I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 35

The Birth of the Dungeon Business

Chapter 35: The Birth of the Dungeon Business

When Yuma comes home, he immediately puts the books he bought on his desk.

He threw on his backpack, put his suit on the hanger to keep it wrinkle-free, and sat down in his chair, opening one of the books.

It is a book about a dungeon and the origins of a newly born company.

“I feel like I’m studying when I open a book.”

Yuma looked at the “index” and inserted a bookmark into a page that looked interesting. There was a story about how a big company had developed a medical business using the magic of dungeons.

There are five kinds of magic in the dungeon. One to heal and four to attack.

Naturally, the company focused on ‘recovery magic’. Curing diseases and injuries that could not be cured before was the dream of mankind and the goal of medicine.

It was made possible by the supernatural, the unknown labyrinth.

But there was a problem. In order to use recovery magic, you have to enter the ‘White Dungeon’ and get a magic gem.

However, the ‘White Dungeon’ was the most difficult of the six colored dungeons to conquer, and even with the army deployed it was impossible to advance to the lower levels.

So the four offensive magic spells were considered important.

Fire, Water, Wind and Lightning are also called the four elements of magic. They were very effective in defeating the demons that lurked in the white dungeons.

Especially, ‘Fire’ and ‘Lightning’ have high attack power and are very useful for white dungeon.

But here’s another problem. In order to get the ‘Fire’ and ‘Lightning’ magic, you have to send your seekers to the red and yellow dungeons.

But they’re all rabid demons. Magic that is powerful when used can be dangerous when it’s used.

This is the reason why the dungeon was not studied or conquered in the beginning.

Many people were puzzled by the situation, but after a while, the good news flowed around the world.

The Australian scholar Ethan Noble has uncovered a magical correlation.

Fire is weak against water, and water is weak against thunder. .’ Lightning’ is weak against ‘wind’ and ‘wind’ is weak against ‘fire’.

In other words, it is more efficient to defeat red dungeon monsters with fire by ‘Water Magic’ and yellow dungeon monsters with thunder by ‘Wind Magic’.

Small and medium-sized enterprises play this role and sell the “fire” and “thunder” magic jewels to large enterprises.

Major corporations use these magical gems to train seekers who use fire and thunder to challenge the ‘White Dungeon’. This is the currently established business model.

The division of roles among the companies has been clarified and the dungeon has been conquered, but the problem has not disappeared.

It was the ‶mana characteristics″ that plagued the companies.

If you spend mana to take a gem into your body, you can’t use it for another gem.

If your mana index is 100, you can take in ‘fire’ gems with a mana index of up to 100, but if you want to use wind gems as well, you need to split the ‘fire’ gems into 50 and the ‘wind’ gems into 50. But if you want to use a wind gem, you need to divide it into two parts, 50 for ‘fire’ and 50 for ‘wind’.

However, both of them are half-baked, and cannot be used for powerful magic.

Now, mastering a single magic had become mainstream among Seeker Seekers.

The problem is training people to use recovery magic. At first, I tried to train them to learn offensive magic, and then I tried to raise their mana by defeating demons.

But in order to defeat more demons you need to learn powerful offensive magic.

On the other hand, if you learn offensive magic, you will have no mana left to use recovery magic.

In other words, it is much more difficult and inefficient to train a Seeker Seeker who uses recovery magic than a Seeker Seeker who uses attack magic.

Nowadays, the environment for training explorers is better than before because of the development of weapons with magical effects.

But it’s still hard to find people to use recovery magic.

Only healers with a mana index of over 1,000 can provide advanced healing. They were called Messiahs, not Seekers.

To create a single Messiah, a number of Seekers must be supported by a number of Seekers to raise the Mana Quotient in the dungeon.

The cost of the project is said to be several hundred million or even billions of dollars.

“Hmm… So mana is the most important thing… If only I had mana too…”

Yuma knew there was no point in complaining, but he couldn’t help but let out a few grumbles.


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