I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 36

A Single Flyer

Chapter 36: A Single Flyer

Yuma closed the book with a snap. If you have no ‶Mana‶ at all, you’ll have to be very prepared if you want to work for a dungeon company.

I understand that the other job hunters have education and experience. If I want to compete on the same level as them, I have to study hard.

Yuma reaches for his two remaining job hunting books.

“Anyway, you have to be prepared for the interview… Worst case scenario, you’ll get rejected by all of them.”

I stayed up late that night reading books.

Yuma’s battle begins the next day.

My application has been accepted and I have interviews with four companies left. I have to get stuck somewhere and join a company…

[company #1]

“Well, they’re looking for anyone who wants to apply… But if you have no experience, qualifications or education… That’s to be expected~.”

[company #2]

“Most of the high school students who apply for the job usually have some Mana Index. Zero mana index… Legally, we can’t ask whether or not they have a Mana Index when we’re recruiting them, but it’s tough if they don’t have it in reality.”

[company #3]

“Searchers” these days are more about education and credentials. It used to be different. Now it’s more of a burden on companies because of stricter regulations, and they all want someone who’s ready to go. So, I’m sorry.”

[company #4]

“Ha-ha-ha! Come back after college.”

He’s wiped out. Yuma is sitting on a park bench with a lifeless look on his face.

“Oh, my God. I don’t know…”

I was too naive to think that it wouldn’t work with chopsticks and sticks like this.

The thought of begging my parents to let me go to college now is on my mind, but I put the brakes on myself.

I’m not done yet. I’ve only applied to places in Tokyo that pay relatively well. There might be some places that will hire me if I expand my search.

Yuma got up unsteadily and headed for the Hello Work on his feet.

“Hmm, you’re looking for explorers.”

Yuma came to the Hello Work for young people on the second floor of the Employment Security Office and faced the employment support staff.

When you tell them that you want to be a searcher, the staff member raises an eyebrow with a sullen expression on his face.

Is it too much to ask?

“Well, it’s not impossible. Many of the companies that post jobs here are small and medium-sized companies, so it’s hard to say if there’s anything that will satisfy their needs…”

“Well, I don’t want to be extravagant, but can you introduce me to a company where I can go for an interview?”

We’re running out of time. I’ve been thinking of applying for every job I can get my hands on.

“Well… You’re still young, there are plenty of other companies with better offers. You can broaden your field of work…”

“No, I want a job as an explorer!”

“Oh… Okay.”

The staffs operate the computer and search for the jobs that match the requirements. They seem to be reluctant to recommend high-risk jobs.

You are presented with several job postings. You look over the job listings, including the location, type of employment, and conditions of employment, and say, “Thank you very much. and leave the room.

As I was about to leave, I noticed that there were leaflets lined up on a rack in the corner of the room.

What’s that thing?

“What? Oh, those are job ads that companies bring in. They leave them here to promote themselves. Some of them are not in Tokyo.

“I see… Can I take it?”

Yeah, all you want.

Yuma picked up a few leaflets and looked at them as he left the room.

He went home and sat at his desk. I put together the job listings and flyers I had gotten at Hello Work and stared at them as if I were devouring them.

“The working conditions on the job posting aren’t bad. The staff chose you. Are the jobs on the flyer a little worse?”

He brought five leaflets. Each one is a job offer for a searcher, with an illustration promoting the company. You pick up one of them.

A graffiti-like character was recruiting people to ‘come work with us! and was soliciting.

Yuma is interested in the company because of its conspicuousness and checks out the company profile.

“D-Minor, Inc…”


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