I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 28

Death by Morning Glory

Chapter 28: Death by Morning Glory

Watch out! By the time I realized that it was too late, two tentacles had attacked me.


I cover my face with my arms. The tentacle blades strike my body with a snapping sound, but they are repelled with a high pitched thud.

Yuma’s body, which had turned into steel through metallization, easily defended against Decaslime’s attacks.

“You scared the shit out of me…”

This way, I can take it down normally. Yuma thinks so, and picks up the cooling spray he has placed next to the hole with both hands. When he points the nozzle to spray, he can’t believe his eyes at the unbelievable sight.

The slime had numerous tentacles extending from its body. Their tips were shaped like blades, hammers, axes, or spiked balls of iron.

No, no, wait! Wait!

There was no way that hope could be fulfilled, and more than a dozen tentacles came at me at once.

Yuma bends down to protect the spray can. He is mercilessly beaten, and blades, hammers, and balls of steel are hurled down on his back, shoulders, and head.

Just beat the crap out of him. In the flesh, you’d die instantly.


I told you it doesn’t work!

Yuma dispelled the tentacles and extended his arm to spray the cooling spray.

No matter how many attacks you take, you will not take any physical damage. And the hole fills with cold air.

Unlike Yuuma, whose cold air doesn’t work, Decathlime will gradually slow down.

I have the advantage in this fight. When Yuma is certain of this, the Decathlon retracts its tentacles.

Finally, it stopped moving. Just when I think you’ve loosened up a bit…


Hundreds and thousands of spikes. The slime grew spikes like a sea urchin. The spikes are so strong that Yuma is slammed against the wall of the hole.

But there’s no hole in you.

I knew that the slime’s attack wouldn’t be able to penetrate my body. Convinced of this, Yuma grabs the cooling spray that’s left outside.

The sprayer I’d been using earlier had a hole in it, and it was still blowing cold air.

You struggle to stop the slime with your new cooling spray.

After a few minutes, it managed to stop moving.

“Huh, huh… It’s hard… It’s hard work just to keep moving.

I look at my clothes and they’re falling apart.” I should’ve worn rags.” but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Yuma has two gas burners and points them at the frozen slime.

Heats up little by little with a jet of flame.

“It would be easier if you didn’t move…”

In a few minutes the slime began to move, and this time it attacked Yuuma with more than twenty tentacles.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to get beat up, no matter how ineffective it is.

And it’ll destroy the cooling spray and the gas burners. I don’t know if we’ll have enough stock.

Frantically repeating the process of cooling and overheating. There is no other way to attack it.

It’s taking forever and I’m totally late for school.

When Yuma doesn’t come to eat breakfast, his mother is worried and looks around for him.

But Yuma’s not interested. He’s in the middle of a fight to the death.

It took nearly an hour, and when the last of the gas burners had been used, the surface of the Decathlon’s body was finally covered in cracks.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake…”

I hit it with a hammer, but it only makes a dull bang-bang sound and does not shatter.

The Dekaslime limp, wielding a tentacle with a blade at its tip.

I thought it was a bad move… but the tentacle hits Yuma’s right hand. –At that moment, something flies away.

The handle of the hammer is sliced open, and the head falls out of the hammer with a thud.

The hammer that I had used day in and day out for more than a year at a cost of 1,280 yen. The hammer, which had passed the point of attachment and become a part of my body, lies on the ground like a piece of junk.

“You son of a…”

Yuma clenches his fists and punches the slime as hard as he can. It bounces back with a snap.

We still can’t penetrate their tough armor. We’re not doing enough damage.

I don’t have any gas burners or cooling spray left. We’ll have to take him down by force.

The Dekaslime seems to be so battered that it can’t even produce its tentacles and spikes! But Yuma’s strength is at its limit. He’s exhausted.

But you keep hitting the slime over and over again.

Break it, break it!

The last fist he swung with all his might smashed into Decaslime’s steel body.


With a sound of destruction your fist pierces deeply into his body. Dekaslime’s body crumbles like sand.

The glittering sand was gone by the time I noticed it.

“Hey, it’s finally over…”

Yuma sits there limp.

I’ve never felt so tired. I’m huffing and puffing and taking shallow breaths when I see something on the ground.

It’s a magic ore. Yuma reached out his hand and grabbed it.

“This one has a special effect too… Well, I’ll look into it later.”

Yuma crawls out of the hole and heads for home.

His mother finds him and says, “What are you doing? but she screams when she sees Yuma’s clothes torn to shreds and covered in mud.

After this, there was a bit of an uproar… but he pushed it off with the excuse that he’d had too much fun with Mametzou. “I had too much fun with Mametzou.


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