the attack.

You can only use ‶magic‶ by converting mana into magical power. Yuma had read about it in books, but hearing it from the president, who is a professional searcher, made it more real to him.

“Well… only the top Seekers can fight demons with magic. Most Seekers don’t have enough magic. That’s where this magic-granting weapon comes in. It makes a high attack power with little magic. In short, it’s a magical aid. It’s unique in that it uses a magical gem at its core.”

“Does El-Seed even make that?”

“The world’s leading manufacturer of dungeon armaments. It’s safe to say that most of the weapons and armor used in Japan are made by El-Seed.”

Yuma took the club from the president and looked around with interest. He heard that it was not made of metal, but of a special ceramic.

“If you can convert a mana index of 70 or so into magic power… you can use this thing. Well, a third party can put magic into it, but we don’t do it because it’s not efficient.


“But we’re going to the Blue Dungeon this time. It doesn’t make sense to use Water Magic on a Water demon, so we’ll use it this way.”

The boss pointed to the shelf next to it. There was another set of weapons lined up there, but the atmosphere was clearly different from that of the magic-granting armaments.

What’s this?

“It’s not a magical weapon. It’s some kind of stun gun. You push the switch, electricity flows. Battery-powered.


“Battery cells. It’s far weaker than lightning magic but it’s pretty good against water demons. You can choose whatever you like.

“You said you liked…”

Yuma looks around. On the shelf was a long club-like weapon. On the table in front of him are a dagger and an electromagnetic baton.

He picked up the club and pressed the switch in the middle of the handle, and a thin beam of light shot out from the tip. Stun guns are commonly used weapons, but Yuma was disappointed to see a stun gun in a professional setting.

But there’s no way that Yuuma, who can’t use magic at all, can handle magic-enhanced armaments, and as he looks at the weapons on the shelf, he thinks that he has no choice but to…

“What? This is…”

I notice something on the corner of the shelf. At first I think it’s a club, but it’s not.

Take it out of the dust.

It looks like a hammer and hammer with a large piece of metal attached to the end of its long, thin handle.

“Oh, that. I miss that. I used to use that a lot.”

Is it old?

“Yeah, the early models of dungeon weapons made by El-Seed. I used to love them. Now they’ve fallen by the wayside in favor of clubs and daggers and easy-to-use stun guns.”

Tanaka nodded at the President’s words and withdrew from the conversation.

“Yuma, you should choose a weapon that’s easy to use. Especially when you’re a beginner. How about a dagger? There aren’t any strong demons where we’re going but it’s important to kill them efficiently.”

Tanaka smiles calmly and offers you a dagger. A professional Seeker Seeker would say so. But perhaps it’s because I’ve killed so many metal slimes with a hammer that this long, thin, hammer-like weapon feels so comfortable in my hand.

“Excuse me, Mr. Tanaka. I’d like to use this one if possible.

“Really? If Yuma-kun says so, then it can’t be helped, but…”

The president, who was watching the situation, opens his mouth.

“Well, it’s best to pick the weapon that suits you best. And if you don’t like it, change it back.”

“Yes! Thank you.”

Tanaka agreed. Tanaka agreed.


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