I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Self-Appeal

Otemachi, Tokyo. This is where one of the dungeon companies, GIG, is located.

Yuma was in front of the office building where GIG Inc. is located, dressed in a recruiting suit that his parents had bought him for the interview.

“I’m nervous… It’s my first time.

I step into the building and head for the fifth floor, where GIG is located. The building is stylish, with lots of glass, but it is not very big.

GIG, which is not a big company, but it’s one of those companies.

Excuse me.

When Yuma entered the room, he saw an overflowing crowd of students. Everyone has black hair and is waiting for their turn in a similar suit.

–How many of them are there?

This company recruits twice a year, in spring (April) and in autumn (October), so I thought that the number of applicants might be concentrated, but there are still too many.

What surprised me the most was that there were a number of women among the ‶searchers‶ that were hired.

“Oh my God… This isn’t what I thought it was going to be.”

Yuma sat down on one of the chairs lined up in front of the interview room and waited anxiously for his turn.

The students sitting next to each other seem to be university students. They seem to be very smart.

You shake your head and clear your head of all thoughts. This is a job interview for searchers. This isn’t a job interview.

The five of us are called into a room together and seated on chairs.

In front of me are three interviewers. They must be in their forties or fifties. They are dressed up in suits and give off an aura different from that of school teachers, and I am undeniably nervous.

“Then let’s begin. Could each of you begin by introducing yourselves? Start with the one on the far right.”

The interviewer in the middle is in charge. Is he the best man in the room? A female student stands up.

I am Miyoshi Kousaki, a senior at Olbert Female College. I am deeply impressed by your company’s spirit of helping people suffering from serious illnesses. I have also obtained the national qualification of ‘dungeon lifeguard second class’ for employment. I look forward to working with you today.

The female student bows deeply. Yuma can’t hide his surprise at how well she introduces herself.

–Do I have to say it like that? And what’s a dungeon EMT? What does that even mean?

Thank you. Next in line, please.

While Yuma was in a hurry, the next student stood up. He is a tall, athletic-looking college student.

Yuma was sitting in the middle of the five of them and he started to get nervous that it was his turn to be next.

“My name is Yujiro Arimine, a senior at Gotohashi University. I am a member of the Dungeon Research Department at the university, and I have been studying every day. I’ve also participated in about 40 dungeon experience sessions organized by El-Seed and Isas. I look forward to working with you!”

Five Bridge University’s not a very well educated university! You should go to a bigger company. Yuma was thinking what he should appeal to the company.

You’re in high spirits. I see. The Dungeon Studies Department at the Five Bridges University… That place is famous. I know Professor Nakane-san. Is he still alive?”

“Yes! I’m still teaching.”

“Well, that’s good to know. Thank you very much. Next.

Now it’s my turn. Yuma slowly stands up and takes a small breath.

I’m Yuma Mitaka, a senior at Hou High School. I applied for your job because I want to help people. I don’t have any special knowledge or qualifications, but I’ve been in many dungeons before and I want to make use of that experience.

I managed to say, my voice almost betraying me.

“Oh, you’re a high school student. Most of the people who come for interviews are either university students or working adults, so I can sense their motivation. By the way, you said you’ve been in many dungeons. How many times have you been in many dungeons?”

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been in there over a hundred times and killed demons!”

“Oh, my God! That’s awesome.”

–I’m not lying, I’m not lying! It was a metal slime we were killing.

“So, isn’t the Mana Index up there as well?”

“What? Uh, no… I mean, my mana index is zero, but…”

“Are you saying that you entered a dungeon, or are you talking about the lower levels that are open to the public?”

“Uh, well… I guess so.”

I heard a giggle from next to me. A female student who was sitting on the right side of the room was laughing with her mouth clamped shut.

The other students seem to be holding back their laughter.

Yuma was getting so embarrassed that his face was on fire.


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