I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Encounter

“You don’t think this is… A new dungeon?”

James frowned.

“Yes, that’s right. If it’s a new dungeon, there may be cases where it hasn’t been reported, or it may have never been found in the first place. Someone must have conquered that dungeon, right?”

Wait a minute.

It was Maya, the chairwoman, who spoke up.

“Ethan. Even if you’re right, where are the Seeker Seekers who can make it 200 levels? The best Seeker Seekers are controlled more by the government and the military than by the dungeons. They’ve never been reported to have moved.”

Maya’s words were convincing. It takes a lot of time and money to train Seeker Seekers.

That’s what everyone here knew.

But Ethan doesn’t think his conclusions are wrong.

“You have a point, but it is reasonable to assume that there was a Seeker we do not know about. He entered the newly created black dungeon and defeated the Duke. He then proceeded to conquer more levels and defeated the monarch lords in the deeper levels in succession.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

James spits out.

“Sure, this is just speculation. But I can only assume. This Seeker-Seeker has already killed four monarch lords. I don’t know if they’re individuals or a group. A large clan of Seekers would have to be compromised. They’re as strong as or stronger than the Searchers’ Alliance Clan with the world’s strongest ‘Flame Emperor Albert’ – isn’t it reasonable to think so?”

The room falls silent. It’s an impossible story, but I didn’t have enough information to refute it.

If my hypothesis is correct…

The scholars gulp at Ethan’s words.

“There will be more changes in the near future.”

The morning after he had defeated the four ‘colored’ slimes, Yuma went to the garden with a cheerful heart.

Red, blue, yellow, green, and now white.

I don’t know what the resistance to healing spells means, but it’s bound to produce some strange slimes anyway.

I was sure of it, and when I got close to the hole, I saw that Mamezo was barking more than usual.

“I’ll kill you in a minute, just you wait!”

Yuma makes Mametzou back down and shines his flashlight through the hole. It would be a bit creepy if there really was a white slime, but it wouldn’t be a problem to defeat it.

Yuma was surprised to find something unexpected inside.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah?”

I’m stunned for a moment. The hole was black metal slime. Same color as the usual metal slime, it doesn’t matter.

What’s amazing is how big it is. It’s five times the size of ordinary metal slime.

The small hole looked even smaller because of the slime that was standing so sturdily.

“What’s this big dumb thing? Is it the head of a metal slime?

They’re sitting in their holes with such force that it’s as if they’ve come to avenge their henchmen’s deaths.

“I don’t know if I can beat this…”

Yuma feels a little weak… but decides to go back to his room. He decides to go back to his room.

I packed up all the bong cans and cooling spray in the box and went down to the yard again.

Line up the cylinders and sprayers next to the hole and get fired up. We’re ready. We’re gonna use everything we’ve got and we’re gonna take them down.

Yuma put all his strength into his body and ‘metallized’ himself before entering the hole.

The large metal slime in front of you approaches slowly. I’ve never felt such intimidating pressure before.

He held the cooling spray in both hands and shot out a double blast of cold air.

The moment– something moves. What?” When I realized what was happening, there was a bang, and the spray can exploded. Cold air is sprayed all around us.

What the fuck? What’s happening?

The cooling spray lying on the ground is cracked, as if something had sliced it open.

Yuma looked up and saw a slime with two tentacles waving in the air.

The tips of their tentacles have become sharp blades, and their tips are pointed at you.

“Oh, no no! Are you kidding me?

Things I never imagined were happening right in front of my eyes.


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